chocos art


Dark Enchantress is a very very evil cookie.

Sorry for the messy sketches it’s getting really late now

So I saw a headcanon for Moonlight cookie made by @mylittlehatsunesonicboom and they mentioned how legendary cookies are like parents and Dark Enchantress has Dark Choco (and Werewolf) as her ‘sons’ and I really liked it because it’s so cute!
This silly thing popped up in my head after a while and I thought that I must draw it
So here you go


i did my otp, my 2nd otp, & ot3 to get the hang of tablet drawing again. very productive this weekend :0!!! i love them so much u guys help

please don’t repost! thank u! ^^)

I was going back and forth on this but i finshed YEAS

and yep thats the paswg au, its fun to draw my bois all fab and fancy//

Red belongs to @shybie ///