[From. Min Ho]

오늘도 .. 너무 고마워요 ^^
정말 오늘도 어깨가 ! 저 하늘 위에 있었어요 ~~~
좋은 작품으로 꼭 보답할게요 !
기대 많이 해요 ~~~

샤월.. 은 언제나 나에게..
처음이라서 ! ….

Today.. thank you so much again ^^
My shoulders were really! high up in that sky ~~~
I will repay you with good work !
Please look forward to it ~~~

Shawols.. have always been..
my first time!…

translation credit: @thatcoolcatmeow

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@ haejung_c: 잘 먹었습니다! 감사합니다 ❤️💙💜💛

We ate it well! Thank you ❤️
#BecauseitsTheFirstTime #Minho #ParkSodam #LeeYiKyung #KimMinJae #ChoHyeJeong #Minho oppa’s fans thank you #Hwaiting

translation credit: @Sylvinie89

150904 swj+ update

Q1: How will you take someone out on a date?
Minho: Drive

Q2: In your drive date, what song will you listen to?
Minho: Lucky Star

Q3: On your date you both go shopping! What will you buy?
Minho: Buy each other stuff that suit each other.

Q4: What would you like to enjoy together (with your date)?
Minho: Summer festivals and fireworks display

Q5: If you both went to a summer festival?
Minho: Play games! (target shooting and super ball / scooping game)

Q6: If you’re having a lunch date at home, what would you do?
Minho: Cook food together!

Q7: If you go out on a date in bar overlooking the sea?
Minho: Sit on a table facing each other.

Q8: During your date, what would you eat for dinner?
Minho: High-class restaurant

Q9: On a summer date, which is suitable (for the girl to wear)?
Minho: One-piece (dress).

Q10: If you go out on a date to go to lives?
Minho: We’ll go to an open air (music) festival. 

translation credit: @keihissi


It’s Minho not Meenho