Day 205 of the 365 art challenge.

Most of my Pokémon Go team, one week on. Not what I was expecting, I was hoping to have a charizard at this point, but I think that given I live on the Gold Coast, and near a beach, that might be wishful thinking at this point. But I am happy with the team I have so far! We have Chohe the Jolteon, Despoina the Vaporeon, Tiptree the Pidgeot, and Harbinger the Tentacruel. Some people might spot the naming theme I’m going with here ;) I only just added Des and Chohe to the team today, the other two members not shown here are Thessia the Golduck, and an as yet unnamed Dodrio. I think I’m going to end up a water type trainer by the end of this. Tried to do a Steven Universe style background, hope you guys like it!