Do you ever look at your crush, bias, or someone you really admire and think, “I may never end up with you, but I hope you can find someone who gives you more joy and love and comfort than I ever will”?

Dating Youngjae would include:

request by anon: can you please do like a list thingy about what dating Youngjae would include…..pweaseeee…. 

a/n yay!!! requests about my bias omgggg maybe I’ll do all the members if you guys like this one?

  • Taking Coco for walks
  • Eating popsicles on hot days
  • Holding your hand in his pocket on cold days
  • Karaoke
  • Correction* SLAYING karaoke
  • No, seriously you’ll always be singing together
  • Lots of blurry selfies
  • Lots of pics of you and Coco on his phone
  • Kisses you holding your face in his hands
  • Laughing ™
  • Literally All the time  
  • Always asking if you’re okay
  • Smiling while you make out
  • You being the honorary sister of GOT7 (because they all frikin’ love Youngjae)
  • Getting embarrassed when you kiss him in front of the members
  • You calling him ‘my sunshine’
  • Him calling you “my sky’
  • Singing your favourite songs to you
  • Meeting his family early on
  • Rarely fighting because you can read each other like a book
  • If you do it’s usually a miscommunication or small built up arguments that lead to one big one
  • When you fight he always cries
  • You’re his world
  • You talk it out through tears “I can’t lose you.
  • End with a long heartfelt kiss
  • And cuddles
  • Speaking of cuddles…
  • He would always want to cuddle with all the lights off and humming you to sleep
  • And…Running his fingers through your hair a million times
  • Nervous giggles the first time you make love 
  • ShOoo0k by how beautiful you are
  • Spooning and kissing your back after you finish
  • Breakfast in bed tradition on Sundays if he’s home
  • Being his best friend
  • Random English
  • This is Youngjae and ______ class” 
  • Playing the piano for you all the time
  • Hitting each other when you laugh
  • Hurting everyone’s ears
  • Getting caught kissing by his brother in the apartment 
  • Him blushing like a tomato 
  • Subtle couple clothes 
  • Eye to eye smile every time he sees you after being away
  • Not taking his eyes off you 
  • Because he doesn’t want to waste one second with you
  • Shy caresses 
  • Soft, intimate and romantic sex
  • Talking late into the night 
  • About everything
  • and nothing 
  • all at the same time
  • Trying to teach you how to play video games
  • If you start getting good he will not hold back
  • well…maybe he’ll let you win once or twice
  • but will say he tried really hard
  • Small presents and surprises
  • Like a chocolate under your pillow
  • Or a small sticky note with cheesy lyrics on your mirror
  • Writing so many songs about you
  • Knowing you’re the one quickly
  • Not wanting to scare you off by being too intense about his love for you
  • Says I love you though like 20 times a day
  • planning your future together in his head like everyday 
  • Trying to plan how he’ll ask
  • he wants it to be perfect
  • as perfect as he thinks you are
  • After you date for like 3 years ( and he feels you’re ready) he’ll propose:
  • he’ll take you to the park
  • where he first confessed to you
  • He’ll tell you he loves you and then,
  • he’ll pull out the ring and say…
  • “From today and every day after.


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I know I’ve said it a million times but… man, I love Got7. They make me forget my life for a little while, and they make me so incredibly happy, even when I don’t feel like smiling. Like… idk man it’s gay and whatever but I really, really love them with every single fiber of my being. They are the light in my too often dark world. I love them with everything I’ve got.