B.A.P Reaction to you/their crush having a fear of love


Even if he wouldn’t be able to figure out your fear completely, he can understand you in some way, since he himself hasn’t the best memories with his past girlfriends. Yongguk wouldn’t force you into anything and would let you time, but at the same time would want to make sure that you know he would never hurt you.

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Himchan would really try his best to understand you, but he simply couldn’t. Of course love could hurt, but most of the time it’s beautiful to have someone you cherish, can relay on and make memories together. If you were really important for him, he would wait, but if not, he would slowly loose interest. Don’t get me wrong, Himchan is a genuine nice and caring person, I just get the feeling he would be hurt a little.

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Even if Daehyun wouldn’t understand your fear, he would act like he would. He didn’t want you to feel like a weirdo for being afraid of love. He would try his best to show you the beautiful sides of love and on what it is based on, If it means he has to wait 10 years for you, it’s completely fine with him. What would break his heart is staying friends. He would see you often and always think back to what could have been.

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Youngjae would be so soft and loving it is incredible. Of course it would hurt him, if you would reject him, but he insisted on staying close friends with you until you decided and you would have to admit, that you are slowly falling for that guy. He would take care of you so well, it would make it really hard of not loving him.

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His 4D side would come out a little. He himself didn’t completely understand the principle of love, but knew he felt it towards you. You understand the principle of love, but feared it. The fact that someone that was important to you could destroy you with a few words or actions didn’t sit well with you. Jongup just would accept it and live with the information like you would have told him tomorrow it would rain. After a bit time would have passed, he would ask you again.

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Junhong would be most likely to understand you out of the six. He himself has a problem of trusting people and a fear of betrayal, what is understandable in the position he was in. Junhong would try to show you, that he really is a sweet guy and that he would wait for you, since he was looking for a woman for life, not just a one-nighter.

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The signs as amazing K-Pop songs/videos to check out~

Aries: a song with a great line distribution

Taurus: a music video that touches on social and political issues

Gemini: a music video that that has actors of different ethnic backgrounds

Cancer: a song with a killer beat with even deadlier visuals

Leo: a music video with hot guys in it that sing and rap real fuckin good

Virgo: the greatest song of 2017

Libra: a music video with a plot that will leave you #shook #shaken and #shaking

Scorpio: a fantastic video by a group with a flawless rap line

Sagittarius: an amazing instrumental with beautiful vocals and hard-hitting raps layered above it

Capricorn: a song by a group that can do every genre and do it well

Aquarius: a perfect song that is sung by a perfect vocal line

Pisces: stan talent