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BTOB’s ilhoon imitates Bigbang’s GD and TOP on their part on Bae Bae.

P.S.: BTOB is a big fan of Bigbang they even sang some of BB’s songs on their BTOB diary. Now I mention BTOB diary, I missed watching them in it…. :( 

Art Museum (TOP Scenario) - Part 8

Part eight is here ^^

Hope you’ll like it~! Enjoy :)

Summary: Meeting him at an art museum was all it took for you to fall for him. What could a future with him in it possibly hold?

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“I…”, Seung Hyun seemed to be struggling with finding the right words to say, “… Ever since you told me about your flirty boss, I’ve honestly felt very jealous”

You sat there listening to his words, afraid of what he might tell you next. You’d been more than aware of how angry Seung Hyun had been because of your… Former boss’ behavior. But, it hadn’t gone past that, right? He hadn’t done anything about his dislike for the man, right?!

“Because of that, I did something I’ve never done before and… I acted without really thinking it through completely”, he said, “… Yesterday, when you were out during lunch, I went to talk to your boss and-“

What?!” you cut in, disbelief growing quickly on your face. What the hell had he just said?

“I know you made me promise not to interfere”, he said.

“Then why did you?” you questioned as anger started to build up inside you.

“I didn’t know your boss has asked you out the day before”, he defended, “and if I had known that, I wouldn’t have been as civil with him as I was… But, my thoughtless action still seems to be the thing that resulted in you losing your job today…”

To say that you were slightly shocked was an understatement. You were shocked, angry and you felt betrayed. He’d promised to not interfere, yet he did it anyway. Why would he do something like that? You’d told him clearly that you could handle it yourself. Didn’t he believe you? Did he think that you were incapable of taking care of yourself?

“Why would you do something like that, Oppa?” you eventually questioned as frustrated tears started to build up, “I told you that I could handle it, but you didn’t listen! Do you know how betrayed I feel right now? You were supposed to be the one man on earth who’d never do something like this to me”

By now, you’d stood up from the couch and were staring down at Seung Hyun as you let your frustrations out. He didn’t say anything, but let you get all of your frustrations out on him as the guilt of what he’d done grew more and more on his face. As you kept telling him exactly how betrayed you felt, the frustrated tears kept on building up.

The fact that he’d broken his promise wasn’t the only reason why you reacted like this. Losing your job again, which meant you’d probably have to leave Seoul and Seung Hyun soon, added to your frustration. Everything just felt so unfair! You’d found the most amazing man on earth; who was now yours. But, despite that amazing fact, your life still continued to slide down towards hell – slowly but surely. What the hell?!

Once you felt that you’d said enough and had gotten everything out, you sat down on the opposite end of the couch; not really feeling like you wanted to be close to Seung Hyun at the moment.

He seemed to understand this and gave you a few moments to cool off. Soon after that, though, he stood up and walked over to the side of the couch you were sitting on. Kneeling down in front of you, he took your hands gently in his. You made no attempt to remove your hands from his, but still refused to look at him.

“I’m so sorry, baby”, he said after a few more moments of silence, “I’m sorry for being stupid enough to do something like that, but… You’re mine and I want the world to know”

His words about you belonging to him made your heart skip a beat. You honestly loved hearing things like that, especially when they came from him. But, you were supposed to be angry at him right now! You couldn’t be swayed by silly words.

“I feel like a complete idiot and, if I could, I’d make it all undone in a heartbeat”, he told you, “I just… I was just so frustrated that another guy was flirting with you and I couldn’t do anything about it”

You were starting to feel tempted to look at him as he explained it all, but you tried you very best to not give in.

“I acted without thinking”, he repeated his words from before, “I’m so sorry for that, baby… Please forgive me”

As you slowly allowed yourself to take in all of the words he spoke, the frustrated tears finally won the war and were soon running down your cheeks. Once you’d processed his words, the anger started to die down in your body and you soon nodded before finally turning to look at him.

Looking at the tears streaming down your face, Seung Hyun carefully wiped them away.

“Please don’t hate me, baby girl”, he mumbled, “I did it because I love you so much and the thought of another guy being by your side drives me crazy”

“I don’t hate you”, you reassured him, “I could never hate you”

The relieved smile that grew on his face quickened your heartbeat. What he’d done wasn’t okay, but you kind of understood why he’d acted like that. It there had been a girl constantly flirting with him, you would’ve probably gone pretty crazy as well.

“But what am I supposed to do now?” you asked Seung Hyun, not even sure yourself if you expected him to actually answer, “I have no job, again, and the money I’ve spent years saving up is almost gone… I’ll have no money left soon and, when that happens, I’ll probably have to move to the depressing town my parents live in”

Seung Hyun listened to you concerns and gave you a reassuring smile once you’d finished talking. He brought your hands up to his lips, kissing them lovingly before looking up at you again.

“I have an idea”, he told you.

“What kind of idea?” you asked, not knowing what to expect anymore.

“Move in with me”, he said.

“… What?”

Had you really heard him right? Had he seriously just asked you to move in with him? But.. You’d only dated for four months and… He… What?

As you stared at him in complete shock, Seung Hyun did nothing but look back at you with a smile on his face and an expectant expression on his face. He was patiently waiting for your answer.

“Are you serious, Oppa?” you finally managed to ask in a quiet voice.

“More serious than I’ve been about pretty much anything”, he told you with confidence, not leaving any room for you to doubt him.

Biting your lip as you contemplated what he’d just asked, your heartbeat picked up slightly. Move in with him? Were you ready for something like that? It was so sudden for him to ask something like that and you weren’t sure if you were really able to give him an answer right now. Didn’t you need some time to think about it?

No, you didn’t.

“Yes”, you whispered.

It was now Seung Hyun’s turn to look at you in complete shock. He’d definitely hoped that yes would be your answer, but he hadn’t actually expected it to be. To ask you so suddenly, right when your life had turned into a mess again, wasn’t the most ideal situation – but he hadn’t been able to stop himself. He loved you, a lot, and wanted to have you by his side at all times. Those four words had slipped out before he’d been able to stop himself.

“Yes?” Seung Hyun chocked out eventually, not seeming to really believe that he’d heard you correctly.

“Yes”, you told him, more confidently this time as a smile grew on your face.

The big smile that quickly grew on his face was one you only had about a second to see, before Seung Hyun got up from his kneeling position and crashed his lips to yours. You responded very quickly and wrapped your arms around his neck; trying to bring him as close to you as possible. With the amount of passion present in the kiss, you quickly became very aware of how happy your answer had made Seung Hyun.

Soon enough, the two of you ended up sprawled out on the couch – with Seung Hyun on top of you. To make a long story short; the night started in disaster, but ended on a very happy note.

And so; with that sudden twist, you found yourself at your soon-to-be-old place a few days later; packing. Seung Hyun had insisted that you’d move in as soon as possible, because he couldn’t wait. It was already hard enough for him not being able to see you every day. Now that you were about to move in with him, he didn’t want to wait until your apartment had been sold.

As you were packing all of your books into boxes, your doorbell suddenly ran. You’d asked one of your friends to bring some of the moving boxes you knew she had lying around – after she’d moved in with her boyfriend a few months earlier. However, you weren’t expecting her to come over for another few hours. Had she gotten off work early today?

Feeling slightly confused, you didn’t feel suspicious whatsoever as you walked towards your front door. It was the middle of the day, after all. What could possibly happen?

Opening the door, the person on the other side made you freeze from surprise and, you couldn’t lie, fear. What was he doing there? What was your ex doing there?

The words Seung Hyun had spoken all those months ago, the last time your crazy and psychotic ex had shown up, came back to you.

If he ever shows up at your door again and I’m not here, call me at once and don’t for a second think about opening the door.

Crap. Seung Hyun would be very annoyed with you, wouldn’t he?

To think that that was your first thought in this situation surprised you a little. As you inspected your ex, you concluded that he seemed to be sober, but the look in his eyes told you that he was not there for a simple and friendly conversation. He had other things on his mind and you didn’t want to know exactly what they were.

All of this rushed through your mind in the matter of a second and, before either of you had time to speak, your body reacted on its own and you slammed the door shut; locking it.

He started to shout your name a moment later, while you did nothing but stare at the closed door in front of you – feeling shocked and scared. When he suddenly started banging on the door, you flinched and took a step away from the door from surprise. Your eyes were still glued to the door.

You’d been aware that he was a complete psycho for a long time now, but what the hell?

The minutes went by as you stood frozen by the door, feeling very scared. Your ex kept banging on the door; shouting that you should open it.

Eventually, you came to your senses and quickly ran into the living room where your phone was. As fast as you could, you called Seung Hyun. You were very aware that he was at work and you also knew that he knew that you’d never call him at a time like this – unless something was wrong. Therefore, as soon as he picked up the phone, he sounded alarmed.

“Baby?” he hurriedly said, “what’s wrong?”

As soon as you heard his voice, the fear that’d been building up ever since you opened the door was let loose and you broke into tears.

“He’s outside”, you whispered as the tears continue to fall.

“Who?” Seung Hyun asked, but seemed to realize exactly who you were talking about a second later, “he’s what?! Baby, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine… I’m just scared, because he’s been banging on the door for the last five minutes now”, you told him, “I closed and locked the door before he had time to even say a word though”

“Okay”, Seung Hyun let out a sigh of relief at hearing that you were fine, despite the current situation, “don’t for a second think about opening the door, you hear me?”

“I promise”, you told him.

You could hear shuffling in the background and it almost seemed like Seung Hyun was running. Having him on the other side of the phone managed to calm you down somewhat, but the persistent banging on your front door still didn’t let you calm down completely. Why did it seem like you always ended up in these kinds of situations nowadays?

“Stay where you are, baby”, Seung Hyun told you, “and call the police”



Sharing this because Seungri is so fk’n adorable that it should be illegal…. He makes me forget all the stress and annoyance in life with his smile and dorkiness!! 

Also, you’ll see some GRi and ToDae in this as well. Anyways, it’s just a cute arse video :P

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Seriousness is boring. It had always seemed an

Easy concept for him, but for others it is foreign, like

Xerox in a modern age, carbon copies of comedy.

Youth and age will not change him; the world is

Teeming with impossible possibilities, strange sights

And stranger perceptions, art and life mixed in one

Brilliant tactile exhibition. So he had never understood how

Indeed anyone could think life was dull - life is art, alive.

TOP and his different way of looking at things. :) sexy-tabi here you go. :)

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