chocolatechip pancake

@mediocre-anime-fangirl : Awww that’s so sweet! Thank you so much! You’ve made my entire life. (: 
Favorite Foods: Star - Thai-chili shrimp / Viena - Chocolatechip Pancakes & Chicken Alfredo / Kitty - any noodle
Favority Flowers: Star - Russian sage / Viena - Forget Me Nots / Kitty - Sunflowers
Chihoko Question 1: We probably will make something related to them in the future. I’ve been really busy with finals and stuff so I haven’t been as active as I should be. You guys deserve better and I’m so sorry the queue keeps running out. I swear, I’ll fill it properly real soon! 
Chihoko Question 2: So, it’s kind of a long story but I’ll condense as best I can. Basically at the Yuri on Stage event they had a scene where all of the skaters were in Japan. Yuuri gets drunk and keeps talking about someone called Chihoko, which makes Victor low-key jealous. Being that Victor is the reigning king of “extra” this means that “low-key” jealous involves him writing on Yuuri’s back, stripping down and climbing to the top of Hasetsu Castle. When Yuuri gets there, he tells Victor that Chihoko doesn’t exist and that there is no one better than Vic. 
As for the fish statue thing? I’m pretty sure that Chihoko is the name of the fish statue. I have no idea but that’s kind of what I’ve gathered from various posts. The scorpion pose is Victor trying to imitate the fish. I think. I dunno, I hope this makes sense, I’m a little tipsy and tired from studying. 

Anyway! Thanks for all of the asks! We love you guys! ~Star


Mug Pancakes! These were absolutely delicious. Thank you so much to aubernutter for the idea!

What you need:

1 Banana

½ cup of oats

1 egg

What to do:

Take your banana and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Mash it into a mug until similar to baby food. Take your oats and put them in a blender, grind until they have a similar texture to flour. Add the flour to the mug and mix. Next, crack your egg and add it to the mug and, once again, mix it all up. aubernutter recommends putting in ¼ of a cup of cottage cheese. I didn’t have any today! So, I added a teaspoon of vanilla and some cinnamon. I also had a sweet tooth after my morning workout, so I added a few semisweet chocolate chips. Put in the microwave for 3 minutes, and bam! Breakfast.

Here is the link to aubernutter’s explanation of mug pancakes on youtube:

Be sure to check out her page, she’s fantastic!



because you’re allowed to do whatever you want on your birthday 😋👑🍨 chocolatechip pancakes with vanilla cream for breakfast 🙌 // #idowhatiwant #25yearsyoung #pancakegamestrong