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Dating Scott Summers Would Include…

Originally posted by eavensmusings

  • “hey scott do you think we could tie up peter and do that villain thing where we try and cut him in half? but with your laser beams?” “quick let’s find peter before he catches on.”
  • nicknames like “honey” and “beautiful” while you call him “summers” and  “cyclops” and “babe”
  • going out for a ride on scott’s motorcycle when you two can manage to hijack it back from peter
  • stealing clothes, because what says love more than scott waking up at 3am to find his superman and captain america boxers hanging on the tree outside while you and peter stand under said tree cackling like the grinch on christmas morning
  • “you stink, take a shower.” “i love you too, babe” and “stop stealing my stuff!” “i love you too, summers”
  • “can i try on your glasses?” “…y/n” “oh, right, optic blasts, sorry”
  • lots and lots of cuddles, because damn this boy lives on affection, light kisses and cinnamon hot chocolate
  • movie nights where you insist you watch west side story and scott agrees, because the movie always makes you so happy; he especially loves it when you sing along to the songs
  • movie night where he insists you watch never cry wolf and the superman movies and you agree because you love them too, and also; christopher reeve is damned adorable
  • scott turning up outside your window on days you feel bad with a bunch of flowers and begins to serenade you, waking up everyone in the x-mansion in the process, because, as much as you love that boy, he can’t play a guitar to save his life
  • speaking of uptown girl, to propose scott makse you reenact with him because you both love billy joel, and at the end of it, when you two are sitting on scott’s motorbike, dressed up as billy joel and christie brinkley, he brings out the ring and you end up sobbing
  • “y/n?? you okay, babe” “I’M JUST SO HAPPY” “is that a yes?” “OF COURSE IT IS YOU GORGEOUS DUNCE”
  • games nights where you and scott play monopoly and, after a couple of drinks, end up getting frustrated that instead of playing you blow up the board with scott’s blasts 
  • the most beautiful sex you have ever had, i guarantee it, wether it’s adorable and slow or frustrated and fast, you’ll love it no matter what, and scott would make sure that you’re okay every step of the way
  • watching avatar: the last airbender with him and insisting that you call him ‘sparky, sparky boom man’, you stop after he begins to call you ‘phoenix-king-of-getting-their-butt-whooped
  • “i thought we said we wouldn’t talk about that!” “it’s not my fault you got stuck in a sensory deprivation tank.”