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How much curls are too much ? Just asking

I’ve been thinking a while about how I draw Seven’s hair. He canonically has curly hair, though so many draw him with more or less straight hair. So less curls, more curls ? Where should I stop ? :U

Bonus SAITAMA 707 !!!

  • Yoosung: Hey Saeyoung, I need some dating advice.
  • Saeyoung: Just because I'm dating MC doesn't mean I know how I did it.

just putting this out there
I really don’t give a shit if you like Rika
I know she’s mentally ill
I know she needs to go to a psych ward probably and she deserves mental help and she technically wasn’t “in her right mind” when she did all those things.
But you know what else I know? No matter what, she ruined both V and Saeran’s lives. She caused physical and/or mental trauma for both of them. You can argue that it was unintentional, but it’s true and cannot be denied and the damage has been done to b o t h of them. Saeran and Jihyun are both victims of abuse, just like Rika is a victim of mental illness.

acknowleding their abuse =/= rika hate
I don’t care how much you loved Rika’s character, I really don’t care and you can love her all you want but for the love of God, don’t invalidate the abuse inflicted upon Saeran and Jihyun. It’s there and it’s valid as ever.

ok but Saeyoung Choi is an abuse survivor who blames himself for not being able to protect those close to him, suffers from depression and pushes people away from fear of hurting them, thinks he’s a certified Bad Person and genuinely looks down on and hates himself, and is also a genius working his ass off every single day to make something more of himself so he can finally feel like he’s not the bad guy, and i am very interested in seeing more of that and less one-dimensional memelord shit that everyone seems to think is him. 

Got7 at the grocery store
  • Mark: The minimum effort shopper. Everything in his cart has easy microwave directions or the word "instant" somewhere on the packaging. Buys one bag of baby carrots so he can claim he's eating healthy when his mom asks.
  • Jaebum: The "cool" shopper. Writes a list but forgets it at home, then panics inwardly and buys way more than he needs just in case. That guy who tries to carry 20 bags at once just so he won't have to make two trips.
  • Jackson: The impulsive shopper. Buys a bunch of vegetables because they look good and he wants to eat healthy but doesn't know what to do with them once he gets home. Claims to have a sixth sense for picking the best produce. Buys a bunch of stuff he doesn't need because it was on sale and he can't pass up a deal.
  • Jinyoung: The smart shopper. Writes a list, clips coupons, brings reusable shopping bags. Budgets plenty of time so he can go slowly and be thorough. Counts his change after he gets it from the cashier.
  • Youngjae: The eccentric shopper. Doesn't write a list because he claims he'll remember everything. Spends the whole time walking back and forth across the store as he remembers things he'd forgotten. Sings while he shops, and pauses to say hello to every baby he sees.
  • Bambam: The "mission impossible" shopper. Writes a list, but you'll never see him use it, because he knows all his recipes by heart. In and out in twenty minutes flat. That guy who almost takes someone out with his cart because he turned a corner too quickly.
  • Yugyeom: The freeform shopper. List? Never heard of it. Goes to the store because his cupboards are bare, but won't know what he wants to buy until he sees it. Ends up taking a few hours to shop because he keeps stopping to help short people get things from high shelves.

“Are you asleep yet?”

“No, are you?”


“How about now?”

sleep over with Zen! | Yoosung! | Saeran!

would you shoot your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?
  • seokmin: would you?
  • soonyoung: i'd shoot you and you shoot my leg too so we can have 20 million dollars
  • seokmin: nice
  • seungkwan: would you?
  • vernon: i wouldn't shoot you
  • seungkwan: AWWWW
  • mingyu: would you?
  • minghao: are you even my best friend?

The people saying “Saeran doesn’t need a relationship, he needs help.” are the same people who were begging for the V route to be romantic even though V literally was not in the state to love properly after the manipulative bullshit Rika pulled on him. While I do agree that the number one priority for Saeran should be giving him mental help rather than romance, it’s an OTOME game. which means that if Cheritz decided to make a Saeran route, they would give us one where we could HEALTHILY stick by him while he faces his own demons and show him what real love is, basically the same thing we do for V in his own route. And yeah there’s HELLA people glorifying bad endings and Saeran’s obsession for you in V’s route, I won’t lie, but that doesn’t mean he’s less deserving of a route with romance. V got one despite his trauma with Rika. Mystic Messenger is a DATING simulator, of course people are going to want a route to be romantic. The fuck y’all thought this was?