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share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Awwwww You’ so kind! ;__; ❤ 


10 facts about myself (omg i don’t know what said) mmh:

1) I love flowers and plants :3

2) I have one lil brother who is on tumblr too

3) I dislike olives 

4) I’m 16 but I look 20 ^^”

5) I love scienze (in particulr chemistry and genetic :3)

6) My dad and I love Ghibi’s movies and soundtracks *^*

7) My hair - as u can see on my icon ^^ - is blonde/brown on the top and red (now it’s more orange xD) on the tips

8) I’m going to my first concert on June :D

9) My first fandom was the Bleach one 

10) I received valentine chocolote from a girl ^^


Thank you for the ask! ❤

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I’ve got stuff to say about this!!

I don’t think any of my followers are surprised that I’ve got stuff to say about this, but guys look! Look at the detail! First of all the ribbon is both neat and pretty while at the same time kinda sloppy too. I’m not good at explaining this part right now.. too excited. Next the note! Ryuu tried writing english for Io, I love how his handwriting just so him!

Plus look at the little chibi Ryuu! It’s canon that Ryuu can draw chibis now! And he added a little cutesy sticker which he put there in way to make it look like a hair accessory! Go kiddo! 

I’m so headcanoning that he made the chocolote himself too! With perhaps some help from his grandma.