choi eun hwan


If I tell you that I fell for you once, would you believe it?
“If this woman became my girlfriend, life would be so fun and happy”.
If I were to say I once thought so, would you believe it?

That’s right. With your power, you’d be able to avoid it.
But don’t avoid it and pay for what you did.
I will wait for you.


In 2015, there is a shabby apartment in the outskirts of Seoul. Four extremely mismatched couples are shacking up before marriage in the old building. A couple who has been around, Oh Do Si and Ryu Du Ri. A couple who has a twelve year age gap, Joon and Mang Goo. Shacking up beginners, fresh lovers, Hwan Jong and Seoul Eun. Finally, dangerous bromance Tayuka and Joon Jae!


Since episode 18 was a collaboration with 1994 and their plot lines completely crossed over with Na Jung and Sue Rae Gi X Bo Ra and Sun Woo, episode 19 and 20 is bound to collaborate with 1997!

In my opinion, when they reveal the entirety of the current Deok Sun and her husband, the person interviewing Deok Sun will be Sung Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) for a drama that she’s writing, since she is a screenwriter (maybe the whole ‘answer me’ series?!) 

Why? because the 2015/16 Deok Sun said that she came out for this interview thanks to her sister introduction. 

And what is Bo Ra’s occupation? She’s a lawyer/prosecutor! Which means she might have connections with Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk)!!! 

Therefore Shi Won could have asked Yoon Jae to ask his sunbae Sung Bo Ra to ask Deok Sun for this interview. Right…?

As for Deok Sun’s husband I actually have no idea. As of episode 18 the most likely candidate is Taek but as Sung Dong Il always says, “It’s not finished until its actually finished.” So…. who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m posting this here on the 10/1/16. I can’t wait for episode 19 and 20 and I’m going to squeal if my theory’s correct!