“We can communicate well. It seemed hard to approach her at first cause she looked cold. Now that we’re close, we talk well and she's cute. I nag to the dongsaengs but I nag less to Naeun. She knows what to do, and does things well and quietly. She’s my dongsaeng but I have a lot to learn. She knows how to maintain, and when she starts to diet she’s amazing.”  –  Park Chorong

[INTERVIEW] Exclusive interview with the boys of 24K (Daeil)

CEB: What are your hobbies?

Daeil: Listening to music.


CEB: Which member has the most awkward habit?

Daeil: Kisu hyung. He has weird exercising habits.


CEB: Which member is the most all-rounded?

Daeil: Cory. He is good at singing, rapping and producing.


CEB: Who is your ideal type?

Daeil: You. <3 


CEB: How has your life change ever since joining 24K?

Daeil: Even though we have been a little busy, I’m still happy.



CEB: What did you want to be before becoming an idol?

Daeil: A singer ^^.



CEB: How has Sungoh changed ever since becoming a reporter?

Daeil: No change ^^. He is always cool <3.



CEB: What is your happiest memory as 24K?

Daeil: We are always happy and will continue to be happy in the future.



CEB: What is your dream as 24K?

Daeil: Our dream is to be the best in the world.



CEB: Name a place that you would like to go the most right now.

Daeil: BUSAN!



CEB: What is the most precious thing to you right now?

Daeil: 24U.



CEB: What songs have you been listening to lately?

Daeil: 24K’s songs ^^. J Rabbit – Nowadays, you are.



CEB: If you had to choose 1 member to be with on a stranded island, who would it be and why?

Daeil: Kisu hyung! He cooks well ^^.



CEB: Many groups have debuted in 2012. Are there any that you are scared of or want to collaborate with?

Daeil: All the groups. If we were to think of them as rivals, we will work better to differentiate ourselves from the other groups!



CEB: If you could become another musician, who would it be and why?

Daeil: BIG BANG! They are very cool!



CEB: What is your inspiration?

Daeil: My whole life and 24U.