choi woon young


We have found our very new ‘Choi Young Do’, K-drama fanatics! 

Meet Hyun Tae Woon: 

  • Rich
  • Bratty
  • Rude
  • Arrogant
  • Cute smile, damn! those smirks
  • Knight in the shining Armour for our feisty female lead
  • Loves his bike
  • Troubled teen who has a bad relationship with his rich dad and long lost BFF 
  • and yes! he has dry humor and chocolate abs too.

However, unlike Choi Young Do, Tae Woon-ah is the main lead, so rejoice! 


Dad only needs you guys.

{Reaction} F(x) calming your anxieties.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the gifs/images used.

Song Qian/ Victoria

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You had been very nervous about your debut in your first ever idol band, and Victoria, your loving girlfriend, would take it upon herself to make sure you feel a lot more at ease and calmer. To help you with your nerves, she would offer advice and shower you with affection. The day before your debut is released, she took you out on a date to the beach to mess around and take your mind off the anxiety even for a little while.

Victoria: “Look at me {y/n} I’m dancing on the wall! Dance with me~”

Yoo Il Woon/ Amber

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Amber would be very supportive of you when she finds out how anxious you really are about your first ever interview. She made sure to soothe you with words before you went on live stage before taking her place in the front row of the audience to support you as best as she possibly. She spent the whole interview smiling at you, waving and clapping and laughing in all the right places. She felt a blooming pride inside of her as you made it through with confidence and met you backstage afterwards to congratulate you. 

Amber: “What did I tell you? You were amazing! No need for all those nerves when you’re so naturally awesome!”

Jung Soo Jung/ Krystal 

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Since she’s so busy with her work scheduled that she couldn’t make it to your first ever photo shoot. She feels so awful as she knows how nervous you’ve been about it but she does everything she can to make you feel much more at ease by giving you tips and making sure you’re aware of the procedures and how easy it all is. On the day of the photo shoot she called you from her dance practice to give you one final support.

Krystal: “You’ll be fine! be confident! I believe in you and I bet the pictures will come out so beautiful. Just remember I’ll be waiting for you at home later with a bubble bath and a cup of your favorite tea and freshly washed pajamas, ready for our cuddle movie night!”

Choi Jin Ri/ Sulli

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Sulli wouldn’t miss your first liver performance for the world. She knows how stressed you’ve been about it and therefore makes it her mission to ensure she is there to support you all the way. Even though it means cancelling a dance practice, she still makes it and give you all the hugs and kisses she possibly can before you go on stage.

Sulli: “Be yourself, you’re beautiful and they’ll love you! Enjoy it, that’s the most important thing~”

Park Sun Young/ Luna

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Luna would know understand your anxieties about your first ever interview for a major role in a drama and would bring it upon herself to make sure that she gives the nest support she possibly can on the lead up to it. She helps you by going over your lines and giving you advice on certain parts. On the day of your audition she takes the drive with you and gives you one final kiss and a piece of advice before you go in.

Luna: “Flash them a smile that will make all your secret admirers weak at the knees.”

{y/n}: “I doubt I’ll have any secret admirers, Luna”

Luna: “Act like you do, {y/n}. That’s information every beautiful person should know. Now, blow them away. I love you~” *One final kiss before you’re called in.*

{Reaction} F(x) when you kiss them and then move away quickly

i just discovered your account and its soooo good !!! can you write an f(x) and exo reaction where you lean in to kiss them and then move away quickly in a teasing manner!? that’d be so cute 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Note: I know you asked for EXO and F(x), but I’ve just done F(x) for now since I write a lot of EXO content and writing for other groups is fun! I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to request sweetie!~ Fighting 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Song Qian/ Victoria

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As you pulled away, Victoria groaned, pouting cutely now that she had been denied of the kiss that she so desperately wanted. But she didn’t stay pouting for long, no, this girl was on a mission.

Victoria: *Pulls you back by grabbing your wrists and presses per hips against yours.* “Sorry Jagi, you’re not getting away from me that easily.”

Yoo Ill Woon/ Amber

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Amber gave you that ‘really?’ kind of stare before grinning when she saw the challenging and mischievous glint in your eye. She wrapped her arm around your waist confidently before pulling you back in, pressing a kiss against your lips softly.

Amber: *Too busy kissing you to even say anything.*

Jung Soo Jung/ Krystal

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Krystal had been kissing you on the sofa, completely forgetting about the film you had both intended to watch completely. When you finally pulled away for oxygen, you took a few breaths before leaning back in, smirking before pulling away as she tried to press her lips against yours.

Krystal: “Oh, you’re asking for it now, Jagi,”

Choi Jin Ri/ Sulli

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Sulli grinned as you pulled away from the kiss and started backing away from her with a grin too. She jumped up and started running after you. She didn’t have to run for long before her lips were wrapped around your neck, her lips inches away from yours.

Sulli: “I love you Jagiya.”

Park Sun Young/ Luna

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Luna raised an eyebrow as you pulled away, her hands pressing against your shoulders, pushing you back against the sofa and climbing on top of you once your back was finally pressed against the seat.

Luna: “You’re not getting away from me that easily, Jagi.”

{Reaction} F(x) when you get icecream on your nose

Note: I did f(x) because I have written a lot of EXO recently and I wanted to do something a little different {Also I’m always a sucker for F(x) please save me these girls slay me.} I had a lot of fun writing this one, very fluffy (mostly) Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Song Qian/ Victoria

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Victoria giggled as you bit into the ice cream, getting a little on your nose. As you questioned her on why she was laughing, she only giggled more, her eyes lighting up affectionately on her glittering face. When she finally regained her breath, she told you that you had ice cream on your nose before pulling you into a hug.

Victoria: “Ah Jagi, you’re so cute.”

Yoo Ill Woon/ Amber

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Amber grinned as you pulled away from your ice cream, noticing the massive patch of it that was now resting on your nose. She placed a hand on your chin, raising your face to look at hers before she kissed off the creamy delight.

Amber: “You’re clumsy, Jagi.”

Jung Soo Jung/ Krystal

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Krystal had been the one to put the ice cream on your nose. She giggled affectionately as your eyes crossed in attempt to look at the ice cream on your nose. She then shook her head playfully, pulling you in my the waist with her free arm before wiping the ice cream clean off your nose with her lips in a little kiss.

Krystal: “It’s a good job I love you, isn’t it.” *Grinning.*

Choi Jin Ri/ Sulli

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Sulli didn’t notice the ice cream on your face herself until she noticed other people were staring at you. At first, she was getting annoyed because it was obvious you were hers, and she didn’t like others staring at you in this way. But when her eyes landed on you, it became obvious why you were getting so much attention. She burst into a fit of giggles before throwing her arms over you affectionately.

Sulli: “Ah my beautiful Jagiya~ never change, love.”

Park Sun Young/ Luna

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Luna kissed off a little bit of ice cream that you had on your nose without a single suspicion. But when you somehow managed to get it on your cheek, and your nose again she was starting to wonder if this was purposeful. She smirked when she cottoned onto what you were doing.

{y/n}: “Luna- ah, I have it on my lips, I think you need to kiss it off for me”

Luna: “Aish Jagi, now you’re asking for it.” *Kisses you passionately, forgetting about the ice cream left to melt.*