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13 Awesome Female K-Drama Characters We Could All Learn From

13 Awesome Female K-Drama Characters We Could All Learn From

Not nearly often enough in K-dramaland, there are female characters that we wish we could embody, who are bold, confident, strong, and full of energy. Check out this list of 13 incredible females we could all learn a little something from.

1. Do Bong Soon from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”



First on the list is Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), who has the attention of viewers all over the…

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 15

Full circle. Thanks to the help of our friendly neighborhood kids and the merry band of mobsters, Bong-soon and her team find a way to finally stop the psycho terrorizing the city.

The show really missed a golden opportunity by keeping Gook-doo out of the loop for way too long. I understand why the screenwriter did it, Bong-soon needed to expande her world beyond her family and childhood friends; and she wouldn’t have been able to come to herself and her powers if he was around all the time. Especially when it comes to a more personal level since he would have been a third wheel between her and Min-hyuk’s budding romance; so by finally separating Gook-doo from Bong-soon’s world, she could move on.

But today’s last scene was proof that we could have had some really amazing scenes. Min-hyuk’s tech-savvy ways and smarts are the perfect compliment for Gook-doo’s knowledge of the criminal mind and Bong-soon’s physical abilities. And I can’t help but wish we could have seen more of this one or two episodes ago. But then again, would have been as equality satisfying as it is now? I can imagine this trio working together from now to make the world a better place and I’m oddly okay if I don’t get to see it, because I know it’s happening.

At the Do Household… I’m glad Dad finally got the hell out there. I have been keeping quiet about some “issues” that have arise in regards of this show in the form of homophobic comments and domestic violence. I wanted to see how the show was going to work on these in the long run. To be honest, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is far from a perfect show but then again very few dramas achieve that status. My problem with this show it’s that some of the so-called jokes were outright insulting and left a bad taste in my mouth.

So, yeah, Dad left the house and I want to see how the show spins his situation because we all know he is coming back but I believe Mom has a lot of groveling, thinking and apologizing to do. I don’t care she has a good heart or that she doesn’t know how to properly communicate her feelings, she’s still the bully she was when she lost her powers. You would think she should have learned her lesson by now.

As for AinSoft, things couldn’t be better: Secretary Gong had some of the best scenes of the episode and I love his new bromance. Heee! Those two are gold.

Finally, Bong-soon and Min-kyuk really shined today. Not only they have proven to be true power couple (watch out, world!) but I love how their relationship has progressed through the last 15 episodes. They went from complete strangers, partners in crime to friends and finally lovers. And thank you, show, for portraying a couple’s sexuality as a completely natural thing, it didn’t make their relationship any less pure and sincere. I dare say that it even deepen the connection between them.

Now that the baddie is in jail, there’s very few things left to tied up: Will the mobsters rise up again? What will happen between Mom and Dad? What will Bong-soon do from now on with her powers?

Looking forward to the final chapter. And some more kisses! *rawr*

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