Selling a hacked animal crossing cartridge!

Yes, you read that correctly. I am in desperate need of some cash, so I am selling a hacked copy of animal crossing new leaf. Here is what this will include:

  • four residents with fully maxed bank (bells), maxed island medals, and maxed meow coupons
  • four fully upgraded resident houses
  • 15 furniture sets of your choice
  • all sanrio sets
  • 500 flowers of your choice
  • 200 bushes of your choice
  • 200 tree saplings of your choice
  • endless baskets of perfect fruit (unlimited!)
  • all PWPS unlocked
  • all emotions unlocked on all characters
  • town named and characters named how you want
  • full encyclopedia on all characters
  • character houses customized however you please
  • 10 villagers of your choice, in shirts of your choice
  • all badges earned
  • fully unlocked main street
  • map customized to your choice
  • native fruit of your choice
  • town tree size your choice
  • character tans of your choice

NOTE: ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE OPTIONAL. You pick and choose what you want to be included! Message me here if you are interested in purchasing this hacked version of ACNL so we can workout the details! Thank you! I may put this on ebay.

Its not over PT. 2 - MacManus Brothers

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You gasped and turned. It was Murphy. You try to pull away but he is too strong. You look over to your daughter and son, fast asleep. You sigh and turn away. You pull the bedroom door closed and stare at him angrily, he was still holding your arm. He was always so damn hot headed, he looks hurt and upset.
“Murphy, let go of me now before I put you on your arse” You hiss at him. He immediately drops your arm and looks down at the floor solumnly. Murphy takes your hand and sighs.
“M'sorry lass, we never meant to leave ye like that. We had no choicen -” He starts to explain as he rubs circles on your hand with his fingers. You roll your eyes.
“Save it Murph, I don’t want to hear your damn excuses. You both walked out of me, end of - It’s over.” You snatch your hand away from his and look him dead in the eyes. His beautiful blue orbs, filling with tears. You take a deepth breath and try to walk away. His hand slams down on the door above your head and he blocks you with his body, staring you down.
“Murphy, I am warning you for the last time…and if you wake my children..” You begin to say in an angry whisper, but Connor turns the corner and interrupts you both in the exchange. You knew all too well he had sensed what his brother was feeling and doing. You sigh frustatedly, and roll your eyes. Twin telethapy the bain of your life with these brothers. You cover your face with your left hand, you didn’t need this at all.
“Children?” Connor asks with surprise. Him and Murphy eye you curiously, as Connor pulls you hand away from your face. He takes it and stares down at the ring on your finger. Murphy looks like he might cry, as he looks up from your hand.
“Ye geting married lass?” Connor questions with inquisitive eyes. You feel the tears in your eyes and theres a lump in your throat.
“Yes children, yes I’m getting married. Did you think I would wait around forever for you two to come back? become a damn nun or something? Can you please be quiet? you already woke my little boy up with your noise, if you wake my little girl up I will kill you both. Please just go back to wherever you came from, and leave me and my children alone. You didn’t care enough to take me with you, what makes you think I want to know you now?” You say almost in tears. You push past them, your uncle Doc sees you crying walking away and tries to stop you, but you run out into the street and break down. Your tears feel like lava and your heart actually aches. Why did they have to come back into your life like this now? You loved them then, and you never stopped. Seeing them now left you so conflicted. You look down at your ring, and twizzel it nervously. You grab a cigarette out of your pocket, your hands shaking. This is just crazy and you have no idea how to handle this situation in the slightest. You can’t find your lighter, you’re damned if you are going back in to get your purse. You throw your head back against the wall of the bar and groan out in anger. 

“Need a light lass?” Comes a voice from the darkness.