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Concept: a movie theater that only shows Harry Potter films. The movies will be in 4D. The temperature will drop when dementors are present. Fans will blow on you during quidditch scenes. Enticing smells will be pumped in during feast scenes but don’t worry about feeling hungry because the theater will serve Bertie Botts, treacle tart, drumsticks, butterbeer, chocolate frogs and those tiny little pies that Mrs. Weasley makes. Instead of loyalty cups, you get discounts if you wear a Weasley sweater.

but imagine being ron on the hogwarts express at the start of philosopher’s stone

like, there’s this really famous kid who saved the world that you’ve been hearing about all your life, and he’s just sort of sitting across the carriage from you and he doesn’t even know what a chocolate frog is or that he’s famous anything? and you’re just sitting there like ‘wtf’

968. After the war Professor Slughorn planned to remain at Hogwarts for only a few more years. He wanted to both ensure that a suitable replacement teacher could be found and wanted to give the kids some consistency over the next few years. He made it his special mission to help find the Muggleborns who were prevented from going to Hogwarts in 1997-8. As those few years turned to decades, his work was recognized by the highest authority of fame, Chocolate Frog cards. He was oddly humble about it.

Since October is the month of witchcraft and wizardry, I just put these Harry Potter flash sheets up on my Etsy! Limited to just 40, these will go fast!! Grab one at ⚡️🔮

This or That? || Harry Potter Edition ||

1: Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley?
2: The Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron?
3: Fred or George?
4: Chocolate frogs or Every Flavored Beans?
5: The Chamber Of Secrets or The Room Of Requirement?
6: Voldemort or Umbridge?
7: The Burrow or Malfoy Manor?
8: Dementors or Giants?
9: Trevor or Crookshanks?
10: The Hogwarts express or Arthur’s Ford Anglia?
11: Hufflepuff’s cup or Ravenclaw’s Diadem?
12: Gryffindor or Slytherin?
13: Seeker or Chaser?
14: Amortentia or The Elixir Of Life?
15: Molly’s cooking or school feasts?
16: Death Eaters or The Order of The Phoenix?
17: Bring Sirius back to life or Bring Dobby back to life?
18: Kill Hagrid or Kill Mcgonagall?
19: Be part of the Weasleys or Be part of the Potters?
20: Charms or DADA?
21: Get bitten by a werewolf or Become a horcrux?
22: Free the elves or Free the goblins?
23: Have a date with Draco or Have a date with Cedric?
24: Bestow a curse on your best friend or a hex on your family?
25: Zonko’s or Honeyduke’s?
26: Illvermorny or Hogwarts?
27: Muggles or Squibs?
28: Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?
29: Ten feet of parchment on a subject that you enjoy, or five feet of parchment on a subject that you hate/never listen to.
30: Own the Elder Wand or Own the Invisibility Cloak?
31: Wizard’s Chess or Exploding Snap?
32: Marauders or Albus and Scorpius?
33: Golden Snitches or Buldgers?
34: Nifflers or Demiguises?
35: Bellatrix or Narcissa?
36: O.W.Ls or N.E.W.Ts?
37: Have Lockheart or Snape as a teacher?
38: The Great Lake or The Forbidden Forest?
39: Get your soul sucked out (like Barty Crouch Jr.) or reveal all of your secrets to everyone under the effects of vertiserum?
40: Punch Harry or Kick Ron?
41: Live forever or Resurrect all deceased loved ones?
42: Discover your ACTUAL House or your patronus?
43: Sneaking into the kitchen or sneaking into other dorms?
44: The dungeons or The towers?
45: Merpeople or Centaurs?
46: Drarry or Scalbus?
47: Head Boy/Girl or Prefect?
48: MACUSA or The Ministry of Magic?
49: Fleur and Bill’s wedding or Remus and Tonks’s wedding?
50: “Always” or “Yer a wizard, Harry,”


sterekznhll  asked:

request: Drarry Prompt: Draco wants to give Harry a birthday present but is unsure how, given the circumstances of them being enemies and the fact that Harry hates him. Containing pining (totally in love with Harry) Draco and oblivious Harry.

My Writing

“Pansy!” Draco whined for about the thousandth time. “I really want to give him something but I just…”

“Yes, I know, darling, you don’t know how. You’ve told me this before.”

Draco huffed.

“Will you help me?”

Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Potter doesn’t like me any more than he likes you, Draco. I won’t be very helpful.”

“Well do you have any idea of what I could get him?”

“I don’t know…a chocolate frog? He likes those, right?”

Draco looked at her, appalled.

A chocolate frog? Pansy, are you out of your mind? Potter deserves so much more than a measly little chocolate frog! He deserves the whole world.”

Pansy pretended to gag at Draco’s sappiness.

“You have to look at it from Potter’s perspective, though. He likes simplicity, Draco. If you just get him something small and harmless, he probably won’t be as suspicious about you, you know?”

“Well what if I get him about a hundred choc-”

“No. Just one. He doesn’t like being fawned over. Just one small gift.”

Draco sighed but nodded, and then left Pansy’s house to head to Honeydukes.

“One bloody chocolate frog,” Draco muttered to himself as he walked back home. “How did I let Pansy convince me to get him this? He’s going to laugh at me.”

When Draco arrived back to his house, he carefully wrapped the small box. It was perfectly done, of course. Now the only problem was giving it to Harry. 

Draco didn’t get any work done at the Ministry that week. All he could think of was how he could give his stupid gift to Harry. He wanted so badly for Harry to not hate him anymore, and he was hoping this would be able to push things in that direction. He realized after the war how utterly in love he was with the Savior, and he’s been trying to think of ways for them to no longer be at each other’s throats since.

On the day of Harry’s birthday, Draco decided that he was just going to march up to Harry’s desk and give him the gift. 

So that’s what he did.

“Potter,” Draco said awkwardly as he stood in front of Harry.

Harry narrowed his eyes at him.

“Yes, Malfoy?”

“Um,” he cleared his throat. “H-Happy birthday,” he rushed out and pushed the gift into Harry’s hands.

Harry eyed the gift skeptically.

“What’s this?”

“A gift…it’s just something small, but I-I thought…” Draco just trailed off when Harry began opening it.

“A chocolate frog?” Harry asked, a small smile gracing his lips.

Draco’s cheeks turned bright red.

“I know it’s stupid! I just really wanted to get you something and Pansy said-”

“Malfoy. It’s fine. I love chocolate frogs. Thank you.”

Harry opened the box split the chocolate frog in half, holding one half out to Draco, who shook his head.

“It’s your gift.”

Harry smiled.

“I insist.”

Draco hesitantly took it, and Harry rolled his eyes.

“Well, happy birthday,” Draco said before turning on his heal to head back to his desk.

Harry just nodded and went back to work, not even noticing Draco turning back around and walking back over to him.

“Potter, do you want to go out tonight? Like for a drink? For your birthday? I’ll buy, of course.”

“What are you playing at, Malfoy?”

Draco rapidly shook his head.

“Nothing! I just…I would really like to buy you a drink.”

Harry just looked at him for a moment before nodding his head.

“Alright, then.”

Draco smiled victoriously before returning to his desk. Maybe things with Potter would work out.


The mood-enhancing properties of chocolate are well known in both the Muggle and wizard worlds. Chocolate is the perfect antidote for anyone who has been overcome in the presence of Dementors, which suck hope and happiness out of their surroundings.

photo by funkymonkeypropsdotcom