PLSK: Experiment

So here’s something that chronologically happens before the other two things I’ve posted, so you can get an idea of what’s going on with Moo-yul on the rooftop in case I never finish writing the third part of that arc. 

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Experiment - 1361

Chi-hoon and Moo-yul manage to have another traumatic Winter Break.


None of them were breathing. Only two of them were alive.

“Dammit, Chi-hoon… He’s dead.” He could see that. “They’re both dead. What do I do?”

His ears were ringing from the piercing gunshots and it buzzed dizzyingly through his thinking. He closed his eyes to concentrate.

He had considered stopping Moo-yul from pulling the trigger a second time but in that split second, he entertained the rationale that this way was probably better. It prevented further casualties, just like last time.

He considered the other body lying just three meters from them. It was fortunate that it was December and they were both wearing gloves.

Everything was still when their eyes met. It was another one of those moments when they didn’t need words to communicate.

Moo-yul pulled himself from the ground and carefully positioned the revolver in the other body’s hand.

The police would find two gang members, two pistols, and two bullet holes. They would not find the two boys that were forced into a failed hostage situation that created those two shots in the bodies.

Making sure that the main street was deserted, they quickly fled the scene and made it as if they had never been there.

The problem was that Moo-yul would never forget that they had.

As for himself, he would never forget the slightest trace of a smile that flickered across Moo-yul’s face when he pulled the trigger a second time.

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PLSK: Glitch

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Glitch. 523 words.

Mi-reu gets jealous.


It was finals week and he may have been a little high but that still didn’t explain what he was seeing. Those two usually studied together, made plans together, talked about who knows what together, but he had never thought finals stress would lead them to do this together.

He wanted to convince himself that it was a glitch but he knew all too well that his CCTV footage didn’t lie to him like it did to the teachers. And he was definitely not that high.

A smile did not dance across his face like it normally did when he was unsure of how to react. It was good that he was alone so he didn’t have to force it.

He shouldn’t care. He almost didn’t. The fact that it was Moo-yul wasn’t even the part that bothered him. Even the fact that this clearly wasn’t their first time didn’t matter either.

It was the way that Chi-hoon kissed back.

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persimmoans-deactivated20140309 asked:

hi~ i came across your reply to an anon about youngjae and eunsung and i thought it was very insightful! i'm very interested on your take of the characters, especially the future relationship between mooyul and chihoon. (i have a future fic in the works hurrr) what do you think will happen?

I can’t tell you my take on every character because that would be so long and I have SO MANY FEELINGS~ So feel free to ask me about specific reasons or characters.

I have a small problem getting into the character Moo Yul, he’s a bit of a try hard and they kept dropping hints that he might get interesting, but it fell right before he got to that point. I definitely think that there were alot of hidden resentment toward Chi Hoon, Chi Hoon just naturally took charge not because he wanted to command, but because he would make the decisions that seemed logical and should be done. In doing it he can’t really see that he was stealing Moo Yul’s thunder. People trust Chi Hoon’s decisions over Moo Yul, because the kids probably think Chi Hoon is not only smarter, but also wouldn’t let personal feelings and bias get in the way. Chi Hoon seemed to at times genuinely see something good in Moo Yul and want to help him, but the way he did it only upset Moo Yul more.

Their future relationship will probably be Moo Yul actually looking at Chi Hoon as an actual human and not as an emotionless competition and entering into a semi-friendship based on mutual respect. Moo Yul seems like a character who would go all “I’m a monster, don’t look at me” to everyone in the aftermath (OH PARK MOO YUL) and hopefully Chi Hoon and everyone else would treat him in a “oh shut up, you’re the same boring Park Moo Yul” manner.

I’m sorry that I can’t give more insight into Moo Yul and his relationship with others…I had a hard time with him (sorry!)