when the boys are sick i bet jeonghan’s all like “aww poor bby I’ll make you soup and do you want painkillers? just call me if you need anything” while jun is probably like “drink the fucking medicine u lil shit”

Set Reaction to Hearing You Sing

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He be pretty amazed and just get lost in listening to your voice. Although he doesn’t know you, your voice still was lovely to hear and he’d want to stay to just take in your voice. He might even just tell you, compliment/talk to you if he was that confident and so amazed by your voice. -Joshua, woozi, Hoshi, Seungcheol

He would think your voice is beautiful and though he wouldn’t stay, he’s just stand there for just a moment, listening to your sing before leaving. The rest of the day, it would be the only thing he’d think about- Vernon, wonwoo, jun, minghao,

He’d do about both. Your voice was angelic to him and he did tell you that. He might not stay as long but would talk to his friends about your singing. -mingyu, Dino,

He’d want to join along while listening to you. The song that you sang really complimented your voice. Though he liked hearing you sing, he thought singing a duet was nicer. -seungkwan, dk, jeonghan

Joshua & Vernon reading/translating live comments for SVT members:

VERNON: they’re saying that woozi hyung is cute…
JOSHUA: they say that they love us~
VERNON: *starts reading an english comment* mingyu makes my ova– (the comment was most likely “mingyu makes my ovaries explode” HAHAHA)
JOSHUA: *cuts off vernon jUST IN TIME* NOOOOO!!!
VERNON: ?! oh sorry sorry