The signs in winter

Aries: waiting until its finally summer, but fo real probably eating mince pies or some shit

Taurus: buying christmas jumpers

Gemini: trying to organise christmas, but at the last minute

Cancer: soo manyyyy hot chocolatess mannnn

Leo: playing christmas music OBNOXIOUSLY loud

Virgo: getting ready for a new start, new haircut, things like that

Libra: buying christmas presents, but usually eating all the christmas food before christmas

Scorpio: sitting in their room refusing to go outside in the snow

Sagittarius: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, but gets distracted by the snow and has 50 snowball fights with strangers

Capricorn: making lists of who they need to buy for

Aquarius: getting those christmas clothes ready!! HANGING UP DECORATIONS!! WOW !! SO FUN! WO OW !1!!

Pisces: saving up the 0 amount of money they have for those important to them, cuddling to keep warm