A little frill for Friday - towers of chocolate ganache filled choux glazed in pastels and built upward, piped with buttercream - #fbf and the how-to and recipe can be found on 😍 search “courtesan au chocolat” 💖 … Sometimes it seems impossible to post something so innocuous when such tragedies and sadness continue to occur all around us, in the world, in Charleston, in our communities or in the lives of friends and loved ones. How do we process it all? It’s overwhelming. It’s a lot for one brain to begin to comprehend. Why? Why… And how do we change and heal? There is no exact antidote or answer. Sometimes I feel like all I can do is raise my son with strong respectful values for all people, raise him with lots of love, empathy and support. And reach out to those in need around me. Build meaningful communities and friendships. And do the best I can do. I know there is so much goodness out there which shimmers and outshines the bad… Hope, love and peace 🙏❤️ by cococakeland