Assorted brioche donuts… Cinnamon, vanilla glazed, cookies and cream glazed, and snickers flavour (peanut butter and chocolate glazing with chocolate ganache filling), Mister Nice Guy, Ascot Vale - Melbourne - Australia


The passion of a baker: Green Tea Opera cake, layered with joconde biscuit, green tea buttercream and dark chocolate ganache [More Dessert]

When my mother was looking through these pictures on her computer, she lamented using a gold card cake-holder for the top picture, because it made her cake look thicker. “But don’t you want your cake to look like it has more layers?” I asked with all the innocence of someone who only eats cakes. And the baker of the cakes looked at me and said, “No, what differentiates my opera cakes from others’ is that my layers are painfully thin." 

Cutting through the flawless, delicatey thin chocolate, I do see the point of the effort put into making it this way. In one tiny bite, there’s a commingling of flavors where the fragrance of green tea is at the confluence of the softness of joconde biscuit and the bittersweet darkness of the chocolate glaze and ganache. Truly an opera cake to be marvelled at.