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【Order VII 】

Welcome to Tokyo Dome.

Whether you are a fan of Arashi or not I promise you that the last concert of the group will be something memorable. It’s a shame that two of the members were forced to retire and couldn’t make it tonight.

Here are my instructions to the performers and the audience.

 @fest-haru will escort @sakuxraipho @matsuxjun and @okaerixmasaki to their dressing room. Two masked figures will be waiting. One of them will treat Sakurai Sho’s wound. After all our idols must be fit for their final performance. The three idols will change into their stage outfits. Their choice is free. The wardrobe includes most of the outfits the idols have worn during their career.

In the meanwhile the audience members will arrive and the masked figures will escort them inside the stadium. But not before each audience member gets a penlight. Do not misplace it, you will need it soon. Now that you have everything you need the masked figures will escort you to your seats to wait for the show to begin.

As the lights go out the screen lights up. A VTR begins to play showing the greatest moments of Arashi’s career. At the end you will see the tragic deaths of Ninomiya Kazunari and Ohno Satoshi. A picture will appear with the five members posing and smiling for the camera with the eyes of the deceased members “scratched out”. 

 The instrumental intro begins to play and echo around the large stadium. The song is Truth by Arashi. Spotlights target the platform that opens up and you can see three figures rising slowly, standing side by side. A red spotlight shines on Sakurai Sho. A purple spotlight shines on Matsumoto Jun. A green spotlight shines on Aiba Masaki. There is a yellow spotlight shining on an empty spot next to Sho and a blue spotlight shining on an empty spot next to Aiba Masaki. Our performers have arrived and they are ready to entertain their audience once more. Each member is holding a mic. This is their chance to give their last speech. To show their gratitude towards their group and their fans. And of course their King.

The fates of our three fugitives are in the hands of their audience, all of the remaining players. The penlights you are holding change colors. Once the idols have finished their heart wrenching speeches the lights will go out. The stadium will be pitch black. The audience members will choose between three colors. Purple is the color of Matsumoto Jun. Red is the color of Sakurai Sho. Green is the color of Aiba Masaki. The color that shines the most in the dark will be our winner. The Arashi member who is represented by said color will be punished immediately in front of his colleagues and the audience. The punishment method will be a surprise.

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Common Mistake (pt. 02)

She really needed to start looking at what thread she was texting in…

Rated: M

A/N: italicized text is an outgoing text, italicized and bold text is an incoming text

PART 01 | PART 03

“Are you serious?” Miyoung exclaimed, giving Yoonhee a disbelieving look. “Eight? You have eight outfits to choose from? For one date?”

“That is a very reasonable and normal amount of outfit choices,” Yoonhee replied, fiddling with the clothes she’d laid out over her bed.

“That is the number of outfit choices a narcissistic sociopath has.”

“Not everyone lives in one pair of jeans and a hoodie.”

“Everyone in college and broke off their ass does.”

“Are you going to help me or not?” Yoonhee asked, raising her brows at her friend.

“Do I have a choice?” Miyoung retorted with a snort as she scrolled through her phone.

“No. So pay attention. I’m going to try on the first one.”

Miyoung threw her head back with a whine. “Ugh, you’re going to model all of them?”

“Yes! Be helpful for once in your life, you waste of space!”

“Fuck, Hoseok must be packing massive heat.”

“He is. Now stop whining.”

“I’m going to die in this room. This is where I’ll be buried.”

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“dont talk to me or any of the children ive unwillingly adopted ever again

i need to do a lot of fixin but i wanted to share the sketch cause it makes me smile. 


So Nick Schnee was a great guy who actually cared about the condition of his workers and building up his company’s success on trust. Evidently, he wore a bit of red around his neck. I don’t think Weiss’ initial choice of outfit was a mere coincidence. It shows what she stands for and what she believes in, in regards to her family name.

“Babe?” I call out, stepping into my girlfriend’s silent apartment. No response. It’s only as I walk towards her closed bedroom door that I hear her frantically ripping through her closet, footsteps echoed by a faint oh shit she’s going to kill me. “You realize we’re going to be late right? Are you almost-” I don’t even have the chance to finish my sentence before the door swings open abruptly. “Fuck sorry baby, I just have to do my hair. I’ll be quick I promise!” she blurts out in a panic bolting towards the vanity, taking her ponytail down in the process. I can’t help but grin at her worried tone. I love seeing her like this; all frazzled, and stressed, and downright cute as hell. Unfortunately, my amused expression falters as I sit down on the edge of the bed, eyeing her outfit of choice. “Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” I ask, trying not to sound too criticizing. Her head whips around, worried eyes meeting mine. “I was planning on it. Why should I change? Is it too much? I can definitely go for something more casu-” “no don’t worry!” I interject quickly trying to calm her down, “it’s just the shirt that I’m not sure about … actually, maybe it’s the pants”. My eyes trail down her body as she walks to the foot of the bed, standing in front of me. “Honestly baby, I’m sorry but I think it might be both” I say as I begin to draw her face down to my level. “I think your outfit would look a lot better if you” I interrupt my sentence with a kiss, “took”, kiss, “it”, kiss, “off”, I giggle as I plant one last lingering kiss on her now smiling lips. She looks up at me questioningly through thick eyelashes, “there’s nothing wrong with my outfit, is there?” she teases with a devilish grin. “Absolutely not” I reply before bounding off the bed, lightly slapping her butt, “you look beautiful, now come on or we’re going to be late”. I stop in the doorway, turning around just in time to see her smirk and pull off her shirt. Yup, we’re definitely going to be late.

ive had this idea in my head and i couldn’t get it out so here you go

“whats the use of feeling sportaflop”

im sure you can assume who pink diamond is


“Hi! Can i request a tvd imagine? All smutty with damon being dominant and rough and everything? Thank you :))” “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a damon salvatore imagine (smut ofc!!) Where you two are not together but kind of have a crush on each other. so eventually you end up having rlly rough kinky sex? Pls! ^-^”

A/N: i guess you can say i changed the plot a bit?? SORRY IF ITS NOT KINKY !! WHOOPS ?? (I can’t write kinky smut for shits ????)

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring on how well you did on your outfit choice for Girls Night. You twirled yourself so your back was facing the mirror. Shifting your head to look at the mirror, to see the back if the lovely dress Caroline helped you picked out. It wasn’t too short nor too long, hugged your curves perfectly. You felt good. You did your final touches on your hair and makeup before heading out the door. Once your bag and keys were in your hand, you swung your door open, out to have the time of your life with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena.

However, there was a certain someone blocking your way out. “Ah! Y/N I know I’d find you here! Cute little dress.” The raven man cheerfully said, a smirk appearing onto his lips. “Obviously you would, it’s my house.” You laughed. “What do you want Damon? I need to get going somewhere.” As you motioned towards your outfit. You knew the reason why he was here, and you tried every single thing possible to avoid him, not try and make much eye contact as possible. “Well you see Y/N, the thing is, you’re constantly avoiding me.” You were about to protest but he beated you to it. “No, don’t give me ‘I’ve been busy.’ crap, that’s such an overused excuse, sweetheart.” His voice was stern, serious for his answer. “Tell me the truth Y/N please, I’m your fucking friend for christ’s sake!” He nearly shouted, eyes wide, inching closer to you. You didn’t want to tell him why. You knew he would taunt, tease, laugh at your response. You knew he wouldn’t feel the same feelings towards you. “I don’t have to tell you everything Damon, you’re not my dad, or my boyfriend. So please, move out of the way.” You spat at him. Pushing yourself through, though you knew it was no use. You were still just a mortal, where as he was a hundred and something year old vampire; with much experience with his inhuman strength. “No.” Damon simply spoke. He pushed his way into your home, closing the door behind. He pushed you against the closest wall.

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