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f(x)'s lalala's & dadada's & nanana's
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Out of boredom, I made a compilation of all of f(x)’s nanana’s and lalala’s and all that stuff, because I noticed they have a lot of those; they’re in chronological order so they don’t really blend that well but- enjoy~ 

(This compilation is literally longer than most f(x) songs, it’s almost 4 minutes long.) 

sment fucked up so hard with f(x). they have so much talent and honestly the best discography. krystal has such a nice voice. luna has amazing power vocals. sulli’s voice is so cute and soft. amber can rap and sing. victoria can dance the hell out of everyone. some of the members can speak multiple languages and therefore appeal to many audiences. they are all beautiful and cute. they can all dance and follow difficult choreo. like what the fuck, they could have been the biggest thing ever. sm, honestly, how do you screw up so fucking bad.