For the life of me I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise
And we’d never compromise
For the life of me I cannot believe
We’d ever die for these sins…

We were merely Freshmen.

I know this is probably stupid, but for fellow Anabelle Parsons romancers… I hope that one of the “rich bachelors” we meet is nice but seems to have no interest in MC. Then MC finds out that the reason he’s not into her is that he’s gay, and MC marries him as a front so they can both see their respective BF and GF… it’s 20GAYTEEN, @playchoices GIVE US THE EDWARDIAN MLM/WLW SOLIDARITY WE DESERVE—

Officer and Gentleman

Liam Rhys

(From left to right: Lucky, Liam, Chance)


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Thank you for organizing this event !


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Time Travel

(Crystal Young meets Liam Rhys)


Liam meets a certain ¼ Cordonian Lady…


What do you think they will say to each other ?

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Drumroll plz....announcing the return of Goodbye!

Yup, you guessed it…I’ve finally found the strength to continue on with this cursed series lmao. Part 2 with be re-uploaded sometime this week, the ending is rewritten bc it was too dark, even for me…Are we ready?


  • Indecisive emotional gal Kaila Park!
  • Logically in love yet pissed off Damien Nazario!
  • New Baby Vamp actual cupcake Nadia Park!
  • Adrian ‘I’m Sexy Af’ Ceo Raines!
  • Calm and collected Kamilah…aka the sanest one of all!

with special appearances from;

  • Monster Robot and former good guy Hayden Young!
  • Expert Hacker Sloane Washington!
  • Jax Matsuo….the hot Clan Leader who can punch you or help you!
  • That Backstabbing Hoe Alana Kusuma!


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