choi si won

“She Was Pretty is the only drama I will never finish. I know the male lead is supposed to be a jerk but the hatred had me ranting into the night. My SLS was strong, Siwon’s endearingly layered performance made me so happy but I knew she wouldn’t pick him. All I’m thinking is, you are really gonna support this harmful relationship over one where the guy was Interested in her no matter what and was upfront and painfully honest with his true feelings rather than being needlessly aggressive and withdrawn.”

me at school: “when I get home, im catching up on all my work and finishing assignments" 

 me as soon as I get home:


It’s not about the mistake she made, it’s about her messing up his head.

Sung Joon to Hye Jin

“Who are you that you keep getting on my nerves? Get lost.

Stop driving me insane by hanging around and get lost.

Don’t show up in front of me again.

You. You’re fired”


Seriously loved the anime and the live action… I don’t read manga, but I may have to read this one. I want to see what happens and it doesn’t look like they are going to make other seasons of either the anime or the live action… :’(