choi sehee

For everyone looking for lgbtq representation in kpop, look no further!! 

Choi Hanbit, leader of rookie girl group Mercury and supermodel, is a transgender woman!! Mercury has a new song coming out today (You can watch the teaser here), and it’s really important that we support them.

The four members of Mercury, Sehee, Seoa, Hyena, and Hanbit (left to right), are super nice! They interact with fans over Instagram all the time. I have had all of them reply to a comment of mine at least once, and they also like my posts occasionally on both my personal account and mercury fanpage. 

You can find interviews and mercury-related videos on @mercurykpop ! Please support them!! The more support we show Mercury, the more successful they will be, and they really deserve it. Lgbtq kpop fans also deserve to have an idol to look up to, and Hanbit is more than perfect for that role.

Check out their debut music video below!

hey just a psa if ur a kpop fan or wanna check out kpop pls check out the girl group Mercury’s comeback song Lets Party on the ninth please dont let them be another failed rookie group because the leader of mercury is a trans woman supermodel! choi hanbit! and as a trans korean (granted im not a dmab trans woman but STILL) this is sos so so so important to me pls support mercury and choi hanbit by watchin lets party when it comes out! also thier debut song dont stop is already out and its rly good and edm-y and so is lets party judging by the teaser!

edit: lets party has been relased! check it out on yt!