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sinners like us (saeran x reader, part I)

rating: 18+ (707 route spoilers, suicide ideation)

notes: ah. here it is. the hospital sinfic i’ve been dropping hints about for like two or three weeks. i’ll add a summary when i can actually think of one. um, i’m not going to lie, the intentions here is for this fic to get pretty dark.i think the current projection is 9 to 12 parts and each chapter will have it’s own set of warnings and some may include acts of violence, abuse and sexual content. so please be aware- for that reason this isn’t a fic for everyone, but it is a story i really wanted to tell. so for those of you who decide to read, i do hope you enjoy. < (_ _) >

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My dear anon,

Bless you for bringing this up! With all the emotions coming with the end of Fly Tour, I know that at least I could use some happy thoughts, and seeing more of Youngjae being loved by his members is happiness for sure!! And you are more than correct, my dear anon, about this being such a beautiful example of yet another meeting of the Youngjae Fanclub!

Really, for being only 6 minutes, Youngjae got so much love during this episode, and it’s so beautiful to see! I mean, they literally begin the game portion with Youngjae teasing Jaebum, and while Jaebum whined, complained, and lowkey threatened when Yugyeom and Bambam teased him, his response to Youngjae is… a cuddle attack and tickling??? x

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anonymous asked:

Who would you rather have a relationship with (sexual and romantic): Chris Martin or Choi Seung-hyun?

This??? Is not fair???? I honestly don’t know who I’d choose. Choi gets less sweaty but Chris has such deep songs. But Choi is really into art and he’s so nice and sweet. But Chris is so humble and down to earth. Ahhhh akfwrnlzsdlvnjnrg;nsrg I might be leaning towards Choi