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Yo you've got 200 updoots on /r/tumblrinaction

holy shit lol

the comments are all so embarrassing

how do people miss a joke so badly holy shit. arent these the kind of ppl who always talk about “taking things too seriously” ??

SechsKies Throwback 📼

In 1999 SechsKies together with Fin.K.L, were the first ever South Korean Idol groups to perform in North Korea. Four years later (2003) Baby V.O.X and SHINHWA were the second.

But since then, no South Korean Idol groups has ever performed/permitted to perform in Pyongyang.


#HappyDanielDay #12월의_마법같은소년_강다니엘

Happy birthday
kang daniel,
god daniel,
pink haired guy,
kang choding,
kang harry pote,
rooney and peter’s dad
Thigh grabbing dance master
Kakaotalk peach emoji
Choding who never let his jisung hyung live peacefully
To the guy who popped up from nowhere and shookt the entire korea💘

When I saw you performing oneul bam juingeongeun nayana at the first time with pink hair and a beautiful smile, i already lost. Thank you for debuting and for all your hard work. My love, Honestly, witnessing you grow and turn into the successful man that you are now is the most beautiful thing that happened this year. 😭🙆💕 Whichever path you take i will never leave. From Busan to Seoul 💜 you were meant to be an idol. Thank you for entering my life in 2017; ❤️ I’m really grateful to be aware of your graceful existence in this world. Your existence is something to be grateful for. 😘 We are so happy to have you and wanna one 😭💘 I sincerely wish for you to be safe and happy always. Continue to live such a fruitful life, pursuing excellence in everything you do.

Please take care of your health, don’t worry about us, we will wait until you get well be selfish for once. 😊 Get well real soon, Can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again 💘😘

Do you guys know how amazing Eun Jiwon is.. that he has ALL THAT talent stored away for the last 17 years after Sechskies disbanded.. I’m surprised he didn’t explode

and he occassionally puts out bops but IT’S STILL NOT THE SAME! He went to variety making everyone love him as a “character”/person..

He never gave up. Never rested. He’s always in shows, not letting anyone forget for one second that he’s the leader of Sechskies.

Now, he’s out here slaying us all at 40.. unleashing his full power with goddamn good songs along with the people that he wanted to SHINE with since DAY 1.

I am and will forever be a fan. Much respect.