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Jeon So Mi: In JYP, you can’t date for three years.  It’s been one year for me, but I’m a bit at a loss.

Sung Si Kyung: It should include your [IOI] activities.

Pinky: I’m aware that it’s three to four years for me.

Sung Si Kyung: Each of you, just do whatever you want.

I-Magazine Fashion Face Award Year 2016 - Asian Male 

#1 Lee Gikwang (Korean actor/idol)

#2 Jackson Wang (Korean/Chinese idol/entertainer)

#3 Park Chan Yeol (Korean idol/actor)

#4 Daren Wang (Taiwanese actor)

#5 Choi Seung Hyun  (Korean idol/actor)

#6 William Chan (Chinese actor)

#7 Keisuko Asano (Japanese model)

#8 Mario Maurer (Thai model)

#9 Lee Dong Wook (Korean actor)

#10 Mong Jong Hyun (Korean actor)

#11 Dylan Kuo  (Taiwanese actor)

#12 Hwang Zitao (Chinese singer)

#13 Ray Ma (Chinese actor)

#14 Choi Min Ho  (Korean idol/entertainer)

#15 Ka Chen Tung (Taiwanese actor)

#16 Choi Si won (Korean idol)

#17 Lee Soo Hyuk (Korean actor)

#18 Soo Kang Joon (Korean actor)

#19 Park Bo Gum (Korean actor)

“She Was Pretty is the only drama I will never finish. I know the male lead is supposed to be a jerk but the hatred had me ranting into the night. My SLS was strong, Siwon’s endearingly layered performance made me so happy but I knew she wouldn’t pick him. All I’m thinking is, you are really gonna support this harmful relationship over one where the guy was Interested in her no matter what and was upfront and painfully honest with his true feelings rather than being needlessly aggressive and withdrawn.”

me at school: “when I get home, im catching up on all my work and finishing assignments" 

 me as soon as I get home:





I’ve been searching some actors for my Voltron fan cast and here are some choices I couldn’t choose coz they all look perfect in each characters jsfhsjahf.;

Anyone help me? ; 7 ; The names of the actors are in each descriptions and GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND if you want to know their infos or whatnot XD

And yes you noticed that I only have few choices for Hunk because finding young Polynesian/Hawaiian/Samoan actors is SO HARD and I need some suggestions from you guys especially for those who lived or have experienced in Hawaii/Samoa/Polynesia Islands. You can also suggest more actors from other characters AND I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT. <3