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This is a project I’ve been developing for around a year, and I guarantee its going to be a fun time! I’ve been lurking around the art tags of tumblr, trying to find a ton of artists to ask to join up in the future, but there will always be room for more!

For now here’s a list of artists I love and would love to see in the RPG someday: @birdystark @captainjellyroll @rosallis-t @fireflypixel @pixel-dot-gamer @briskby @qs-art @spoorks @carinesaint-picq @bloomsbury @snaileyart @sanonema @halpdevon @mai-col @jam-campasta @zullianie-loverofall @gaymermell @stevethompson-art @mehringguie-arts @susanarodriguesart @jyemer @thevipersnake @neiropun @coffeeheist @midnigtartist @peroro @sidonievidal @vondellswain @pottretron @thepetitekitty @mustacheelm @k-ayin @flloraleii @terror-in-the-dream @adaughma @wuffen @itsleahelaine @lexxercise @suzannart @bunny-yams @alexaswanson @notxela @s-u-w-i @noa89 @radio-silents @kiddokalnick @frogalicous-art @nilaffle @lazuliro @totorolls @k-eke @heart-pixels @cicidraws @sixtinedano @thaidraws @squigglydigg @mittensmcgee @hoodsandhats @rumwik @kainanh @ljrmr @shroomdraws @adrianricker @uminoc @grey-the-goose-art @alexinatree @vanessamakesthings @mollifiable @jijang01 @gatodelfuturo @fl0werbunn @vivtanner @netamikatze @sad–luck @the-entire-furry-fandom @iguanamouth @jijidraws @drew-green @sahco @japhers @tweekay @tamaytka @lopuiiart @theskywaker @potatchip @smitreen @filibusterfrog @wonderlandcrows @talkingshadow @chuchumi @mindofjen @m-arci-a @ravenwarner @saehral @kianamaiart @waltertle @pettry @ieafy @vellumed @katnissem @orvii @nyxtime @lenislucis @elchenco @cryptidsp00n @quikey09 @stuppidbunny @rinylyn @destiny-hoodie @charmsey @miniludvin @camille-andre-book @lenasayaphoum @ender-the-lezmom @sosinshark @shutupshea @stutterhug @kersenwiek @claracornish @photinus @harveychan @younggenji @z33nz33n @adamvian @cartoonwarlock @jackytheripperart @eto2d @moho-daydreams-and-coolsteams @charcarts @missusruin @regovrso @aishasauce @lydiallama @georgetheblob @eunnieboo @chairosaki @blackyjunkgallery @evaison-art @astropotatoess @jakewyattriot @itekiboro @perennialrosaceae @ghoulhanzo @sock-arts @polywomple @xa-colors @marianascosta @wakaba-chan @heathermahler @iwareos @miyajimamizy @turcafinweart @bucketofrobots @keke-i @ahruon @ginkoseed @routexx @losassen @elioli-art @madidrawsthings @farvann @citrusflan @joe-sparrow @ulyssemalassagne @pluww @saeonim @memedokis @nomnomsandwich @luxatoid @nappotuna @pixelartus @celtis-art @stribird @shadarama @lissabt @smaskvxn @oceaii @shoutscion @8bitrk-d @donnapaella @chocobuh @amalgarn @charamells @ariwannii @pinekid @clock-heart @circadiancrunch @eszart @baconpal @colincake @rabaroo @kouhai-things @tutankart @arinky-dink @catflakesart @chakitmzk@lollibeepop @toskya @thebluepacience @wi-fu @meranda-draws @foxcrusade @f0restleaves @cottontrek @nekurothings @dekuboya @kteacrumpet @insecticidesoap @eleeza @aprilgen @blacklimes @photovoltaick @dc9spot @iyoharn @real-faker @marionbulot @red-pencil @michchuaart @chloe-glow @soupbasechan @rainbowcookiz @inxanityoce @wariogoth @lazylazuli @nuclearmime @puffybunni @boxprize @xylorieren @sjws-against-your-mom @enshi @icamebyunicorn @miupachi @ghostskyee @skyedrawss @dtanova @saracastically @jerinart @fluffysheeps @juliettecousin @agaporae @cubedcoconut @smoochiest @starbats @indifferentsocks @mamazushi @kaypkim @madchrison @baruyon @rokasv @millionfish @lob-0211 @thibaultleclercq @chloevanbe @passerineart @shiyoonkim @grrrenadine @voistly @kikikirikiki @muffywithlove @linkdoodle @therambler13 @candamio @snuffysbox @ryokoo-sha @neuroticbun @itzahann @bailsters-doodles @pavixc @dariabolshikh @shubbabang @pinwheelbunny @stasya-sher @leech-sph @unregisteredcat @bubblu @xnatiix @prongsiedraws @feliville @asterein @oskarstalberg @badlyplanned @najsigt @mrkanman @starrybitz @petaurodoacucar  @angelapanart @ariflorenosos @larapickle @paperclippery @hawberries @hibrid56 @softlybrrahs @novaverseblack @emmyc @anniejang @paulcastera @snovi @namatnieks @thewakingcloak @ofsparrows @blankthevidya @marianaavilal  @bettykwong @krooked-glasses @probertson @chop-fluff @cataxa @nonplayercat @chocosweete @leslierosique @elixiroverdosesc @ocarinia @saintzacharie @splendidland @ursminor @erikaschnellert @caseyrobin @luigil @brittsart @mcsiggy @mimiadraws @maiares @giullyleao @swinsea @devanshe @riu-sen @kamibean @sergle @littlestpersimmon @toffany @fancypigeons  @coffeecakey @zetrystan @pocketpicasso @paperseverywhere @taryndraws @cliobablio @shaburdies @bevsi @ms-redrose @skunkes @almostmaya @mark-usmiani @tubartist @reasonpeason @genicetea @wisba @lulles @lellypad @thefairygodmonster 

in-a-garden-astonished  asked:

So, I've stumbled down the rabbit hole after HTTYD2, and I need an introduction to the fandom - any places/fics/blogs you recommend I start with?

OH WOW that’s a tall order! Okay, prepare for a long post!

First off, let me give you a great big “HI!” on the fandom’s behalf. Happy to see new faces!

NOW onto the huge list of stuff.


I’m sure I’m missing out on some important ones, but I honestly mostly stay on tumblr.


Now, keep in mind, I don’t actually read that much fanfiction. I write a lot more than I read. BUT, here are a few of my very favorites:

  • Logic of Steel by Fjord Mustang: a really great blend of movieverse and bookverse that had me smiling and laughing the whole time, although it has some real substance to it.
  • To Soar into the Sunset: A Night Fury’s Odd Memoir by Fjord Mustang: This has to be one of my all-time favorites. I’ve re-read it like three times. It’s basically HtTYD from Toothless’ perspective, but rather than just retell the story, it adds a whole lot of depth to the characters, and explores some unseen moments. 
  • Hitchups by The Antic Repartee: I mentioned this one earlier. It’s very good, but insanely long. When I said I read it in two days, I wasn’t just reading a little bit at a time, I was literally sitting down for hours with this thing for a solid two days. It’s longer than a lot of novels I’ve read. I will admit that I disagree with some of the characterization, and some parts weren’t really my fav, but the writing and worldbuilding is so fantastic, I’ll ignore my squabbles. Read it and decide for yourself, just make sure you have plenty of time to read.
  • Becoming Lífþrasir by Midoriko-Sama: This is one I found only recently (and that’s saying something, it’s probably the only new fic I’ve read in years), and it’s very good. It is a “what if Hiccup actually left Berk” AU. It uses some ideas that I would classify as tropes because a lot of people use them, but to date, this is one of only a couple fics that have actually pulled them off well, in my opinion. Great characterizations, particularly of Hiccup and Stoick, and features some of the book characters, or reprises thereof.
  • The Past is the Present by almne: this is hands down, my favorite modern au in the entire HtTYD fandom. Brilliant writing is for once not my favorite thing about it (although it is brilliant), because the conceptual ideas, setting, and worldbuilding actually made me giddy and drool. A DISCLAIMER, however: it was never actually finished. The main story arch of the fic is complete, so feel free to read it, but it does end mid-though, if you will, and could be continued easily if ever the author comes back.

…Those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. Unfortunately, I can think of a ton more that I can’t remember the title or author of, because I am absolutely wretched at favoriting/bookmarking/tagging fics that I like. My go-to method of finding good fics without having to wade through the sewage that is the daily fanfiction fodder is to fine a really good story, go to that author’s page, and look through their stories and their favorites. 


Okay, I dearly hope I’m not missing anyone. This is the list of httyd blogs I follow - some are completely httyd content, others are personal blogs with a lot of httyd posts, like me. If I missed someone, it’s probably because while I follow a few other blogs in the fandom, not all of them post a lot of httyd. I tried to keep it mostly httyd here.

The Analysts/writers: avannakhiilikedragonsnefertsukia 

The Artists: jackthevulturetoodledeedookadeartdreamsoffoolsgaltenoble, derpfirebitter-pink, artydeskigusakatkosmotisblack, kiasherria,  blackrose108nightfuerydragodidnothingwrongallonsyraeraelightning-and-death-itself,

The All-Around: qwertyfonz, thehttydblogthebrookeofdragonseretsonoferetpeachdoxiehalleluyall, howtotrainyourbabyboo, shortylegoicelandiceel, justoffravenpointdragontameroutoftimesinging-suppersam-murott, larahorrendoushaddockiiitoothcupfandom,  avatarsarnytroubleinthewarrenvigilantedragonladyguardianofscrewinguphiccupsapprenticehaddockofberkshayna7767fyeahhowtotrainyourdragondreamwurksinhonoredgloryjimikii,

Some amazing peeps who work at Dreamworks: rufftoonchocosweetetherealsvenkris0ten

This is, to my knowledge, the official blog: howtotrainyourdragon