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[17’s COUPS] I’m the candy (T/N: He is referring to it being White Day)

FAN: Oppa, I missed you *cries*
S. COUPS: I missed you too

FAN: Oppa, it was my birthday. wish me happy birthday!! <3
S. COUPS: Thank you for being born

FAN: Did you watch One Fine Day today???
S. COUPS: Of course, I watched it live~

FAN: Oppa, I didn’t receive a singly candy..
S. COUPS: That’s why I’ve arrived

FAN: Please quickly come deliver it to my house *cries*
S. COUPS: You have to (come and) take it yourself

FAN: When will I receive seungcheol oppa’s reply…??
S. COUPS: Today~?

FAN: If oppa gives me a reply, I really really think I’ll be able to gain strength….
S. COUPS: strength!!!!!!

FAN: I gained weight…. Please give me a good scolding.. I really need to lose it *cries*
S. COUPS: don’t lose weight

FAN: When writing rap lyrics, what do you think of lately?
S. COUPS: Imagining…? I think about scenes in a music video

FAN: Ack oppa, I miss you *cries* be careful not to catch a cold. I also suffered for a while *cries*
S. COUPS: Don’t get sick

FAN: I guess I didn’t receive a reply, huh…
S. COUPS: Looks like you did…

FAN: Looking for Choi Seungcheol to attach my broken heart (back together)…
S. COUPS: Where did I leave the super glue…

FAN: Today, I didn’t receive a single candy from a boy… I want to at least receive oppa’s reply *cries*
S. COUPS: *laughs* here!

FAN: My life (involves) not receiving candy or a reply 8ㅅ8
S. COUPS: I’m the candy

FAN: So when are you going to come over to me.. seung-heng-seol* <3
S. COUPS: Right now..?
(T/N: *seung-heng-seol (승행설) is a nickname given to s.coups by fans & it means something like ‘his actions/behaviours leave hearts fluttering’)

FAN: White day is a day that has nothing to do with me…… *cries*
S. COUPS: of course it does, why wouldn’t it

FAN: Oppa, what did you eat that made you become handsome like this? Would it happen to be my love? *laughs*
S. COUPS: Looks like I got caught…

FAN: What do I have to do to receive a reply..? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ If I shoot you hearts like this will I be able to receive it? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
S. COUPS: I like lots of hearts packed together (like this)

FAN: Seungcheol-ah, I don’t have a boyfriend so I couldn’t receive candy…
S. COUPS: Are you going to get a boyfriend??

FAN: My dad, rather than candies, came with flowers instead.. *laughs* My dad is really cool, right?
S. COUPS: Wah daebak….

FAN: 1-rang-hae, 2-rang-hae, 3-rang-hae, what comes after that?? V
S. COUPS: 4-rang-hae (I love you)
(T/N: The fan is playing on the phrase “Sa-rang-hae” which means ‘I love you’. “Sa” also translates to the number ‘four’, so that’s why s.coups replied with “4-rang-hae” which turns into Sa-rang-hae aka I love you)

FAN: Comeback spoiler………
S. COUPS: Hmm….

[17’s COUPS] I picked it up on on the way, here…. ♡

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