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Grades absolutely do matter if you want a scholarship or to get into a good university. Kids like me kill themselves over not graduating with honors or getting high enough grades because we’ve been programmed to believe that our self worth is found in our academics. You’re right, I MIGHT live longer if I don’t stress about anything at all, but I don’t wanna scrape by doing the absolute bare minimum work.

Why is it that every time i say “you don’t have to kill yourself doing something you hate or something that doesn’t matter to live up to others expectations” someone like you shows up crying about their choices 

“kids like me kill themselves over not graduating with honors” 

okay. the kids i was speaking too kill themselves over having to do 8 hours of homework a night and being worked so hard by the school system that their bodies give out. 

there was zero reason to come to me with this petty bullshit. 

I want you to take a moment to step outside yourself and understand that not everyone wants to go to college, especially given that degrees are more expensive and less useful than ever and college campus culture has become absolutely fucking toxic. I want you to take just a second here, and understand that you are not, in fact, the standard for americas youth, and that a lot of us would rather go to trade school and learn a useful skill and not work ourselves to death with homework that we dont understand or care about. 

Now go away. 

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Hi!!! I’m curious, back when sinbad was running to grab Barbarossa before falan transported him, was Sinbad’s intention was to kill Barbarossa at the moment? Or capture him?

If i defeat Barbarossa, this war will be over, in that case i

will run after Barbarossa!!

The word 倒す which means “to defeat” can imply sometimes to kill ( as a part of defeating someone who leaves you no choice but to kill them in order to defeat them). I think SInbad is someone whose first choice would never be murder but if the safety of their country and it’s citizens is at risk, i think he would do anything to ensure their wellbeing, so i think he might be determined to end him in order to save his people.

Also, going a few chaps back to when Judar betrayed them, Sinbad and Serendine thought Barbarossa was in the carriage and Sinbad shoot bararak saika at it, there was even a fake corpse and they were ready to go back to Sindria just a bit after it was revealed that it was all a set up. However, you can see in Sinbad’s look in that chapter that he did it because there was no choice and they had reached the point where it was necessary to end the war ( or so they thought, as it was all a facade)- for some reason i can’t attach the pic but it’s night 163!-

It was also the original plan that Serendine and Sinbad would locate Barbarossa and “shoot” at him in order to put and end to the war, so as far as I understand the plan can imply to finish him off. He even asks Serendine why didn’t they ( her and Judar) just Zepared him and made him kill himself if she thinks he’s so horrible haha.

Tony: Your war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.



not sure if anyone’s into this but have some dragon genji

Things that I DON’T want from The Last Jedi
  • Kylo’s sad back story
  • Kylo redemption arc
  • Kylo sad crying face
  • People treating Kylo like he’s not that bad
  • People dying for trying to “give him a chance”
  • Luke making up excuses for Kylo
    • Anyone not acknowledging he’s gone to the dark side by choice and killed hundreds and killed his own father and tortured and terrorized the main trio 
Dear Gods, that's unsettling.

My party, Chaotic Good Tiefling Twins (Bard & Sorceress), a Chaotic Good Dwarf Cleric, a Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc Barbarian, a Lawful Evil Human Paladin and my Lawful Evil Yuan-Ti Warlock. We had to get past a boy into the house he was guarding , he was like 10 years old so the party was adverse  to killing him if they could help it.

Me: I got this, I cast “Sleep”.
DM: OK, how are you gonna cast it
Me: I start singing “Trust in Me” from the Jungle Book in a hissing snake voice
DM: The boy unknowingly starts to sway to the sound of your voice, eventually his eyes roll up in his head and he drifts into a sound sleep.
Tiefling Bard (Ooc): Why’d you sing? I thought you were a Warlock?
Cleric (Ooc): He is, he’s just creepy.

They left me to keep watch while they checked inside for what we were looking for. They came to find I had eaten the boy, Anaconda style.

Cleric: What the fuck dude!?
Me: In my defense, you left an unconscious child, unsupervised, with an evil snake man.
Cleric: OK, yeah that one’s on me.

nobody ever talks about how selfless it is to choose, over and over again, to not commit suicide. nobody ever acknowledges the tremendous sacrifice suicidal people make every time we choose not to kill ourselves. when a person who is suffering so horribly that death seems like their best option decides not to take their one way out, and to instead remain in hell, day after day, year after year, because they don’t want to hurt the people they love, they are doing something extraordinary. not killing yourself when it’s all you want to do is the purest act of love i can imagine. dying for someone is easy – you don’t have to deal with any of the consequences, you have your moment of nobility and then it’s all over. but living for someone, when the simple fact of consciousness is literal torture for you? every single suicidal person who ever made a choice to not kill themselves in a moment of misery is a goddamn hero in my eyes. wanting to die and still surviving is an act of titanic courage and self-sacrifice. we deserve more credit for it.

Context: Our characters are stranded in the past, more or less in the middle of nowhere with limited provisions. They are trying to look after this child that they know will grow up to be one of their friends in the future. We also have with us a very smart and highly educated NPC who is in charge of the whole time travel shenanigan. As we set camp, we agree to take guard shifts. This happens on my watch:

GM: “As you sit by the fire, nothing seems to be out of place. The only thing you see is a curios hare poking its head from the bushes.”

Me: “I shoot it.”

GM: “You what?”

Me: “I shoot the hare. We don’t have much food on us, right? This should help a little.” *I roll and succeed easily. It’s also worth noting here that my bow is blessed so it’s effective against unholy creatures*

GM: “As your arrow pierces the hare, its eyes flash in green flames for a second before dying out.”

Me: “Wait, what? So the hare was possessed?”

GM: “Yep.”

Me: “And I just killed a potential demonic spy/assassin by accident?”

GM: “Yep.”

Me: “OK… [My character] goes to pick the hare up and goes to one of the tents.” (In-character) “Hey, [smart NPC], if an animal is possessed and you kill the demon the meat is still safe to eat, right?”

Our characters had the hare for breakfast.


“Leaders who do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people–they manipulate them. They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress.

― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop