choi edit

  So, yeah, it’s cursor pack with Seven.  
 (not only static cursors, but also animated.)
 Well… umm.. Hope they’re not crappy.
 You can Download it here.
  Also you can take a look at my edit with this windows95like msngr.

   Let me know if you like/use them, I dunno how. 
  Maybe like/reblog/comment/dowateveruwanna
  Also I may do this sets with other characters, but oh well, who knows.


RFA Magazine Mockups!
{{I also have a Society6 account now!}}

They were supposed to make magazines about the charity parties and benefits lol – i guess everyone did little edits on each other’s covers too hhhhahaha

V’s approval stage:


『 Mystic Messenger x Ouran High School Host Club 』

feel free to repost, with credit! (*^o^*)