harry potter rated by references to chocolate
  • philosopher's stone: First introduction into chocolate for Harry after a life with the Dursleys. Harry's first birthday cake was chocolate. + Hagrid gave him a chocolate/raspberry ice cream at Fortescue's. ALSO CHOCOLATE FROGS EVERYWHERE. They are big plot point too! a sturdy introduction: 8/10
  • chamber of secrets: Hermione savagely uses chocolate cake to trick Crabbe and Goyle. But, most importantly, if Dumbledore wasn't getting hot chocolate Colin Creevey would have probably died. proving again, chocolate saves lives. A steaming book for hot chocolate with 3 mentions. decent: 5/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: absolute PEAK. A whooping 27 references. A chocolate reference every 9 pages! Honeydukes is introduced!!! "Hundreds of different kinds of chocolate in neat rows", Slabs and bars galore! + chocolate is canonly used as a remedy for sadness!! chocolate queen™, remus Lupin helps the cause with his generous handing out of chocolate. Also, Pomfrey even provided a boulder sized block, complete with a hammer to collect chunks, ingenious. EVEN THE MINISTER FOR MAGIC insisted on Harry having chocolate! -5 points because Harry says he's sick of chocolate ate the end. Yet, still a solid 11/10
  • goblet of fire: The Fat Lady makes an excellent choice by getting drunk off chocolate liqueurs, a+ example of combining chocolate and alcohol. Ron got some chocolate from Hagrid for having a sneaky lil niffler... the BIGGEST disappointment is Molly Weasley sending Hermione a tiny chocolate egg instead of a dragon sized one like harry and ron because of a Rita Skeeter™ rumour she's with Krum and Harry?? like wtff a grown ass woman almost made a child cry because of their passive aggressive chocolate giving 1/10
  • order of the phoenix: Hermione gave two boxes of chocolate for Harry's birthday, but teenage angst™ harry throws them out. Poor form m8. Also, he has a weird dream about Cedric, Cho and chocolate frogs?? Why bro. Additionally, Harry and Ginny have a romantical moment as she gives him chocolate... Before Madam Pince screams "CHOCOLATE IN THE LIBRARY- OUT- OUT!" Classic choco madness! Overall, a wild ride on the chocolate train. maybe too wild. im going with a 6/10
  • half-blood prince: Romilda Vane tried to spike Harry through chocolate cauldrons -30 points... Furthermore, Tom Riddle kills Hepzibah Smith with hot cocoa and uses that death to make a horcrux. An absolute shocker! Chocolate used to make Voldemort immortal!!! and to murder!!! improper use of a sacred food: -282939399/10
  • deathly hallows: Wow, disappointing. One chocolate card wrapper on the floor, a chocolate card and french chocolate from the Delacours. 3 mentions in 197,651 words. Disgraceful. I reckon there's correlation between how happy a story is and the amount of chocolate references. conclusively: appalling 0.015/10
  • bonus fantastic beasts: "But I made 'em cocoa?". excellent start, promising: 7/10

Crazy chocolate box time for some lovely people! All raw and all vegan - twix bars, peanut butter cups, peanut chocolate swirl slab, and chocolate crackle. So much fun to make! Seriously considering becoming a chocolatier 👋🍢 Now off to eat my weight in brunch at @littlebirdorganics 👅 (at ✨ GIVEAWAY SOON ✨)

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I think I’ll let this one speak for itself - I present to you a gooey, swirly chocolate and peanut butter marble cake with a squishy inside and a crunchy outside, doused liberally in glossy Whittakers Ghana chocolate ganache, further topped by a caramel peanut and maple sauce, and crowned with my most liked creation of all time - the marbled peanut butter chocolate slab. I think my brain just spasmed a little from deliciousness overload 👅 Undecided on whether to share this on the website or to save it for my cookbook… you decide 😙✨ (at ✨ GIVEAWAY SOON ✨)

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Lux was focused on the marshmallow that she had in the flames, waiting for the precise moment when it was perfectly gooey but not blackened yet. She waited a few more seconds before pulling the stick out of the fire, sandwiching the marshmallow carefully between two graham crackers and a slab of chocolate. She looked up as she realized someone was watching her. “Oh, um–” She gestured to a paper plate at her side, which already had a couple of s’mores on it. “Do you, um, do you want one?”

As promised! A little cute fluffy robron headcanon to keep us all going!!

On their weekends together Robert and Aaron often do the weekly shop, heading into Hotten Aaron only agreeing because he knows Robert will treat him to coffee and cake afterwards. One particular Saturday with the shopping bags safely packed in the car, which was a task in itself as the only car they have right now is the Porsche, they headed into the cafe Robert ordering an americano for himself and a latte for Aaron, knowing his fiancé was a fan of the milky beverage and two slices of Belgian chocolate slab, but as Robert sat plate down on the table Aaron had saved for them as he ordered he took one look at the cake and started to pout. ‘What’s wrong’ Robert asked blowing on his coffee before taking a tentative sip. 'Nuffin’ Aaron mumbled adding two sugars to his own drink. Robert shrugged and tucked into his cake but stopped after a few bites he noticed Aaron was uncharacteristically quieter than usual. 'Come on A, what’s up?’ Robert nudged his arm which earned him a grunt in return. Robert clicked his tongue and pushed the second piece of cake towards Aaron who pushed it back turning his nose up at it. 'What’s the…..oh, I…the fruit, you can hardly taste it.’ Robert reassured him after realising what Aaron was in a mood about. 'It’s fine,’ Aaron sulked crossing his arms over his chest not even touching his drink. 'I’ll get you another,’ Robert indicated over this shoulder towards the counter. 'Don’t bother,’ Aaron grumbled still refused to touch his drink. 'Right,’ Robert stood up and headed back to the counter much to Aaron protests. With Robert absent from the table Aaron inspected the cake but he could see the dark pieces of fruit and wondered why on earth Robert has chosen that one in the first place. 'Here,’ Robert placed a new plate in front of Aaron with an apologetic smile. 'I didn’t know okay?’ 'Just trying to poison me,’ Aaron huffed carefully assessing the piece of caramel shortcake that now sat on the table in front of him. 'Better?’ Robert asked hopefully and Aaron rewarded him with a small appreciative smile. Satisfied he’d made Aaron happy Robert took another bite of his cake, now having two pieces to finish, and washed it down with the last of his coffee, his eyes finding Aaron’s who was now tucking into his shortcake. 'You know fruit won’t kill you right?’ Robert informed him with a smirk. 'Best on chance it though eh?’ Aaron smiled at him with a twinkle in his eye and Robert shook his head, finding Aaron’s hand under the table and ignoring the widening of his eyes tangled their fingers together, draining the rest of his coffee as he watched Aaron devour his sweet treat.