choi woo shik


Attention please! Due to a blockage on our track, we have stopped at East Daegu Station. We should either wait for the rescue team, or we’ll have to reach Busan in another train. As soon as I end this announcement, I will find a working train and put it on left most track. I repeat, left most track. If you’re alive, please transfer safely! Godspeed. 

- Train to Busan; 부산행  (2016)



The Boy Next Door

South Korea // 2017 // 15 episodes

Series based on a webtoon about two 25-year-old neighbors: game production major Park Kyutae (Room 301) and animation major Sung Gijae (Room 302).

If you liked The Lover you’ll be probably be into this, it’s the same type of comedy and “misunderstandings”. But don’t expect The Lover’s ending, this is strictly bromance.