Speed-draw of 707. Just the line art. More to come :)

  • Seven: [wakes MC up at 3 am] Hey, MC. Hey.
  • MC: Seven? What's the matter?
  • Seven: Do you like me?
  • MC: Seven, I married you.
  • Seven: Yeah okay. But did you marry me as a friend or-

“From now on we will create new and happy memories together”- RFA to Saeran

Here’s the full view for my piece for #mmletterzine!!readendoftegsforbonusinfoonthispiecewinks

This is a print that I’ll make for a Mystic Messenger Cosplay Cafe event that will happen here in Sao Paulo, in June
I’m drawing all the couples, being this one the first!

Tried the typical “The Fault in Our Stars” pose XD
Colored with SAI because I still didn’t get the pieces for the new computer to use Photoshop (this one is lagging a lot)
I notice that using a program I’m not used to makes me very tired ;__; Oh my

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Angel twins : “Slowly falling into depravity …”

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Dating Youngjae Would Include

Can I request a Dating Youngjae Would Include, pleasseeee? (:

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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  • Prepare yourself 
  • Because handling Youngjae is way harder than you may expect. in a good way, of course.
  • From the way he asked you on your first date, to the date you’re at now, he’s still sweet as ever and treats you in the way that every person dreams in a potential partner. 
  • Skin ship
  • And if there is a part of your body that you don’t like then expect Youngjae to be shocked and will do everything in his power to make you change your mind. 
  • “I don’t really like my hair like this.” 
  • “{y/n}, how many times do I have to tell you that your hair is beautiful?” 
  • He’ll be all for doing couple things with you 
  • Wearing matching styles clothes and shoes
  • Holding hand in public and secret kisses every now and again
  • Looking at you as though the whole entire world has been placed before him. 
  • He’d give you nicknames that are unique to him and make your heart flutter against your rib cage
  • When he’s away from tour, he’ll be the loneliest because he’s without you
  • It’ll seem like he sends you a lot of pictures and messages in the day, but it’s because he just wants to see your face even though it is through the pixels of his phone screen. 
  • Calling you at night before you go to bed 
  • “I’m tucking you in on the phone” 
  • But when he comes back it’s all smiles and cuddles. 
  • Not that he doesn’t love that anyway
  • Hugs all of the time
  • There is never an inappropriate time for a hug in Youngjae’s eyes. 
  • Him being affectionate and the other members teasing him for it
  • But nothing will compare if the other members find love marks or scratches on your bodies
  • Hell will break loose  
  • Youngjae lves his members, but sometimes he likes to spend some time with you alone. Do you know what that means? Road trips.
  • Traveling in a car in various different countries
  • Lots of selcas 
  • Falling in love with new cultures and places
  • All at the same time of falling more and more in love with each other
  • You taking a photo of a landmark and suddenly a pari of arms wrap around you from behind and soft kisses are placed on the crook of your neck
  • So much PDA it’s too cute for anyone to be grossed out. 
  • Him loving to travel but also loves staying at home too
  • Nothing can beat a night in where he can lean his head in your lap and allow you to run your fingers through his hair

At Nighttime

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  • Youngjae loves spending evening with you especially because there are just so many possibilities 
  • If the two of you want, you can spend time with the other members of the group, you can stay in or go out
  • You can stay alone in the comfort of one of your room’s and be reassured with each others company 
  • One of the things that he enjoys doing the most is playing video games with you, because it allows the two of you to be free of stress and any anxieties
  • He also likes to watch movies with you in bed
  • Sometimes he will work late into the night at the studio
  • And it won’t be until you turn up at 3AM that he looks at the time and realises how stupid the time is
  • He’ll apologise and feel bad for making you stay up waiting for him for so long 
  • Intimacy is something else that Youngjae loves with you
  • He loves to see you vulnerable, and for him the same
  • You’re both trusting each other, and there’s something about that which makes him feel warm inside
  • He will be the master of loving, passionate intercourse
  • Leaving breathy kisses on your neck
  • trailing his lips down your body like he owns it
  • The way you moan his name will really make it feel that way too
  • But that’s one of the sounds that he loves the most
  • Then he will love to fall asleep in your arms, or you in his
  • He will press kisses on your face, run his fingers through your hair or sing softly until you fall asleep