Waffles - Bucky x Reader

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A/N: Hi guys! this is my second prompt request and was so much fun to write! I really appreciate feedback :)

Anon Request: Your writing is awesome! Can you write a Bucky one where reader comes back from a mission injured and he refuses to let her leave the bed the morning after and basically cuddles and takes care of Reader all day? Thank you! P.S. I love Freddy Krueger so when I saw the title I squealed of happiness :0

Warnings: Blood, Injured!Reader, super fluffy bucky

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Don’t Want To Find I’ve Lost It All

This is a continuation of Everything Will Be Fine, which can be found here with the rest of my stories.

Eighteen Weeks

Amelia Walked into the kitchen, baby book in hand, her other hand resting on her growing bump. Despite the arguing and the terrible, gut wrenching feeling that this pregnancy could be fatal, she and Owen were trying to make the best of it. She sat down at the counter next to her toddler who was shoving spoonfuls or Reese’s Puffs into her tiny mouth. Owen grabbed a cup of coffee, leaning his elbows on the counter. Amelia looked through the book of name intently as Owen admired her. “What about Jared?”

“He got real big on burgers and fries now he’s down to a smaller size, it’s Jared, it’s Jared.” He widened his eyes at her as he recited the forgotten Subway commercial.

Amelia rolled her eyes, flipping the page a few times. “Micheal?”

“Too generic.”

“How about Owen, Owen Junior?

“So we can call him O.J. and everyone can associate him with the man who allegedly murdered his wife?”

“Okay that’s a definite no.” Amelia laughed, flipping the page a few more times, this time back to the beginning of the alphabet. “Christopher, that was my dad’s name, or Connor, or Cameron?”

“I like those three.” He paused taking a big swing of his coffee. “I like Aidan too, throw that one on the table.”

“I like Aladdin,” Their two year old mumbled through the chewing of her cereal. “an ‘pongebob.  One a dose sould be his nae.”

Amelia leaned forward planting a wet kiss on her daughter’s cheek. “I like the way you think Lulu bean. We’ll call him Spongebob from now on.”

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Hannibal based on Tumblr posts…

- Will will steal your dog… he is obsessed

- Hannibal is a cannibal and he doesn’t hide it, people around him doesn’t get it even when he is explicit about it… he has this “platonic” relationship with Will, I repeat… “platonic”

- Mason Verger will give you chocolate… and remove your uterus… but he will give you chocolate… he has pigs and he drinks the tears of children…

These are the top 3 for me…