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Kidnapped : Chapter 2

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Warning : spoilers, possibly triggering scenes, abuse

[Chapter 1]

Chapter 2 : Searching

July 9, 9:30am


Jaehee Kang: Yoosung? Zen? Are you around?

Yoosung : Good morning Jaehee, what’s up?

ZEN : Oh hey~ I just got out of the shower. Is the trust fund kid bothering you again?

Jaehee Kang : No, I’m fine, Zen. Has MC contacted any of you though?

Yoosung : MC? No, she hasn’t.

ZEN : Why’d you ask?

Jaehee : I just received a call from Mr. Han saying that the twins have been attacked…

ZEN : WHAT ?!?!?!!? IS MC SAFE???

Yoosung : \(º □ º l|l)/ wh-why hasn’t she contacted us???

Jaehee Kang : I am worried as well, but I couldn’t go check on her despite Mr. Han’s orders ;;;;


Yoosung : I’M GOING TOO

Jaehee Kang : I’ll be sending over bodyguards to escort you to Saeyoung’s in 5 mins. I’ve made preparations for the relocation too, so please be careful.

ZEN : We will.

Yoosung : You can count on us, Jaehee!

Jaehee Kang : Thank you, both of you. I have to get going now, but I’ll see you later.

July 9, 10:00am

Choi residence


MC clutches a handgun as she surveyed the house, noting the upturned furniture, the bloodstains from Saeran’s room to the garage.

If gunshots were fired, surely she would’ve woken up? Were the twins still alive? Were they at least able to fight back?

They played a couple rounds of twister and had gone to bed with smiles on their faces last night and yet…

Ding - dong!

Distracted from her thoughts with the sudden doorbell ring, she checks the video interface to find Zen and Yoosung, accompanied by bodyguards who were probably Jumin’s men.

“MC, are you theeeere? Please let us in!“ Yoosung’s worried voice streams from the speakers, his always cheerful face now lined with worry.

Tracing his features on the screen, a fresh batch of tears stream down her face as she recalls the time he “rescued“ her. He’d changed so much in the 11 days she knew him. But just as soon as she thought that he was the one for her, something strange happened and she suddenly found herself back to square one. She’d tried twice, thrice…. and yet the same thing happened, so she had no choice but to move on to the next person. It hurt her everytime she had to leave them, but she always hoped that they would still find happiness one way or another.

She had a sneaking suspicion Saeyoung was aware of the changes, but she had yet to squeeze the truth out of him. After all, she never went back to the first day after she ended up with him.

In other words, he was the endgame.

“MC, are you there? Please, answer!“ it was Zen, pleading, desperate.

Wiping her tears away, she presses “talk“ on the intercom.

“I’m… I’m fine, guys. I’m opening the door now, just give me a minute,“ she says between sniffles, opening the touch panel to let her friends in.

I hope they’re fine wherever they are.


Zen quickly enveloped MC in a tight embrace as soon as he saw her. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes were puffy… she wasn’t his, but he felt the need to comfort her… to make her feel safe.

He was content with being friends with her, but he felt like something was amiss.

What was it?

“Hey, hey MC, it’s fine, okay? We’re here now, and we’ll be taking you to a safer place,“ wiping her tears away, he leads her to the couch where he lets her lean on him, his right hand running soothing circles on her back.

Saeyoung always appeared to be the quirky, funny guy, but he wasn’t defenceless. The guy was a secret agent, for chrissakes. Zen sensed that Saeran knew how to fight as well despite his smaller frame, so how could somebody have taken them?

He’d heard before that one of their parents was some high profile, big shot, but the two have hidden themselves for so long, one could even presume that they were dead. Could it be them? If so, why were they still coming after the twins after all this time? It’s not like they were trying to stir trouble or anything.

He was glad that MC was unharmed, but he was worried for Saeyoung and Saeran’s safety as well.


Has MC even had breakfast yet?

Zen had whisked her away in his arms the moment he saw her; he never even got the chance to ask if she’d already eaten.

Well, probably not. Who’d even have the appetite after all this?

But he still couldn’t believe how Seven and Saeran, skilled as they are, disappeared just like that.

There were blood stains here and there, as if someone wounded had been dragged away, and then some blood puddles that seemed like they were hastily wiped off. He didn’t want to think negatively, but he hoped that it wasn’t from one of them.

And to think that he was even planning to go to Saeyoung’s today to get some advice about his left eye.

It’s been two years, but it still feels weird to call Seven by his birth name.

He was certain he wasn’t going blind, but there have been instances since last week where his vision on the left would completely fade or he would be seeing two things at the same time.

As if it weren’t weird enough, Saeran was always the only thing on the vision.

He’d gone to an ophthalmologist and had his eyes examined, but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with them. He even explained the weird vision thing, and he was asked to go see a psychiatrist. He knew he spent crazy hours playing LOLOL, but he knew he wasn’t going crazy.

But his problem could wait. They had to ensure that MC was safe, and if possible, to find the twins.

It was great that Vanderwood was working with them, but what could a CEO, a secretary, an actor, a college student, and a party planner do to save them?

July 9, 3:00pm

A private building somewhere in South Korea


“Don’t let your father’s men catch you or they’ll kill you.“

Their mother’s warning was the only thing keeping him and his brother running as four suited men chased after them.

It was a hot, sunny day, and their mother was passed out drunk on the living room again. He figured that they would have at least 8-12 hours before she woke up again, so he decided to take his brother for some fresh air and ice cream.

Well, that was the plan at least.

It was almost too late when he’d noticed the suspicious men. Both of them had been too absorbed looking at a picture book that the kind, old lady next door gave them, that almost nothing existed in the world at that moment.

But, as with all good things, it had to end at some point. He had noticed a flash of light from the corner of his eye, and upon looking up, saw a man in a black suit from afar.

He’d quickly pulled Saeran up and urged him to run back home with him. However, the direct way home had been blocked by more of those men as well, so they had to take the long way back.

He was scared. But he was the big brother. He had to be strong for both of them.

They had dropped the book somewhere, and Saeran wanted to pick it up, but even one second could cost them their lives, so he forcefully yanked his brother up and urged him to keep running.

He would hate him, but it would keep them alive.

“I’m the only one keeping you safe.“

They managed to reach the house without getting captured, but their mother was awake and furious.

She pulled them by the ears and started hitting them once they were inside, scolding them for being such disobedient children for going outside despite her warnings.

“You remind me of your father so much, I wish you weren’t even born!“ she shrieked, tears running down her face as she was aiming to hit Saeran with the iron she picked up somewhere.

Saeyoung, his first impulse being his brother’s safety, covered Saeran just before she hit him, the iron striking him in the shoulder, a loud crack resounding, making him wince in pain.

But he couldn’t scream. He was the big brother.

She heard the crack as well, and dropped the iron, mumbling “oh no, what if I kill him, I have to get him to the hospital,“ over and over as she ran out, probably to ask the neighbors to call an ambulance again.

“She wasn’t always like this,“ he thought, as the pain bloomed into his left shoulder.

And indeed, she wasn’t. She had worked as a secretary for in a large company for six years after she gave birth to them. The days they spent together had been happy then, with her even teaching them how to read. It wasn’t until she got laid off and had to go to back to their grandparents’, only to be disowned, that something inside of her flipped, and she spiralled down into depression. She turned to alcohol, the substance poisoning her mind day by day, unleashing her regrets, with her taking it out on them by physical and emotional abuse.

“We were too scared to die, but maybe, just maybe, it would’ve been better to go with father’s men instead. At least it wouldn’t have hurt us like this,“ Saeran was saying in between tears, his arms tightly wound around his brother.

“Saeran… what are you saying? We’ll… we’ll get out of this, I promise,“ Saeyoung was trying to reassure his brother, despite being unsure how to get them out of the hellhole they were currently in.

“But brother… weren’t you the only one who got out?“

The sudden change in voice had him looking down, revealing pink-tipped white hair, mint green eyes, and the unmistakable look of contempt on the younger twin.

“Saeran… no… I never meant to… Saeran!“ the blinding flash of light had Saeyoung shutting his eyes tight again, the after-images of his nightmare burning through his waking consciousness. He was going to rub his eyes, but he realized that he couldn’t move, his hands were cuffed, and his legs were bound together.

Where was MC? Saeran?

Looking around, he noticed that the room was empty and windowless, a plain door their only way of escape. There was a bright lamp overhead, like the one you see on interrogation rooms, but that was it. He was lying on the ground, and his twin was in one of the dark corners, looking listless.

“Saeran? Saeran!!!“

“Keep it down, won’t you? My ears are pounding and it feels like my head is full of cotton!“

“What happened? Do you know where we are?“ Saeyoung inches his way to his brother, he pulls himself up and leans on the wall beside him.

“I don’t know what’s going on either, but some guys in military suits took us away from home. I was able to take down at least five before they injected me with something. You were fast asleep.“

“And… and MC?“

“She’s safe.“

Hearing how his beloved was out of harm’s way had him sighing in relief, but they still had to escape from their predicament.

But just as he was forming a plan, the door opened, and a gangly, red-haired man that seemed to be  in his late 20’s came in. He was dressed like a small-fry thug; he had his shades on his head, a jaguar-print shirt that would’ve made Vanderwood passive-aggressive angry, paired with a black blazer and dress pants, and finally, pointed leather shoes.

But despite the fugly style and the slight difference in facial features, there was no mistaking that they could be related.

The intruder looked them up rather rudely, sneering and confirming Saeyoung’s worst fear the moment he opened his mouth.

“So you were the kids father’s been looking for for so long.“

July 9, 1:30pm

Prime Minister’s office, South Korea

Assistant Ahn had been frantic since he received the message that the vehicle the twins were in were intercepted by an unknown group.

The prime minister had been a bit relieved when he learned that the extraction had gone smoothly albeit losing a couple of men, and had been in a good mood ever since that morning.

How could he tell his boss about it after he seemed so happy in years?

But there was no other way around it; bad mood or no, it was still his responsibility to report to his commander.

Gathering up his courage, he squared his shoulders, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

“Come in,“ the prime minister calls from inside.

Loosening his collar for a bit, he enters the room, finding the chief in a good mood.

He hated spoiling good news for his boss and long time friend. He’d waited so long to meet them.

“How are the preparations, secretary Ahn? Will I be able to meet them this evening?“

“Prime Minister… ah… there… there seems to be a bit of a problem… “


“I’ve received reports that the transport had been intercepted, and that an outside party had taken them. I don’t have the full details yet, but I’m having some men look into it and locate them already.“

He’d had his suspicions as to who could possibly take them, but he didn’t want to get innocent people involved due to his speculation. However, his boss’s sudden change in mood and cold fury had confirmed his guess.

“Have them continue searching, but arrange a meeting with Sung Min. There’s something I want to ask.“

July 9, 11:00pm

Incheon International Airport, South Korea


It had been 16 hours, possibly 24 or more, since the twins disappeared.

He’d heard that MC had been taken to a safe place, but he knew that everybody was worried and on edge. Even his usually calm and stoic boss had been continuously tapping on the plane’s armrest and checking his phone every five seconds.

His phone beeped just as soon as they made their way to their waiting entourage. Looking at the display, it said ‘Unknown number’, so he opened the message to delete it after seeing whether it was junk mail or not.

It might be a secured line, but sometimes, junk mail still found it’s way to his inbox.


Unknown number

Brother hurt but alive, send help ASAP.

Not much time.

sending coordinates…

He had to stop and read the message over and over again, making Jumin stop and look expectantly in his direction as well.

He didn’t know which twin was hurt, but it made his blood boil over that someone other than him injured them. The two were total pains in the ass, but, coupled with MC and the rest of the RFA, they became the family he never knew he could have had, despite his shady past.

Now, if only he knew who was all behind this, he’d make them pay tenfold.

“Vanderwood, is something the matter?“

A ping. Finally, coordinates.

“Mr. Han… I… I think I’ve found them.“


[17’s COUPS] I’m the candy (T/N: He is referring to it being White Day)

FAN: Oppa, I missed you *cries*
S. COUPS: I missed you too

FAN: Oppa, it was my birthday. wish me happy birthday!! <3
S. COUPS: Thank you for being born

FAN: Did you watch One Fine Day today???
S. COUPS: Of course, I watched it live~

FAN: Oppa, I didn’t receive a singly candy..
S. COUPS: That’s why I’ve arrived

FAN: Please quickly come deliver it to my house *cries*
S. COUPS: You have to (come and) take it yourself

FAN: When will I receive seungcheol oppa’s reply…??
S. COUPS: Today~?

FAN: If oppa gives me a reply, I really really think I’ll be able to gain strength….
S. COUPS: strength!!!!!!

FAN: I gained weight…. Please give me a good scolding.. I really need to lose it *cries*
S. COUPS: don’t lose weight

FAN: When writing rap lyrics, what do you think of lately?
S. COUPS: Imagining…? I think about scenes in a music video

FAN: Ack oppa, I miss you *cries* be careful not to catch a cold. I also suffered for a while *cries*
S. COUPS: Don’t get sick

FAN: I guess I didn’t receive a reply, huh…
S. COUPS: Looks like you did…

FAN: Looking for Choi Seungcheol to attach my broken heart (back together)…
S. COUPS: Where did I leave the super glue…

FAN: Today, I didn’t receive a single candy from a boy… I want to at least receive oppa’s reply *cries*
S. COUPS: *laughs* here!

FAN: My life (involves) not receiving candy or a reply 8ㅅ8
S. COUPS: I’m the candy

FAN: So when are you going to come over to me.. seung-heng-seol* <3
S. COUPS: Right now..?
(T/N: *seung-heng-seol (승행설) is a nickname given to s.coups by fans & it means something like ‘his actions/behaviours leave hearts fluttering’)

FAN: White day is a day that has nothing to do with me…… *cries*
S. COUPS: of course it does, why wouldn’t it

FAN: Oppa, what did you eat that made you become handsome like this? Would it happen to be my love? *laughs*
S. COUPS: Looks like I got caught…

FAN: What do I have to do to receive a reply..? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ If I shoot you hearts like this will I be able to receive it? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
S. COUPS: I like lots of hearts packed together (like this)

FAN: Seungcheol-ah, I don’t have a boyfriend so I couldn’t receive candy…
S. COUPS: Are you going to get a boyfriend??

FAN: My dad, rather than candies, came with flowers instead.. *laughs* My dad is really cool, right?
S. COUPS: Wah daebak….

FAN: 1-rang-hae, 2-rang-hae, 3-rang-hae, what comes after that?? V
S. COUPS: 4-rang-hae (I love you)
(T/N: The fan is playing on the phrase “Sa-rang-hae” which means ‘I love you’. “Sa” also translates to the number ‘four’, so that’s why s.coups replied with “4-rang-hae” which turns into Sa-rang-hae aka I love you)

FAN: Comeback spoiler………
S. COUPS: Hmm….

[17’s COUPS] I picked it up on on the way, here…. ♡

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