chocomel daze

Dinosaur Jr. - "Chocomel Daze"

I recently saw Dinosaur Jr live for the first time a few months ago a block away from my apartment.  It was an amazing experience to see that kind of musicianship and to lose the much of my hearing in one set.  So it was kind of awesome to receive this from Erin for Christmas this year.  It’s a very raw and uncut live recording from in ‘87 in the Netherlands.  And when I say uncut and raw, I mean it.  You can hear the silence in between songs, the wrong notes, and the beginning of the set is almost inaudible because the song guy wasn’t completely set up yet. It’s noisy and loud.  This is by far the noisiest record I own.  This features a lot of songs off of their other album I own You’re Living All Over Me.  The artwork plays off the original artwork for that album. Which I thought was a cool idea. I look toward to blaring this at ridiculous levels and losing myself in all the sound.