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Attention all Lena Luthor fans!

We have a little longer to go with this awful hiatus and the fandom is really in need of something constructive and happy right now.

What’s a great way to bring us all together? Our love for Lena Luthor!

Day 1 (April 17): When You Started Loving Lena
Day 2 (April 18):
Favorite Outfit/Look
Day 3 (April 19):
Favorite Headcanon/AU/Fics/Art/Videos (Recommend content or create your own!)
Day 4 (April 20):
Favorite Quote
Day 5 (April 21):
Most loved or wanted otp/brotp (SuperCorp? AgentCorp? Lena/Winn brotp? Whatever you like)
Day 6 (April 22): Favorite Scene or Episode
Day 7 (April 23):
Free Choice

Any posts that you would like to see reblogged here should be tagged as #lenaluthoraw and #lenaluthoredit

All positive contributions are welcome from all fans! For each day feel free to make text posts, photo sets, gif sets, fan videos, write fics, create playlists, or whatever you can think of to show your love for Lena during the week.

Spread the word! We can’t wait to see all of you amazing work!

May 21-27 is X-Men Femslash Week 2017!!

We will be reblogging art, edits, writing, aesthetics, headcanons, or anything you can think of!! To enter, use the hashtag #xmenfemslashweek or just tag us @xmenfemslashweek !! You can create for a different pairing every day, or do the same one multiple times, whatever you choose!

We will not accept content portraying incest, pedophilia, abuse, etc. Blogs with that content will be blocked.

The (optional) prompts are as follows:

  • May 21 (Day One) - Flowers / Your Choice
  • May 22 (Day Two) - Crossover / Your Choice
  • May 23 (Day Three) - Family / Your Choice
  • May 24 (Day Four) - Music / Your Choice
  • May 25 (Day Five) - Tradition / Your Choice
  • May 26 (Day Six) - Adventure / Your Choice
  • May 27 (Day Seven) - Safe / Your Choice

Please note that the prompts are not strict or even mandatory. You can pretty much do whatever you want, they’re just there to give you some ideas!!

Late entries will still be accepted!

Do not hesitate to send an ask or a message if you have any more questions!


Prompt voting is now closed, and prompts for the third SuperCat Week have been chosen! Below are the prompts for this event, running from April 16th through April 23rd.

  • Day 1 - Sunday, April 16 - Abilities; being near your soulmate gives you abilities/takes away abilities (e.g., healing injuries, immortality, powers, etc.)
  • Day 2 - Monday, April 17 - Dreams; anything involving dreams (e.g., visions, alternate worlds, Black Mercy, etc.)
  • Day 3 - Tuesday, April 18 - Feelings; whatever emotions your soulmate feels, you also feel (or the opposite)
  • Day 4 - Wednesday, April 19 - Red String of Fate; where a string tied to you leads you to the person(s) you’re destined to
  • Day 5  - Thursday,  April 20 - Distance; anything involving distance (e.g., compasses, pain with distance, etc.)
  • Day 6 - Friday,  April 21 - Dating Agency; either Kara or Cat runs an agency that tracks and matches soulmates 
  • Day 7 - Saturday,  April 22 - Eyes; anything involving eyes (and other physical features) (e.g., color change, etc.)
  • Day 8 - Sunday, April 23 - Creator’s Choice; any fic written involving soulmates and SuperCat is accepted

You are now welcome to start working on your creations. Please remember that while you are welcome to work on/finish them early, you may not post until the appropriate day. You can find more information on participation and the event in general here. Feel free to drop me an ask if you ever have any questions.

I can’t wait to see all the lovely things you all will be created, and I hope you’re as excited for this event as I am!

FellPril challege

Wow uh, I saw  there was no challenge in March… so uh

1) THE FIRST AU - How did you discover Underfell, and which interpretation of it do you like most?

2)Clothing - Lets make these edgelords a bit less emo, shall we?

3) How about those other fell AUs, like Swapfell. Which designs do you prefer, and why?

4)Fresh!Fell - Fresh possessed one of these edgelords. What’ll happen now?

5) Angst angst and more angst. Try using your imagination.

6) Toriel and Asgore - The Queen and the King, what are these two doing

7)Papyrus and sans - What are these two up too?

8)Floweypot - Flowey and Frisk, FIGHT or MERCY?


10)Shipping, Boats and other methods of transportation - Who do you ship these edgelords with?

11)CPAU - Edgy Mc My chemical romance

12)Timeline travelling - Fell’s with Sans and Ink on a magical adventure through the Underverse! Dont fuck this up, Cross.

13)Shedposts - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) boy howdy amigo friend buddy chum chummy chum pal amigo homeslice breadslice compadre whats on your mind you dirty sinner

14) UVS Studio - What’s Fell doing in the Neo-XTale with sans, especially with a dangerous TOTES RAD dude and a comic full of shenanigans?

15) ALTERNATE FELLS - NatureFell, SwapFell, etc. So many OF THEM

16)Gaster - What was Fell!Gaster’s relationship with the skeleton bros, or anyone for that matter?

17) Human Fell - How would people from the Fell!Verse look as a human?

18) Sinners, Sinners Everywhere! - Fresh is always watching ya’ll…

19) The reapers - What if Fell(s) met the Lucidia reapers? How would they react?

20) The Surface - You always were a crybaby…

21) Chibi - What are these again? Some type of “kawaii” art?

22) Dream/Nightmare - Happiness or Angst? It’s your choice, really.

23)Undyne and Alphys - What are those NERDS up to?

24)Error - Error keeps stealing Fell’s snacks! This means war….

25) Memories - Bad memories, or good memories? What does Fell like to think of?

26) Cracks - Woah, dudes! How’d you get those cracks in your skull?

27) Asriel and Chara - What were these two doing before they met their end?

28) The Human Souls - The six humans, murdered by ASGORE. Ever wonder how their journey was in the underground?

29) Fell!Cross and Fell!Pap- Spooky scary skeletons.

30) Goodbye, Edgelords - It’s time to  say goodbye  to UnderFell.



Error, Fresh, the reapers and CPAU by @loverofpiggies

Original SwapFell by kkhopehang

NatureFell by @lavender-sans


What better way to prep for a second season than by rewatching the first one? We’ve set up a schedule for a complete review of season one, featuring OVAs and other bonuses (not including movies)!

Weekdays we’ll watch 6 episodes of season one, weekends are bonuses/catchup/optional!

Week one (1-4): Episode 1-5, OVA- The Sudden Visitor

Week two (5-11): Chibi theater, Episode 6-11, OVA- Distress

Week three (12-18): Junior High 1-6, Episode 12-17, OVA- Ilse’s Notebook

Week four (19-25): Junior High 7-12, Episode 18-23, A Choice With No Regrets (1&2)

Week five (26-28): Episode 24-25, Catch up

So spread the word and get ready to return to the world of SNK!

To Celebrate 200 Followers!!
  1. ”Who’s it’s possible that both of us took out the trash
  2. God, that woman pisses me off to no end!…but that’s why I want her 
  3. “I’m on middle of the fucking fight! Stop it!
  4. I’m gonna throw up, I hope that’s cool 
  5. Come on woman! 
  6. I broke two lower ribs, my stomach is full plum color.. Sleeping is kinda hard
  7. “Jump!”
    “Aim for the tree!”
  8. “Do you think this is a good idea?”
    “My honest opinion is that this is the worst idea I’ve gotten since going to college, but..”
  9. You broke me out of the prison for this? As grateful as I am for getting me down from that wall, I don’t think you want me messing with that
  10. The kid was around adults all day, he knew how to approach them easily. 
  11. Toni was uncomfortably leaning backwards  on her hands as Scott stitched the wound inches below where the sport bra ended.
  12.  I have a breathing fucking creature inside my stomach, if you want to talk to me, you better fucking speak nice to me.    
  13. “Did you eat my lasagne last night?”
    “I haven’t even seen you in weeks.”
    “That doesn’t mean you haven’t broken into my flat. Remember, I know you.”
  14.   did he just..? Tell me he didn’t just put foot through my door
  15.  “What’s happening with Tom?”
    “Oh it’s full war with him.”
  16. ”Are the knots too tight?”
    “I don’t care.”
    “Well they’re on you..”
  17. She got her ribs kicked in for this?!
  18. “You sure that this is good idea?”
    “This is an great idea, what are you even talking about?”
  19.  “Can I get you something stronger?”
    “What would you suggest, barkeep?”
    “Rum and coke, without rum of course.”
  20. She’s the type of person who will pull the trigger for you when you’re too weak to do this yourself
  21.  You couldn’t have choice the worst time to do that
  22.  She could barely move her toes without grimacing in pain.
  23. With a broken nose and a stitches on her cheek, she showed up at senior’s prom and started a fight
  24. “Who are you?”
    “I’m someone who the people you own money are afraid of.”
  25. “Was that a gunshot?”
    “Gunshots don’t echo, fireworks do.”
    “Was that yes or no to the gun”
  26. I think she grew up with at least one broken rib at any given time
  27. That’s a brave fucking kid
  28.  I stared down at my hands, as people walked past the stairs, laughing and talking to each others. I was starting to feel the pain on my knuckles.
  29. Charlotte lifted her hoodie over her head covering herself from the world and stuffed her hands into the front pockets of hers jeans hunching hers shoulders closer to hers body as if trying to be unnoticeable.
  30. The itching rope was rubbing against my wrists as I tried to yank the rope off, they had bound my legs from ankles and up my knees. Something was tied around my neck, it restrained me from moving, which was obviously doing it’s job right. 
  31. To family. What wouldn’t she do? She took the punches for her siblings, from fists of her father and words of so many who ever were relevant.
  32. “Don’t run!
    “But he’s staring right at me”
  33. You have to admit, she’s great at what she does.
  34. If they trap us, we have good 50 minutes before we could get help. So don’t mess up.
  35. She was the first one to reach there and she took the worst of it
  36. He tightened his grip on my arm again and dug his nails into my skin.
  37. Three of them all squished into the back seat of the car. 
  38. Tyler had my teel backpack on his shoulder, his big form looking ridiculous with such a color
  39. “You thought he was crazy and you decided to just sat down next to him?”
    “He’s an nice guy”
  40. “You can’t deny that this isn’t relaxing.”
    “We are in prison. Nothing relaxing about this”
  41. “We don’t speak about the accident, Dara!”
    “No, no, we do not talk about it! Only mention it several times and wait someone to snap at us!”
    “They will beat us down and yell until we tell them the secret behind the accident.”
  42. Joisie knew that smirk on Rosa’s face. It wasn’t even a smirk, it was just disturbing lift of her red painted lips as she marched through the dance floor.
  43. “What are you doing?“
    “Depends are you going to judge me  or not?“
    “It really depends if you’re cleaning blood off your shirt?”
  44. Her head hurt. Almost enough for her to put a bullet in her own head
  45. “Pretended to be my sister!”
    “Seriously, again? Who lies about having a sister to get a girl?”
  46. “This is going to hurt.“
    “To be honest, you’d done much”
  47. “If I one more time wake up with duct tape over my mouth, I will throw you out of the fucking balcony.”
    “It’s not my fault that you snore!” 
  48. “You could’ve called, Kurt.”
    “Is he home?”
    “Passed out cold mid-way up the stairs. 
  49. She can pass the polygraph easily, you know that.
  50. Following people isn’t nice, you know. 
  51. Someone came to clean up the place?
  52. “Can you contact him?”
    “It isn’t so easy..”
    “Can you or can you not?”
  53. “You look bit homeless there”
    “I am bit homeless, though” 
  54. My clothes weight so much because of this damn mud. 
  55. I can’t hold you, you fat bastard. Use your feet to climb
  56. Only you would ask somebody who you met for the first time to break you out of a damn prison
  57. She will kill you if that’s the only way to get him back
  58. You know what they called me. You know my reputation 
  59. “You didn’t actually kill him, did you?”
    “Well now, you really have to define killing and accidentally letting him die”
  60. Not answering the phone is not a new thing for her
  61. Should I apologize and kick you or not apologize and kick you.
  62. And once again we are on the starting point. Crying on the playground.
  63. I’m working on my anger issues and seeing you angers me the most, so stay the hell away
  64. I’m not saying we should worry, but we have no breaks and the bridge is ending.
  65. We have a lead. Well, it’s more of a stupid ass guess, but it’s somethin’
  66. “Where did you bury her?”
    “Lake Baika”
  67. “We have possible sighting of her in Waterfront Park, Seattle”
    “How sure?“
    “It’s her. It’s definitely her.”
  68. “Your name is James? But you’re a girl“
    “My father was in drugs when he decided it“
  69. Explain the blood
  70. I pulled the trigger, hoping that the bullet magically would turn around and kill me instead
  71. “I’m a graphic designer, not a firefighter!”
    “Nobody told you how to throw water to a fire?”
  72. who did you manage to fell asleep in the bathtub?
  73. You really have high tolerance of pain, don’t ya?
  74. “Does your shoulder hurt?”
    “I have a butcher knife sticking out of me! What the fuck do you think?!”
  75. It’s amazes me how you are willingly to put your body through everything only to hurt her
  76. “Will you dig me out if this collapses in?
  77. She slowly brought the spoon to her mouth, closing her eyes as the warm liquid touched her lips. It was like she was afraid to eat. 
  78. There was no sympathy in her words
  79. Her past flickered in her eyes, the torture and pain coming back in waves.  
  80. Have you eaten breakfast yet?
  81. If she hits someone again, she will get kicked out
  82. She might be in prison by then
  83. She threw her bag and the cigarettes on the backseat
  84. She laid on her bed, pouring last of the mashed up chips down her throat. Relaxing her arms and letting them slam down against the mattress. 
  85. She didn’t fight back, not against him.“
  86. Tell me that this is never going change”
    “But the truth is, this is going to change.
  87. I jumped to the couch, placing my leg on his lap. “Touch me.” I dramatically whispered, “I just shaved.” Isaiah laughed, pushing my legs away. 
  88. Ohhh, that ain’t good
  89. I don’t aim on being the sweetheart one
  90. I kept the helm of the dress up, as I ran towards Leo, grabbing him into one arm hug
  91. After I had kicked the ball to Gordon, a third leg intervened, tackling me to the ground. 
  92. His leg managed to connect left side of my face
  93. On second period, I dragged myself in my car and passed out in the backseat
  94. She and Diego did every single thing that a parents would do for their kids
  95. You still don’t seem to understand. She doesn’t care if she dies, and that’s a biggest problem for us
  96. I am parked outside your house, so get your ass out here or we’re gonna leave
  97. Okay, I just want to put you on mute right now
  98. My girl, you are crazy as hell
  99. Bennett leaned against the wall, staring down at my shoes as I nervously tapped it against the ground
  100. You do whatever you hate to do to save her
  101. “Don’t be an asshole this time, okay?”
    “If you mean the blood mojito thing, it wasn’t my fault –“
    “It was definitely your fault, so shut up.”
  102. She had her head over the sink, both doctors stapling her busted up head
  103. “Put a towel under your head so the sheets won’t be bloody.”
  104. The bandages around my torso constricted painfully as I drew in a deep breath, hoping the stitches wouldn’t tear. 
  105. It’s special if he choice you from 23 girls.”
    “Yes, or he might be a serial killer or creepy otherwise.”
    “Or like last time, it might be grandpa of one of our girls and you have to bring your medical past back up.”
  106. Okay, that was an aggressive door slam.
  107. ”Just a heads up, Eric’s looking for you”
    Of course he is.”
  108.  One week here, and she stabbed three of our staff members, landed seven patient into medical care.  
  109. She’s the best damn sniper in this base
  110. I mean let’s be honest. This isn’t exactly working. 
  111. You still believe in happy endings? 
  112. Both of them could see the silvery white scar, about a half an inch wide, midway down her rib cage. 
  113. Ronnie was regretting her idea of putting high heeled ankle boots as she struggled to keep up with Nikki, who was walking ahead, kicking the snow and sleet
  114. Half-finished cigarette stumps were scattered on the last step
  115. My job is to run in front of everyone and not to get killed. Simple
  116. I jumped around to keep the balance as I ripped my shoe off, chunking it away to corner.
  117. “Anslo is going to kill you”
    “Quite many people are going to kill me”
  118. “I don’t think you understand.. I’m not an angel. I kill people, I murder people.. it’s my work, my job is to kill.”
  119. “If you ever again hurt her, look at her bad way.. I will kick in your miserable little balls. I will show you how it feels like to be beaten by somebody how once said ‘I love you’ to you. I can make it to hurt..”
  120. ”You should get somebody who actually wants to help you”
    “I will buy you double”
  121. “Could you explain why you are even with him?”
    “Somebody’s gotta do it. I’m taking a bullet for everybody else”
  122. “How can you even sleep next to him?”
    “Well, the snarleks is paying off with other things”
    “I don’t wanna even know.”
  123. Hey Mikey! Your father wants you to phone!
  124. You want to play her game? Don’t. You don’t want to get into it, believe me.
  125. Drown on a fish pool asshole
  126. Apparently I’m only good at taking beatings
  127. “I trust her”
    “It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t trust herself.”
  128. Someone just proposed in our dorm. Anybody know who’s Marley
  129. The dwarf looked her with disgust
  130. “Do you think she will stay?”
    “Knowing her.. I think she will 
  131. “You were supposed to bring the ladder”
    “I did. The bike is the ladder.”
    “No! Bike is not a ladder.”
    “I hold it, you climb up the wall of amazement.” 
  132. She wouldn’t last much longer, both of them knew it. Her knees were going to give up soon
  133. She leaned her forehead against the wall, letting the cold water run down her back.  
  134. “The safe house in Casablanca has been compromised”
  135. He ran up the stairs of Pinehurst Avenue 
  136. On the back roads of Nebraska, custom made Harley left a dusty cloud behind as it roared down the gravel route. 
  137. “I got inspired by genius but insane dictator Adolf Hitler, and got six.”
    “I can’t possibly imagine what word you got.”
  138. Lee can’t stop laughing, so I already have thoughts about this.
  139. “Question is, would I lie to you?”
    “She totally would.”
  140. I once had to dive out of my girlfriend’s window because his father tried to chop me in half with an axe
  141. Whatever she says, you do and you follow her 
  142. Don’t get into a fucking knife fight
  143. “Do you want me to do it?”
    “Are you sure? Hundred present sure? I have great change of breaking his neck”
  144. I just need to you are  alright, call me back.
  145. I may be getting way too old for this
  146. “I have to… go.. Need to shower my.. cat”
    “She doesn’t want to talk you assbag, go along”
  147. “Shut up, you don’t have option in this. Take the fucking leather tie off and don’t do anything stupid.”
  148. “Yeah, give her a reason to trust you even less!”
    “It’s not my fault that she can’t trust anybody!”
    “No, it’s exactly people like you why she can’t do that anymore.”
  149. You can’t just keep hitting everything you see 
  150. “You look like..”
    “Mess? I’m aware”
  151. You just fucked up our dinner!
  152. “What are you –?”
    “My father was one of the nutcases that were obsessed with zombie outbreak. Turns out that fucker was right.”
  153. Let the man in before he breaks my doorbell
  154. “I’m going to stay out of it this time. My old man is going to send me in Chicago if I get expelled one more time.”
    “What’s in Chicago?”
    “Not him.”
  155. I hold my books up against his chest, to keep his face coming even inch closer. 
  156. “Don’t be childish!”
    “What does that even mean?”
  157. If you haven’t noticed, huge part of my leg is in the desert in Afghanistan
  158. Charles had never understood her, but he had accepted that he couldn’t  
  159. John poured half bottle of vodka on me
  160. “He’s passed out in very weird position in the bathroom.”
  161. Stop slapping me with rings on! It h.u.r.t.s!
  162. Stop asking me to be your girlfriend! 
  163. Help me get off these stupid boyshorts.
  164. I can’t feel my thighs 
  165. Do you know how much replacing doors cost? Windows are also so fucking expensive.
  166. just remember personal space with her and you will be alright
  167. “You are so needy right now”
    “I’m aware”
  168. the game of ‘don’t touch the jellyfish’ is more painful than I thought
  169. there’s no people in 10 miles and I managed to run into a maniac
  170. “Do I have to?”
    “Sooner or later.”
    “Well I’m sure she’s willing to tell everything to you.”
  171. Do you think I can swallow the charge cord?
  172. “Do we have a ladder?”
    “If you’re trying to take the perfect photo of Empire State Building in our roof. No, we do not own a ladder.”
    “I just want to take the poster down from the ceiling.”
  173. “Are you and - ?”
    “Jackson. We are roommates.”
  174. “It’s landlord!”
    “Okay, we practiced this! Go, go!”
  175. yeah, you tried to drink beer out of you eye, it was quite amusing to look actually 
  176. Who did you run into a gun wielding gang within a two minutes entering here?
  177. “That’s not smart!”
    “I’m not trying to be smart!”
  178. “He has slight problems”
    “I mean, we can discuss this whole night but”
  179. “When’s the last time you ate? And I mean real food.”
    “I had those ribs two days ago at your house”
  180. She has friends in high places, that’s why she has the job
  181. “How’s she alive?”
    “I’ve been asking that since she was born”
  182. “Does she have TV in there?”
    “Had. But her idea of shutting it off was to shoot it, so”
  183. “Go low!”
    “Low? What do you mean low? Stop confusing me!”
  184. You wrapped pizza box.. most amazing birthday present ever 
  185. “You mind if I crash here?”
  186. He uses fancy words that I don’t understand
  187. “Is your hair still green?”
    “I don’t think my mother really wants to me to ruin my hair again”
  188. Just pull your hood up. 
  189. You are same age now that your mother got you, she may not be worried but I am! 
  190. Your father looks like bodybuilding Santa. It’s quite attractive 
  191. “I know nobody here. What I’m going to do?”
    “Blend in.”
  192. Can you stop hanging out alone in the bathrooms when we are in parties? 
  193. What we discussed about the B-word?
  194. “So he can call you bitch but I can’t?”
    “You already call me slut. Easy with the insults okay?”
  195. “Why do you have a shirt with my face in it?”
    “You’re my best friend”
  196. “What’s wrong with you?”
    “I have kind of fucked up nerve ends”
  197. I got no fucking gun!
  198. What does under control mean to you? Because you have bazooka in your hands and I don’t think it’s safety to blast it inside the house  
  199. “You’re dating a firefighter?”
    “Well dating is a strong term to use”
  200. It’s like you don’t even know how much I love you

Borderlands Appreciation Month → [TFTBL] Day 23: Hardest Choice to Make So Far

Old Haven or Hollow Point? They know to meet us there or Together like a family?

Unexpected. Chapter 23: Choices that matter. Excerpt.

Sweet. Sweat. Strawberry with a hint of vanilla. He tastes it on his tongue while placing slow kisses along her shoulder up to her neck. She shivers and his arm tightens around her midriff in response. Hmmm, he needs to do it more often.

Her back against his chest and he indulges in the warmth of it. Not as if the warmth embracing them was not enough. They’re on a beach, hidden from the scorching sun, under a big parasol, her form held by his legs and arms in a loose embrace. She’s reading a folder, deciding on their next excursion. He’s holding back a laughter peeking out at where her finger stops. Watching dolphins and orcas. Well, this should be relaxing.

Not like the other activities she decided for them to do. Riding a banana, where she pushed him off it to the water just to jump in after him; or gliding a parachute only to give him a near heart attack by pretending she was drowning after landing in the water. He thinks that watching the creatures of the oceans is safe enough.

Her finger follows the description and his eyes admire the maintained nail. The women of his time were groomed but only the higher placed ones could afford this level of care.

Another thing he will take away from her. The ease with which she can achieve those things here. In her world.

A much as the Elvhen were advanced they have not thought about this kind of novelties. If he was to go back then he would make sure it was accessible to all who desired it. He got far away from his present goal and he shakes his head. Then he nuzzles his head against the hollow of her neck and chuckles lightly. Such indulgences should be left for another time. When he knows he can go back.

supercat week 3: day 8

Sunday, April 23 – Creators Choice



Going through her pod, Kara notices many things that she didn’t when she was thirteen. First: that the pod was one of five to leave Krypton, marked and tagged as other passengers, as the pod is an escape pod from a giant ship. Second: that there are five distress call, one from Kal-El’s pod that matches three of the others from each other pod, with the last being a different kind of distress call – one saying that one of the three mystery pods’ mainframe is being hacked. Third: that she can manually direct the other three pods from where they are currently trapped.

The Phantom Zone.

Original intentions put to one side briefly, Kara checks out what she can do from her pod. It isn’t the Master Pod, but with two distress calls coming from the Master Pod, she can switch control over to her own pod. However, it’ll take time and hard work that could have her working through the week without a break and her original plan when looking through the pod can’t exactly wait.

She’s promised Cat she can get her a way to contact Adam whenever she likes on a private, secure connection. All she has to do is take out the communication hubs of the two pods and…

“Dammit,” Kara can’t. She needs the communication hubs to figure out the control switch between the pods. “I can’t do it…” but can’t do what? What can I do? What should I do? The pods can wait, is what the truth is. Maybe not that hack into the mainframe, but in the time since Krypton’s demise, it’s only gotten to the equivalent of about sixty five percent. Two thousand and three, at the earliest.

Kara can give Cat and Adam six years. Maximum. Absolute maximum. Five years would be better. Four, a surety. That would be enough, right? Custody could be arranged differently by then…

She builds them receptors and screens, then she leaves Kal-El in Cat’s care, flying to Opal City. Kara knows Adam’s heartbeat well. He’d played with Kal-El enough, been in her vicinity in a close, personal capacity enough that she knows its distinct patter. Floating down to a dark alley-way, Kara leaves it, sorting out her windswept hair absentmindedly. Clutching her bag, she walks up the pavement to the townhouse where she can see Adam sitting in the window. He’s playing with some sort of sticky animal, coloured bright neon, his hair spiked up with gel.

Cat would never have let him, Kara purses her lips, seeing a tall, leggy woman come up to admonish him quietly, using ASL briefly before stopping and starting again. Kara can hear her voice, pitches wrong and unbalanced. This must be Karen.

To her surprise, Adam starts communicating back, questioning ‘why’ both in ASL and out loud in English. Karen signs about shapes on the windows and Adam looks briefly crestfallen, looking back to his sticky shapes before his eyes see past them to her on the pavement.

“KARA!” He yells, rushing away from the window. Kara watches him with x-ray vision as he runs, jumping over toys and a pouffe before coming out into a grand hallway, coming up to the door. “Dad, Dad! It’s Kara – Kara’s here!

Harold replies, Kara having the decency to tune him out, as she does most people, before a knock on the glass draws her attention back to Karen, who mimes a general ‘who are you?’ that has nothing to do with ASL. Kara gives a brief smile before bringing up her hands, signing to the deaf woman.

‘Hello K-A-R-E-N. My name is K-A-R-A. I am the mother of K-A-L, E-L, the best friend of A-D-A-M from N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L city.’

Karen’s eyes widen, before the door to the townhouse opens, Adam rushing down the steps with his father only a little slow to follow. Adam rushes up to her, jumping into quickly opened arms.

“What are you doing here, Kara? Is Kal-El here too? I thought Opal City was ages away from National City!”

“It is, but I took an aeroplane. It wasn’t that long,” Kara smiles at him, kissing his forehead briefly before putting him down, looking to Harold. “Apologies for showing up out of the blue like this.”

Harold’s hands start to rise for a second, before he drops them, frowning. “Sorry, who are you again? And how do you know Adam?”

“Kara’s Kal-El’s mama, dad!” Adam chirps, “He’s my best friend!”

“That’s right, I’m Kal-El’s mama,” Kara ruffles his hair, grimacing slightly at the gel. “Your mother would have a fit if she saw you like this.”

“Well, Cat doesn’t have custody of him anymore,” Harold starts, angry. “So keep her opinions to yourself.”

Kara eyes him, scratching her neck self-consciously. “It’s more about the mess I’m worried about and of course, so sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. It was just a stray comment.” She walks a little closer, holding out her hand. “Kara Zor-El.”

Harold shakes her hand shortly. “Harold Foster. How did you find Adam?”

“I’m an alien from outer-space,” Kara says in a breezy voice, before glancing at Karen, who now stands in the doorway. Repeating it in ASL, Kara makes sure to continue signing as she talks. “My escape pod had some tech in it that I thought might be useful for Adam and Cat, seeing as Adam’s a little young for letters and Cat, for all her talents, isn’t good at communicating her own feelings through writing or transposing her thoughts to paper in a way that’s plausible for a five year old to understand.”

“…you’re batty,” Harold shakes his head, taking Adam’s shoulder. “Come on, back inside, Adam.”

“No!” Adam starts, before Kara sees Karen start to sign.

‘What planet are you from?’

‘K-R-Y-P-T-O-N. So is K-A-L, E-L. He is my cousin but I adopted him. His pod arrived later than mine did.’

Karen stares at Kara pensively, before doing something that causes Adam to jump and yell in fright. Kara abruptly feels relief at the sight of ridged skin and elongated eyes, a bright purple against dark skin.

‘Hail, last daughter of K-R-Y-P-T-O-N’, Karen signs, before bowing her head. Kara curtsies, waiting until Karen had brought her head back up to sign again.

‘C-A-T misses her son. May I have permission to give him a communication device?’

‘If H-A-R-O-L-D agrees’, Karen nods again before returning to human form, skin morphing and melting into dark, coppery flesh, purple eyes turning olive.

“Karen’s an alien?” Adam questions, staring at his step-mother in awe. Harold lets him wander up to her, Adam poking Karen lightly before signing several questions in a row.

“You want to give Adam something?” Harold mutters, Kara nodding with a hum, taking it out of her bag.

“I’ll need it back in a few years, but otherwise, it should only let Cat and Adam see each other and talk to each other, like a television and phone put together.”

“Oh,” Harold takes the silver device delicately, eyeing the screen with trepidation. “I’ll assume we’ll have to keep it hidden from…guests.”

“It’s Kryptonian technology, so yes. Don’t let anyone but you three touch it. I’ve put some safeguards on it. Cat and Adam don’t live in different time-zones and while it’s not any trouble on my part to adjust it, I’ve made it so they can only have conversations between six pm and seven thirty. Cat will get a password to let it go on longer or earlier, as it were and I’ll give you and Karen Adam’s one.”

Harold meets Kara’s eyes, “This is a weighty gift for your child’s best friend and his mother.”

Kara beams at that. “Adam’s family. Cat and I are soulmate – or at least, Cat’s mine and I really, really, really like her anyway.” She bounces a little in thought of how Cat had reacted to finally being presented with the communications devices. “Is Karen your soulmate too?”

Harold softens, smiling a little. “Yes. Yes, she is.” He taps the communication device. “I’ll assume Cat will call tonight?”

“Yes. Just touch the screen to accept the call – green triangle. The orange circle beneath it cancels it. You can also send typed messages, so if you have surprise visitors you can tell Cat without calling her. There are other things too, but I think I’ll let you all figure them out.”

“Thank-you. Adam’s missing his mother greatly,” Harold glances at a passing biker, tucking the device in his suit jacket. “Adam isn’t very good at goodbyes.”

“I know. I’ll say hello again on the call tonight.” Kara nods before waving briefly at Karen, floating upwards before speeding up into the clouds, feeling a certain joy at Harold’s awed gasp.

Going home, Kara sits with Cat later, when they call Adam. All three of the Foster’s greet them when they appear on the screen, Karen in true form, to Cat’s shock and then close interest.

“Kara, nothing bad meant by it, but you’re rather humanoid in comparison to Karen – she’s absolutely beautiful, in all her glory,” Cat says, before Kara coughs lightly and motions to Karen on-screen, who knows exactly what she said because of the type that runs across the bottom of Adam’s device.

“Stop trying to steal my wife,” Harold bemoans, before Kal-El and Adam start up a rapid conversation in Kryptonese, to Kara’s raised eyebrow.

Cat has dinner with them on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes, breakfast on Monday morning before she goes to CatCo. Her business is flourishing and the money that Martha invests in her is put to good use, fortune smiling on them. Cat’s empire expands and Kara watches her with admiration, helping her stand when the pressures seem too heavy to hold and continually putting smiles on her face.

The first time they kiss is on Adam’s sixth birthday, to the flash of Karen’s camera and Adam, Kal-El and Harold’s fake puking.

To Kara, the love she holds for Cat feels like Rao itself, a red sun that envelopes her even when Cat’s not around. When she tells Cat how she feels in a spiel of unprompted, seductive poetry, Cat whispers that she feels like the moon, that Kara shines to reflect the best parts of them both. One of the biggest decisions of her life – giving up Adam – has turned into an opportunity because of Kara. Adam’s life will be happy and full of sunlight, with a happy home and not just one, but three mother-figures alongside his father and best friend.

Kara gets picked out by an art critic during the National City University gallery, showcasing the Fine Art students’ works. Her style intrigues them, as it always does to those that first see her paintings and sculptures. Vast paintings of the skyline of Krypton, some beautiful, some devastating, fill giant canvases. The best work of hers in the gallery is of what she saw the day her pod flew away, Krypton blowing up in front of her eyes. Every time she looks at it, she’s brought back to the day it happened and she can’t breathe.

Other things – portraits, people – give her closure. Her mother and her aunt, Lara, clasping hands and smiling, heads pressed together on the day that Lara has married her uncle, Jor-El; her aunt, her face hidden even as she points up to an alien sky, teaching her constellations; her father, wisps of hair pulling away from his head as he leans over a computer, fingers trailing over designs and maps of Krypton’s underlayers. Everything is a reminder of her home’s demise, every single thing – but immortalising her family in oil and acrylic is…

Closure. It’s closure.

The art critic recommends her on various platforms, admiring her portraits but completely gushing about her alien sculptures and landscapes. Kal-El giggles when she shows him that comment, the use of ‘alien’ so apt that even Kara can’t help but crack a smile.

Her subsequent gallery opening brings more than just casual observers because of them. Within a month, Kara is being photographed by CatCo photographers, Cat’s little newspaper, The Tribune securing the rights to her first interview and pictures. It bumps her up in the world and Cat is both proud and adoring of her, each for their different reasons. Kal-El personally mails a copy of The Tribune to Adam, who wows over the fact that Kal-El’s mom is in a magazine.

Karen and Kara have a private conversation later, talking about each of their homes. Much like Kara, Karen escaped from her dying planet, but instead of natural implosion, it was destroyed because of a war – one that stole her voice as a child.

The side that wished for power used chemical weapons. One sent me into a deep sleep and I was injured in the rush to get away from it – someone stood on me, I think. My mothers and father never did explain it to me properly. I was very young.

Kara signs back her condolences, just as Karen does.

By the time Kal-El and Adam are finishing middle school, Kara is far more famous than she should be and has painted enough of Argo City and all the planets she’s visited that her other memories lose some clarity. Only, when an alarm blares far, far louder than she ever expected from her pod does Kara rush to it, mechanical beeps telling her that the hack – the hack that makes to take manual control of one of the pods in the Phantom Zone – has finished.

“Holy Rao and Krypton,” she whispers, before taking Cat’s communication device and getting to work. She plugs it in, rewires it as quickly as she can and ignores normal protocol, taking forceful control over the other pods.

Soon, type is scrambling across the screen, written in a computer language that Kara barely recognises but eventually has to, as the writer waits for a reply, even providing her with a key. Kara doesn’t know what else to do but reply, blood running cold as she comes to understand who is driving the hacked mystery pod.

I am a prisoner of Fort Rozz, known by the designation, Brainiac 8. Who are you?

Who’s in the pod? Is Kara’s reply and the holo graphic she gets breaks her heart, because- because no. No, no, no, no, no-

“Aunt Lara.”

For, inside the pod, in deep sleep, is Lara Lor-Van.


Felt like doing a racially-accurate Marinette fancast (I’m so afraid she’d get whitewashed if they ever did a live-action adaptation, and I think it’s so important that we as a fandom keep her ethnicity in mind), so here’s a quick one:

Jessica Henwick as Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

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for-lack-of-a-better-world  asked:

19, 20, 41 :)

19: Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?: I won’t lie and it will sound mushy, I don’t care but I thought I’d warn you, my fiancee @childofmorrigan I am always happy to see her even though she lives with me. When she comes home from work I am happy, when we get on the same bus home I am happy to see her and even when I wake up in the morning and get morning hugs I am happy. Also, Ardyn. He my fictional husband.          
20: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?: Probably about OCs I have, likely Sucellos or Angelo aha.     

41: Do you think age matters in relationships?: I think if it means someone is in danger yes, if someone is under age then yes. But If you’re 21 and want to date someone 40 that is your choice. If you’re 23 and want to date someone that is 15 you need to check why you want that and why you cannot wait for them to be of age, I mean feelings are feelings and emotions can cloud your judgement but that person is still a child and you are an adult… so.               

ask meme, thanks friendo!,
Yogscast Musical
  • So, Ceranovis and I were talking... And this happened. Thought I'd share.
  • Ceranovis: mmm
  • Ceranovis: I'm just imagining a yogs musical
  • Ceranovis: I bet it'd look a lot like Grease for some reason
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles laughs!
  • Sunshine Skittles: I don't think it would be so bad thought to be honest
  • Sunshine Skittles: You'd just have to be very careful with musical choices
  • Sunshine Skittles: I mean
  • Sunshine Skittles: People love diggy diggy hole
  • Sunshine Skittles: XD
  • Sunshine Skittles: Or How do I craft this again
  • Sunshine Skittles: Or modding api
  • Sunshine Skittles: :P
  • Ceranovis: It wouldn't HAVE to be bad. But. I just want it to be like on the same level of that one vid they did where Xephos was dressed as riker with a fake beard and all that
  • Ceranovis: Because yogscast
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles snickers.
  • Ceranovis: Oh man, just imagine Rythian having like an over-dramatic solo
  • Ceranovis: Or Strife
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles laughs!
  • Sunshine Skittles: (heart)
  • Ceranovis: They've both got such deep voices
  • Sunshine Skittles: Strife has an evil business man song
  • Ceranovis: asjhsioldfhs
  • Sunshine Skittles: But spends it planting flowers
  • Sunshine Skittles: and petting animals
  • Sunshine Skittles: :)
  • Sunshine Skittles: LOL
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kelsey said it would be like the villain in the muppets movie
  • Sunshine Skittles: tex richman
  • Ceranovis: hehe
  • Sunshine Skittles: I picture rythians being very brooding
  • Sunshine Skittles: But like...
  • Ceranovis: Rythian pulls out the smoke machiens and all
  • Sunshine Skittles: the sun keeps ruining the dark atmospher...
  • Sunshine Skittles: or a rainbow shows up behind him and he just cuts off mid song. "Oh come on!"
  • Ceranovis: Zoey is on the rainbow
  • Sunshine Skittles: (heart)
  • Sunshine Skittles: Brief flash/uber zoom to her and the nyan cat song
  • Ceranovis: lol
  • Sunshine Skittles: Parv has the true villain song
  • Sunshine Skittles: And its oddly sexy
  • Ceranovis: yeaaah
  • Sunshine Skittles: and makes you want to do horrible things
  • Sunshine Skittles: ...
  • Sunshine Skittles: And like there is a cut at the end staged just after the song of him and will in bed together... because will just couldn't stop himself
  • Ceranovis: sfnkldnzv
  • Ceranovis: PLEASE
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles giggles.
  • Ceranovis: Evil seducer Parv is my favourite thing ok?
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yeah
  • Sunshine Skittles: Evil seducer parv
  • Sunshine Skittles: I always picture that parv coming out
  • Sunshine Skittles: only when he's high on blood magic
  • Ceranovis: mmm
  • Sunshine Skittles: And its dangerous and I love it
  • Sunshine Skittles: Lying sings a lullaby that somehow sounds absolutely terrifying
  • Ceranovis: Dangerous men with smooth words are the best kind of awful
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yes
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yes please
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kirin has a tiny song from before he changed his affinity "rain rain... go away..."
  • Ceranovis: daaaw
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles giggles.
  • Sunshine Skittles: Honeydew, xephos, and lalna will be our "heros"
  • Ceranovis: 3 stooges, more like
  • Sunshine Skittles: Xephos has this big song about bravery or somethign and its just ruined by honeydew falling on him just at a big impressive part of something. Oh. Digging up from the ground under him.
  • Ceranovis: hehe
  • Sunshine Skittles: Lalna gets to be the opening number singing about science and all the good stuff it can do, but with some lyrics that make you tip your head and be like "did he just" because he mentioned something evil you could do with science, and at the end there is a "minor" explosion
  • Sunshine Skittles: I feel... Like this should be shared with the fandom...
  • Sunshine Skittles: Because its beautiful
  • Sunshine Skittles: Hat films: "Anything you can do I can do better"
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sips is singing about dirt and it turns strangely sexual near the end and you wonder how much he loves soil
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kirin has a reprise at the very end, like an after credits thing "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain~"
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sjin sings the sad love sick song
  • Ceranovis: I love anything you can do. perfect.
  • Ceranovis: Sips sings about dirt and then Sjin joins in and it gets dirt-y
  • Sunshine Skittles: ^That