After completion of Day 1/21 Day Challenge. It wasn’t bad but my quads definitely need a good stretch. My butt has lift tremendously, now to continue on my journey to the land of flat abs and fat assdom.

Oh! And I haven’t broken the diet so I’m very proud of me 😁.
(Just realized how much of an ombré chocolate I am 😂😂😂)

anonymous asked:

Hey do you think it's possible to have a great looking body/loose the belly weight if your apple shaped? So disgusted that I'm an apple shape! I wish I was pear!

Chillllll don’t put yourself down like that :|

Its possible to have a great looking body no matter what shape you are!

And it should actually be a bit easier for you to lose weight around your belly. Research finds that the abdominal fat breaks down more quickly than fat stored in the butt and thigh area (ayeee good for you, cause I’m struggling over here lmaaao)

Cardio and high-intensity interval (HIIT) really help to burn fat all over. Aim for 40 minutes, 3 times a week.

Weight training 2-3 times a day would also help tighten up your core.

Stay consistent and try to eat as clean as you can.

Don’t change everything all at once. Go slow and work towards your goals.

Don’t focus on others and don’t compare your progress to someone else. Worry about you! Compare you to you. Beat your own progress and your own records. Its you against you.

Change your lifestyle and start new. And don’t let anyone bring any negativity or negative opinions in your life. Avoid and ignore all unwanted opinions (that’s what I do ^^)

Here are some before and afters of ladies who share the apple/cone body type (heavier/wider up top or around the middle):

Hope this helps love :)