affxtionist’s first ff!

Okay so it’s my first time doing one of these because I felt I finally need to make one. I just wanted to thank you guys for always being here even when I post things that aren’t even f(x) (or kpop) related! 




(spongebob voice) YOU MUST REALLY LIKE ME.;A;

Alright, alright so anyway lol. These are a list of blogs that I truly cherish or just admire. Some of these blogs are my friends that i’ve met through tumblr too and I’m so blessed to have them in my life. Then some of these blogs I haven’t been following for very long (or have been following since the beginning of forever). 

Just to clarify things, if I’m following you it will show up as “ciqunis”. This is my main blog that I haven’t used for the past year or so and I treat affxtionist as my main.

A: ambrosaur

B: bapsturbation because-lips-dont-lie

C: chocolatelove-fx choiguk choijinri choissul creepingturtle

D: daejaeing

H: him-damn hyohunnies

I: isaheehee

J: jinribum jinriee jonghyun-ah

K: kimchinewdles kittenluna

L:  liucifer liusbian

M: matoki-project

Q: qi-an qiian queenhimchan

S: saranghaefx seo-han songqians ssulfany sullis

T: taesticle thebarbieshow

Z: zelosy

You guys are truly awesome and I can’t imagine my tumblr life without any of you! xoxo


It’s the first time i’m making this kind of post, and i decided to show my love for you guys! I don’t talk with the most of you but i want to thank you for being amazing and cute people♥

You should follow them if you’re looking for perfection! 

my-soshistarkeyramel | tieza | soyul | taemintopia | foreverfany | 

taeyeonkidleader | shawollet | tokki-teeth | heartae | telepany | leejins | 

fivekoreanboys | choissul | seo-han | la-rosa-del-sur | domino-fx | younas |

 baobae | seo-mate | blinger3 | biases | jinriee | duoyeon | mvungs | tfnys |

 southkoreans | jungriri | fqzpocky | dinoyu | jongrex | smileyminho | 

taeminyeol | heamchan | chanyeoled | zelow | seoulprince | sullis | kijumma 

icepearls | jonghyun-ah | cameltao | minlu | wooyoung | lordkey | 

littleshinee | mintokkies | keyaddict |