Crazy chocolate box time for some lovely people! All raw and all vegan - twix bars, peanut butter cups, peanut chocolate swirl slab, and chocolate crackle. So much fun to make! Seriously considering becoming a chocolatier 👋🍢 Now off to eat my weight in brunch at @littlebirdorganics 👅 (at ✨ GIVEAWAY SOON ✨)

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I think I’ll let this one speak for itself - I present to you a gooey, swirly chocolate and peanut butter marble cake with a squishy inside and a crunchy outside, doused liberally in glossy Whittakers Ghana chocolate ganache, further topped by a caramel peanut and maple sauce, and crowned with my most liked creation of all time - the marbled peanut butter chocolate slab. I think my brain just spasmed a little from deliciousness overload 👅 Undecided on whether to share this on the website or to save it for my cookbook… you decide 😙✨ (at ✨ GIVEAWAY SOON ✨)

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Lux was focused on the marshmallow that she had in the flames, waiting for the precise moment when it was perfectly gooey but not blackened yet. She waited a few more seconds before pulling the stick out of the fire, sandwiching the marshmallow carefully between two graham crackers and a slab of chocolate. She looked up as she realized someone was watching her. “Oh, um–” She gestured to a paper plate at her side, which already had a couple of s’mores on it. “Do you, um, do you want one?”

I don’t use alcohol to cope, but it sure as hell makes it easier to eat huge bowls of pasta and slabs of cake….

It has also made me super sleepy so I think I might actually drift of easily this evening

(Provided guilt and anxiety doesn’t catch up with me first…)