choi si won

me at school: “when I get home, im catching up on all my work and finishing assignments" 

 me as soon as I get home:




I finally gathered all of your votes and HERE ARE THE FINAL RESULTS~ Also SURPRISE WITH THE TWO BONUS CHARACTERS featuring Pidge’s family! <3 Bet you didn’t see that coming. XD

Anyway! I especially thank for those who helped and suggested more actors and I really appreciate it! <3

If you haven’t seen other choices of each Voltron characters, GO HERE!

Fan casting is a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll try it with the villains someday LOLLOL.

“She Was Pretty is the only drama I will never finish. I know the male lead is supposed to be a jerk but the hatred had me ranting into the night. My SLS was strong, Siwon’s endearingly layered performance made me so happy but I knew she wouldn’t pick him. All I’m thinking is, you are really gonna support this harmful relationship over one where the guy was Interested in her no matter what and was upfront and painfully honest with his true feelings rather than being needlessly aggressive and withdrawn.”


It’s not about the mistake she made, it’s about her messing up his head.

Sung Joon to Hye Jin

“Who are you that you keep getting on my nerves? Get lost.

Stop driving me insane by hanging around and get lost.

Don’t show up in front of me again.

You. You’re fired”

The big similarities between Lucky Romance and She Was Pretty that makes this new drama boring.

PS: beside Hwang Jung Eum.

01. The asshole boss

Ugh. Not again. They are rich, genius, charming, workaholic good and famous they are at their jobs. But they have no humanity or respect toward the female leads and their employees. In real life they probably already ended up dead outside after office hours end. Well but of course in dramaland, they will get softer because of looooove. 

02. Hidden childhood trauma 

She Was Pretty’s dude is trauma of rain. Tiger dude is having trauma with camera flashes and water. No worries, they’ll get better with the helping of the glorious love. 

03. Second male lead is adorable yet forever alone

Both are kind, cute and funny. Both accept the female lead just the way she is. Both are actually famous but kinda play around and hide their identities. They won’t get the girl. #awpoorbabies 

04. Typical clumsy female lead

Poor, clumsy, not attractive, a plain big mess, but kind, diligent, optimistic and energetic. How many times has Hwang Jung Eum played this type of character? 

05. The office goal

The Most team must be a rank 1 magazine in a given time or they’ll get closed down. Zeze team must launch the best game in a given time or their business is over. Boom! Anotha goal pleaseeee.