What you practice is what you get. And it’s all practice. So what are you practicing? Play with new ideas. Want to be richer? Or continue spinning more of the same? To be richer, invest attention in the layers of quality in your workouts. Let’s say you can do 10 reps of pushups while in monkey-mind mode. Or you can do one pushup while imagining compassion emanating from your chest and enveloping the planet. Choose. Practice. Repeat. What are you practicing? Choose again. Play.

Honestly not to sound oversensitive or anything but a part of me wishes that Pixelberry would include content warnings on some of their chapters.

Like they rarely go over any lines with explicit content. But there have been a few times where I thought that maybe something could be triggering for people. I’m mainly talking about the Tariq scene a couple weeks ago and even, to an extent, this Manny stuff (maybe less on the latter).

There have been other moments that are disturbing, like in Endless Summer if you enter IRIS before your know her name you head explodes. However, it’s much different because that’s like an Easter Egg where the player is trying to mess with the game, so the game messes with you right back. If you include content warning there then you ruin the moment.

But seriously, anything veering into sexual assault and even harassment territory can be sensitive for people. We’ve seen a bit of an increase in references to this stuff (my above two examples) so if tackling these issues is going to become a theme for Choices, at least give the player the opportunity to mentally prepare or opt out altogether.

Me if I were in choices:
  • The freshman: Edgar, like literally Edgar. Always talking about things he's obsessed with and nobody cares.
  • The sophomore: Rachel... I mean listen it doesn't get to the point of having cockroaches around but I am messy yeah... ya get my point
  • Most Wanted: Mirasol, so done with my friends but love them at the same time.
  • Endless summer: the not cute or smart version of Grace. Extra awkward.
  • Rules of Engagement: The nerdy twin but minus the smart part.
  • The crown and the flame: LOL they're all so awesome to be me.
  • Lovehacks: A mix between Cole and Serina.
  • The hunting of braidwood manor: Main character for being so curious and getting myself in trouble as a result.
  • The Royal Romance: A not cute version of Maxwell.
  • Hero: The pile of trash that was in the latest chapter.

I’ve seen a few posts about the diamond choices around and I didn’t know if it was ok to add to those so I decided to make my own yay

What’s bugging me lately is that I miss out on so much of the story? ? Like I would be totally fine if the diamond choices were only for outfits and scenes with your LIs that don’t further the plot (only your relationship ) bc I’m not particularly interested in those and you can actually enjoy/ understand a story without them.

Like in the royal romance I didn’t spend any diamonds so till the chapter with the Tariq thing I technically didn’t know there was something going on except everyone falling for me??? (Ofc I saw all the screenshots but I wouldn’t have known) I didn’t learn about the traitor and I didn’t find the Beaumonts’ missing money… and I feel like those are/will be crucial to the plot?? ?

Anyways I hope pb will consider some of the diamond earning methods the fandom has come up with (I’m sure they’re working on an ad watching feature - or I hope at least) and think about making plot details accessible for everyone.

sweet take on the infamous diamond exchange rate:

i know a lot of ppl have been making posts about the infamous diamond exchange rate and ideas to make it more fair and i’m all w/ u guys..!! but pb has stated that contacting them through social media is not the best idea since they get tagged/mentioned in a lot of things… all the time. and notifs get lost!

the best way to get them to notice is contacting them in-game or PMing through facebook! or email! tumblr’s way too high-traffic for us to voice our concerns/give feedback here ;o;

here’s their post with all the links and info on how to go about doing so!  i know it’s really easy for us to spread and interact on a post together rather than a few people singling themselves out to message the team, but consumer feedback is super important and i’m sure they’ll be glad to listen one on one… to a few hundred.

if you want to message PB about the diamond exchange rate but are unsure what to say, here’s a little thing i wrote to copy & paste to them (&& FILL IN THE BLANKS,) or for you to take inspo from and modify:

Hello Pixelberry Team!

My name is _____ and I love your app Choices. However, I would like to bring to your attention the issues with diamond earning. I am (a student/unemployed/someone who loves your games but do not always have the means to support you/etc) and cannot always purchase diamonds or keys to continue playing. I believe that (my inability to purchase diamonds is hindering my desire to play the game and have fun/the cost of diamond options is far greater than the amount of diamonds we can earn freely/i can’t actually think of a good extra reason so this is my etc line). I would like to see (different, easier ways for players to earn more diamonds like [INSERT UR FAV EXAMPLES. AD WATCHING IS MY FAV. ALSO BUNDLES. I DON’T KNOW]/less of a reliance on diamond choices for signifcant game changing choices as presented in books like Endless Summer/again, no idea what to tell u for a third option so etc, let ur mind go wild it’s your letter).

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this! I hope you can take my suggestions into consideration, and thank you for creating Choices!

&& that’s it. go forth, be gr9


this video will make you seriously question the priorities of humanity 

(i am so sorry) - we play HIGHER OR LOWER