OMG GUYS!!!! I had so much fun designing this!
Remember the doodles of cute dessert puns I did a bit back? This is one of them!!!
I’m so happy this turned out well! I hope I can take some designs to the local shirt print shop and have a couple for Anthrocon next year to wear ^^
I love how it turned out.


I called out, and you guys answered!!

A little while ago I was in the dessert-drawing mood, so I requested the help of the lot of you to give me some delicious dessert doodle ideas. Now, a little while later, here they are!!


I can’t believe this is a real thing, like, what does that even taste like???

Mint chocolate chip and coconut ice cream topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and M&Ms…seems legit.

Undyne proceeds to question her existence.

this messed up in several ways but we will not speak of that.

Cobbler with ice cream is so good I cry

Frisk you are doing the boi a fluster (always have wanted to draw one of these parfaits!! Score!!)

it’s like a coconut cake but instead of coconut flakes you have Temmie Flakes and some home-baked Tem goodness

friend you must try flan immediately it is amazing

This chocolate layer cake comes with a side of murder kiddo.
That knife is for cutting cake I swear.

Thank you to everyone who participated!! I had a lot of fun with these, and you guys effectively helped me curb my craving for drawing sweets.✨