imagine jihoon chasing all the members with his guitar one day with the beautiful sunshine hitting the windows and seungcheol sees the scene and he’s like “chilDREN PLEASE CALM YOURSELVES JIHOON PUT THE GUITAR DOWN OR I’LL MAKE U DO AEGYO” and then jeonghan suddenly appears lookin’ all snazzy and he’s like “hey coups u wanna go to the store with me” and coups is like “okay i’m leaving y’all do ur thing” and just skips out the door with jeonghan

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NeoRomantics, live at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK | Full Set 

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Jpp: they try to outdo each other in showering patrick with affection and he ends up sitting on the couch with like six boxes of chocolates, flowers, a new guitar, and a puppy. He's like "what the fuck is going on" like he's blushing because he's not used to this much affection but he's also like "guys wtf why did you spend all this money" I feel like this is something joe and pete would do tbh

k i can answer this one even tho the kiddies aren’t asleep yet. omg yes i can totally imagine this. ahaha this is so gr8, like pete would be like “isn’t this puppy cute? feel how fluffy he is, he’s so fluffy!! don’t you like fluffy dogs, patrick?” ad joe would belike “this guitar was six thousand dollars, it’s a special addition blah blah blah and i flew out to wherever the hell david bowie lives and stalked him until he signed it and these chocolates are fresh from switzerland” and pete would be like “fuck your fancy swiss chocolate i got you a hersey bar bc that shit is cheap but bombtastic” and patrick’s just like “…i don’t even like chocolate….”

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26 and 40

26. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
Hell freakin’ yes

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?
Yes I did, there was chocolate, doritos and guitar


Wer (er)kennt es? Bin noch am Üben :-p

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Video Games-Chocolate-Butts-Guitar-Parkour

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aesthetic;; running barefoot on slick dewy grass, monet paintings from far away, strumming an out-of-tune guitar, milk chocolate on the roof of your mouth

oh my god these are so accurate I’m screaming okay I struggled for every single aesthetic thing and u guys just whip them out I’m????