feeling pretty bummed out tbh

I’ve been playing Pixelberry games for ages now - I was an avid follower of Surviving High School and Cause of Death, followed them on to High School Story and Hollywood U, now finally Choices.

I’m really mad about the latest chapter of Endless Summer, man. That’s been the one story I’ve been really looking forward to every Thursday.  

So why’s it suddenly all pay to play?? It really sucks. I know that it’s always been that you need gems to make premium choices. That’s just the way it is. But leaving the ending like that? I don’t have the money or gems right now to unlock all those files. It seem like a real shame that we are going to be forced to spend money on those files to get a “better” beginning to the next book. It’s always been so far that gems help you get extra scenes, better dialogue and all, but I wouldn’t say there’s been a choice as influential as this. And poor Grace??  Poor Raj?? Bleh. Club Penguin is dying today so don’t mind my ramble too much.

Pixelberry, I’m still waiting on that Most Wanted Book 2. :P

Everyone’s Got Their Thing (Endless Summer)

Title - Everyone’s Got Their Thing
Choices Creates: Round III
Prompt: Different doesn’t mean wrong.
Pairing - Jake X MC (slight)
Ratings: G
Word Count - 1281
Book: Endless Summer.

Everyone on the Island has their thing- the issue that bothers them the most.

Sean doesn’t like giving up control- He has to lead the team, call the plays. He feels lost if he can’t, because he wants to be the one who takes the fallout if it goes wrong. He needs to be the one. Because in his mind, the only way to protect those he cares about is by putting himself between them and the person causing harm. So when Jake challenges him- and some of the group actually listens to him, he panics. Because if this guy is no good- if he causes trouble, Sean can’t stop people from going down with him.

Jake is older than the rest of the group- a good five years older than most of them. He’s seen things these kids couldn’t imagine, and he looks for the dangers in every shadow. Every time he looks for something, he finds something new that puts him on high alert- something that makes his anxiety drive up through the roof. So he tries not to look, tries to keep his mind in control. He jokes around and makes light of the situation to keep them all feeling calm- because none of them have ever been in a situation like this. None of them realise just how lucky they’ll be if they get of this damn island.

Michelle feels like she’s drowning. Her whole life, she’s known what she wants- a successful marriage, a high profile career and a perfect family. When she met Sean, she saw how easily he fitted in with her plan. And then one night, she had a few too many drinks…And woke up with a guy who wasn’t Sean. She confided in her Sorority sisters, who promised to keep it a secret until she could find a way to tell him. Her Sorority Sisters were more than happy to break the trust- most of them wanted a go at dating the Quarterback- and her life fell apart from there.

Raj hates conflict. Really hates it. So when people start fighting, all he wants to do is stop it- to make everyone happy. His drive to make everyone happy usually keeps him happy- but sometimes, when he’s alone, the dark clouds gather, as if they were collecting in a jar that he opens at the end of the day. Marijuana was the first thing that really calmed him down- that helped him put things in perspective. He sometimes wonders where he’d be now if his housemate hadn’t introduced him to it one night, when the clouds were extra dark.

Zahra no longer wants to make time for people. Because when she gets close to someone, they always leave- whether it’s that they’ve found a new calling, or they’ve started a new relationship. There’s no point getting close, because it always ends with her left in the cold, caring too much about the person driving away forever. She hates people, because you can’t control how they feel. Online, she feels in control- nobody can see her or find her, and she can easily move around without anyone questioning her, or leaving her behind.

Craig: Feels lost. On the one hand, he loves being the football star- the frat parties, the attention, the discipline. But on the other, he wishes he could stay out of that spotlight, and return to being the bookish guy he once was. Because through all of his college life, there was one thing he regretted losing most- Zahra. She was his best friend, someone who understood him. Craig loves Sean, but the Quarterback doesn’t really know how Craig’s mind works. Nobody knows that his over confidence is how he covers the social anxiety that he’s suffered since kindergarten. He knows who everyone thinks he is- but has no clue who he wants to be.

Diego knows who he is. But the idea of just coming out and being that person is a terrifying one. His friends know he’s gay. His siblings know too- but his parents, his grandparents… none of them know. He wants to share it with them, but he doesn’t want to lose them. Every breath around them feels dangerous, and he’s afraid one day he’ll just shout it out. This, combined with being the person who’s always forgotten, always thought of second makes him wonder who up top he pissed off. He knows he’s a nice guy- even a funny one. But he feels as if he’s the one always half in the picture, the last one added to the event. All he wants is for someone to just think of him first.

Quinn feels like every breath is her last. She also feels like every breath is her first. It’s stressful, feeling as if you’re just beginning your life while it comes to an end. She wants to see everything- do everything. She’s missed out on so much, that she feels like a kid at Christmas…. Every new opportunity is exciting. She falls in and out of love quickly, fluidly- wanting to find someone to love her back, but too afraid to let someone truly love her, so close to the end.

Grace knows what she wants, but when she’s put on the spot- or given a chance to overthink- she backpedals, doubting. She hates that about herself. So she works harder than ever to ensure the end result is clear- to make sure that her goals are met. But even so, it never feels like enough. It’s stressful, and it makes her feel edgy. She tries to discuss it with her mom- but her mom never seems to have the time. So her stress builds, until it bursts out violently. She’s a timid girl- but when a breakdown hits, she can pack a punch- do things a little crazy. It’s a cry for help mostly- but instead of hearing it, her mom just dusts her off, and sends her on her way until it happens again. And Grace fears that once day, she’ll hurt someone other than herself.

Aleister equally hates himself and his father. Call it Daddy issues if you will- because that’s what it is. He’s craved his father’s attention, his father’s love… only to watch all of it poured into the Island itself. Over the years he’s taken up chess, piano, pottery, agriculture. All things his father loved- but not when his son was involved. Aleister wonders if it’s because he’s too much like his mother, and not as strong as his father. So every moment of every day, as his hate grows- so does his yearning for the fatherly praise he’s never received.

Estela wishes La Huerta never existed. Maybe if he didn’t, she would have had a normal life. She loved her mom dearly, but when she thinks about it she never really knew her. The Island stole her chance to be a regular kid- Rourke stole her chance to be a regular person. She’s different to the others- the hug easily, fall in love… She’s watched as the Pilot seemed to forget where he was, he was so enraptured by you. She doesn’t get it- how people can so easily be manipulated by their feelings…by their desires. She’s seen sex and flirting used to destroy people, and it makes her nervous that there are people who can do that so easily.

You feel like you’ve always been a little different. You not sure what makes you feel that way- you just do. You know that different doesn’t mean wrong- but you feel wrong. So, when you find yourself on La Huerta, surrounded by so many different people…You have to admit that for the first time in your life, you feel almost normal.


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