choi seunghyun

Bigbang as shit my brothers said
  • jiyong: *he stole a shirt from my younger brother* this looks better on me anyways and you know it, im the only one who can pull this off
  • seunghyun: *paints a canvas with yellow paint and hangs it on my mother's bedroom* art
  • daesung: *i accidentaly ate his pizza and he sat on the floor to protest* i'm not moving from here until someone tells me who ate my pizza
  • youngbae: i'm going to read the bible because if we keep going like this we are going to hell and i refuse to go down with you sinners
  • seungri: well of course your best friend has a crush on me have you looked at me? im gorgeous

A minute of that wasn’t enough…here’s the link to the full thing :)