choi saeran

Alt. Version of Unknown

After seeing the original concept art for Unknown, I decided to test out for myself how different he would have looked had Cheritz decided to go with it instead of our green eyed, white haired cutie.

Big difference eh? Though it’s adorable to know this is what Saeran should have looked like had he grown up “normally”. I think our boy is beautiful either way.

I want to scream at people who are so ignorant to the plot of mystic messenger. I’m so angry that people BASH cheritz for turning Mystic Messenger into a really well written, majestically thought out game! Especially for the April Fools DLC - it was absolutely brilliant!

PEOPLE, YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE FISRT TWO CHERITZ GAME TO UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON!! I can’t stress his enough. Dandelion and Nameless, the two games that came BEFORE Mm explains how WIZARDS are the ones that created the world the characters live in. Would you like a deeper insight to the game? Should I explain further? Because if I do I might start a war. But if one of my followers reblog this and wants to know more then imma go all out on the theories.


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