Day 5 at the Animal Shelter
  • My heart hurts and I am angry. A woman came in looking for two chocolate labs she lost. I took her right to them. She identified them, they wagged and bounced to see her. She went back to the front desk to redeem them. We told her about the fees, and she asked how much it would be, instead, to turn them over to us for euthanasia. We told her we couldn’t guarantee that, since they were friendly, passed temperament tests, and weren’t sick. She told us they had bad arthritis. We told her that’s likely due to them being old and overweight, and medication can treat the symptoms while they go on a diet and basic exercise plan. She insisted she wanted them put down. We told her to go to a vet, because we couldn’t do it. She said the vet wouldn’t do it. We told her that’s because it’s treatable. She grumbled about paying the redemption fee and took the dogs home. I wish she’d left them with us. A kennel is better than an owner who would rather try to make them die than pay $50.
  • A woman found two cats. She went to the nearest pet store and bought carriers, loaded them up, and brought them to us. Paid a surrender fee despite them not being her animals. Donated the carriers. Wanted us to call her when their owners were located (both had microchips). My heart heals a little.
  • A stray cat had kittens. The little jellybeans keep falling out of the little box she put them in. She refuses to pick them up so that we’ll put them back in the box and she can steal some scritches and pats. We always make sure we have gloves so we can pet her whenever we pass by.
  • The brindle long hair chihuahua’s owner found her today. He’s a big dude with a shaved head and leather jacket. Her name is Mocha.
  • A woman called to see if we’d found her German Shepherd. I went back to check, and an officer was just bringing her in the door. Apparently this was the officer’s 4th time picking her up, and the dogs 6th visit to the shelter. When the owner came in to get her, we recommended a tall fence, daily exercise, and supervision when outdoors.
  • A woman came in to surrender her cat, Tim. She’d had him for 3 years, but had recently developed cancer and the treatments left her with severe allergies. She cried when she signed the paperwork, and whispered to him that she knew he’d find a good home because he was the best little boy. I teared up a little as I took him back.
  • An older couple came in to look for their cat. He’s been missing 2 weeks, and they’ve come in 5 different times looking for him. We have several cats matching his description, but none are him. They have hope he’ll still show up, because he’s a good mouser and can take care of himself until someone spots him. Their dog has cancer, and they hope they can find Mr. Kitty before the dog passes, because they’re best of friends.
  • A giant, fat cat got adopted by a little family. He was an orange and white long hair, and his name was Kit Kat. He probably weighed 20 pounds, and looked like he’d swallowed a small melon. At first the family thought he was a pregnant female, but we assured them he’s male. He’d come in 6 months ago as an owner surrender due to unrealized allergies. The first time we’d ever heard him actively purr was when one of his new owners, a little boy about 6 years old, hefted him up and snuggled him.
  • The wall-eyed grey kitten continues to scream at me. This time, however, it was because someone in the morning had given him hard food. He is far too young for it, and was very hungry. He attempted to eat my fingers while I traded the dry food for some wet food. He then decided that the wet food was tastier. I’m fairly certain he has, like, two teeth.
  • A giant fluffy lion-looking dog came in today. He was very soft, very sweet, and I hope his people find him soon.
  • Someone out by the lake is finding entertainment in blow-darting animals. Yesterday a duck came in. Then today, a raccoon. The woman who found both (who is a shelter partner) said there are more animals out there with darts in them that she can’t catch. More show up every few days. They’re huge darts, too. The duck and raccoon didn’t make it. We’re talking to the police about it.

Some conclusions: People are simultaneously the worst and wonderful. I seriously regret those few years in childhood where I decided cats were awful, because I missed out. People have GOT to stop buying rabbits for Easter if they’re just going to get rid of them.


all colors of lab dorks

(Moon, Asya, Gini, Maisie)