choies jacket

Seven Zero Seven, the Legendary Defender of Justice! And part-time hacker who’s currently a slave to a human-run intel company out to sabotage the entire human race, but no one needs to know, right?

Technokinesis is a power that can be further subcategorized into various abilites. Seven specializes in Data Manipulation (self-explanatory, he can change codes with ease whether with his computer or his mind), and Cyberlingualism. If you need to know why your phone’s laggy, give it to Seven, and maybe he can ask for you hahah! Fun fact: nobody took him seriously when he first told them he could talk to machines. It took quite a while before they found out he wasn’t messing with them.

4th Wall Awareness? Hell yeah. Expect a lot of nods to your presence, he loves entertaining the reader almost as much as I do!

Gadgets? Hell yeah (x2 combo). He’s watched every sci-fi movie, and you bet that his lab is more decked out than Tony Stark’s. His pockets are brimming with all kinds of guns and tasers and lasers and wires and probably-illegal battery packs (and there are even more in his bag hahah shet). Don’t expect him to pass through metal detectors any time soon. He’s also got this wicked pair of gauntlets that helps him pack that extra punch if he needs to get physical, but he’d very much prefer to stay in a nice, cold, air-conditioned room where he slides around in his wheelie chair and litters the floor with Honey Buddha Chips crumbs 24/7.

Open to hero name suggestions for the entire gang~ I’m beginning sketch designs for the non-RFA cast (V, Unknown, Rika, Vanderwood bc i haven’t started on them yet rip), so if you’ve got suggestions for them too, hit me up! Pm me if you want info on their powers for inspo! :3

high maintenance

saeran: *puts on choker*

saeran: *puts on spiked bracelet*

saeran: *wears his jacket in such a way that it shows off his tattoo*

saeran: *applies eyeliner*


saeran: ~*aesthetic*~

  • Youngjae: Oh, it's kinda cold.
  • JB: Here. Take my jacket.
  • Jackson: I'm cold, too.
  • Mark: Well, damn, Jackson, I can't control the weather!
jb as a college student!
  • pre-dental tract
  • he so knows that his heart says film or music theory 
  • can be spotted on a large blanket outside somewhere with youngjae just jamming out 
  • he is known on campus as “that guy who wears a lot of leather”
  • 98 degrees and sunny? leather jacket it is 
  • legend has it he caused sudden cardiac arrest bc of that smile
    • nah it was just a rumor youngjae made up heh
  • joined an acapella group
  • hated it & very slowly faded out instead of formally quitting
  • didn’t make any friends freshmen year
  • because everyone was super intimidated by him 
  • spends a socially unacceptable amount of time on snapchat practicing his derp faces
  • sits way in the back during lectures, doodling ideas for a new song
  • is that lab partner you hate bc they don’t do anything 
  • ahh things are fine my lab partner’s got it 
  • even violent threats would not be able to get him to go to the pep rally
  • maybe lives in the dining hall
  • defends its honor when people say the d.hall sucks
  • exclusively uses 0.5 mm pens 
  • snuck his cat nora into his box-sized dorm 
  • went the entire year without getting caught. literally how. explain

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