choice and change


“Ever since I met you, I have begun to doubt myself. I have lost faith in my own decisions. But now, with the kingdom in turmoil, I can’t run anymore. Midoriya… what should I do?”

>> Challenge your father for the throne. [King Path]

>> Rescue your mother from prison. [Witch Path]

>> ??? [Hidden Class Path]

- Part of the Boku no Hero Adventure RPG AU.

The way you react has been repeated thousands of times, and it has become a routine for you. You are conditioned to be a certain way. And that is the challenge: to change your normal reactions, to change your routine, to take a risk and make different choices.

Don Miguel Angel Ruiz

i do really think that the narrative choices justin made vis a vis taako not necessarily being able to forgive lucretia were totally true to the character

but wouldn’t it have been just heartbreaking if we had gotten more of a background for that relationship during the stolen century? like if we got to see the development from lucretia being kind of intimidated by her intensely cool new colleagues who she barely knows how to talk with to this genuine respect and friendship that grows between them?? maybe sometimes when taako just needs some quiet time he would go sit with lucretia and when she needs to have some contact with the world outside her work, she’ll go ask him to paint her nails. they both put up shields, just in totally different ways, and i feel like that would foster a kind of implicit understanding/recognition. and while it’s completely different to his relationship with lup, maybe there is this brotherly/sisterly affection that develops

i feel like we talk a fair amount about lucretia and magnus’s friendship because they got a little bit of audio time and a fair amount about merle and lucretia because of their spa time but g o d i would love to talk about lucretia’s reaction to seeing taako - someone she spent 100 years working and fighting beside - reduced to what he is in the first couple arcs

  • Maria: Nat how do you want your coffee?
  • Natasha: as dark as my soul
  • Maria: *hands her a cup of warm milk*
  • Natasha: *struggles to push back tears*