James bribing Remus to talk him up to Lily on their prefect rounds by spelling Remus’ pocket to produce a chocolate frog every time he compliments James. Remus taking advantage of the situation almost immediately because chocolate?

“Lily have you ever noticed how James’ eyes just seem to gleam in the moonlight? Oh you’ve never seen James’ beautiful eyes in the moonlight? You should get on to that.”

“Yes, Pads, that was very impressive… Not as impressive as James though— ouch!”

“Professor, the answer is James Potter because he is everything.”

“Take your shirt off, Potter! What? It’s quidditch, not a bloody church… Sorry Professor McGonagall.”

“What the hell do you mean I have to try harder? Its only the bloody morning, she’s not going to fall in love with you over the course of one breakfast! Fucking fine, ahem, JAMES POTTER HAS THE BIGGEST, MOST GLORIOUS GENETALIA OF ANY I HAVE EVER SEE—mrphff.”

everyone said dumbledore being gay was a curveball but his chocolate frog card SAYS he works on alchemy with his partner nicholas flammel….PARTNER…dumbledore was getting that 700 year old Business…explain this atheists 

Guildernock- Part 2

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He sat next to her, rubbing his palms against his legs. It had been eight years. In that time, even Longbottom had become his friend. Eight years of parties, ripping horny men off Y/n. Eight years of studying in her dorm, eating chocolate frogs as late night snacks. Eight years of discovering movies and traveling to the cinema together. Eight years of laughter, joy, frustration, and peace. But most of all, it had been eight years of love. It began the night after the welcoming freshmen party. Draco knew he was infatuated with her. It was no surprise to himself that he was smitten. After all, she was his type down to the last detail. However, when confided in Y/n, he knew. He could feel it in his stomach, in his chest, in his head. He knew that friends shouldn’t feel nervous when they see the other in underwear. Friends shouldn’t have smutty dreams late at night when their roommate was too hammered to care. Friends shouldn’t write letters to their parents admiring the ‘mystery college girl.’ At first, he thought he made progress. He thought that listening to her problems and comforting her in a time of need would help, but the second she’d begin to discuss boy issues, he knew that being just a friend wouldn’t cut it.
Yet, here he sat next to her, watching the Dean of Potions and Elixirs giving their graduation speech. He spoke of liberty and honor, and finally looked out toward their seat. ‘I would like to welcome a special young man who has surprised us all these past few years. His grades were perfect, as were his conduct, which I think was especially refreshing. I would like to welcome the top of our senior class, and our Guildernock Valedictorian, Mr. Draco Malfoy.’ People applauded as he rose from his seat and to the stage, but no one was louder than Y/n. Narcissa took this into inspection. 
‘Hello, I’m Draco Malfoy. Not many of you know me, but those who do wish they didn’t.’ There were chuckles, causing him to smirk. ‘Before I arrived at this school, I thought I had lost all hope of friendship,’ he looked to Neville, ‘all hope for a future,’ he smiled at his professors, ‘and all hope for love,’ he looked to his hands. ‘Guildernock has built us all from the ground up, and I am proud to have become the man I am today at this fine institution. A wise man once said that ‘it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’ I think that perfectly captures these past eight years, and I can honestly say I am honored to have had the pleasure of growing with this class. Congratulations, Class of 2003!’ The hall cheered, throwing up their pointed hats into the air. Draco smiled to himself, watching the hall give him a standing ovation. He could easily see his best friend jumping up and down, squealing. Narcissa smirked, as she sat through his speech. In entire truth, she didn’t hear one word he said. She watched Y/n throughout the paragraph, noticing how her eyes filled with wonder at his words. Once Draco left the stage, his father walked up to him, shaking his hand. ‘Well done, Draco. Well done.’ His son grinned, pulling him into a hug. ‘Where’s mother?’ Lucius held Draco’s shoulder, a special glint in his eye. ‘She’s talking with that girl, over there.’ ‘Oh, no.’ 
Y/n looked through the crowd for her parents, gasping when an older woman with black and white hair stopped her. She immediately recognized who it must have been. ‘So, you’re the Y/n he’s been talking about.’ She nodded, trying to conjure a sweet face. ‘I suppose you’re his mum?’ Narcissa nodded, leaning in close to whisper. ‘I need you to answer me one thing.’ Y/n nodded, pressing on. ‘Do you love my son?’ She stepped back, gobsmacked. ‘I-how did you-’ ‘The way you look at him. Its special. Its the same way I look at Lucius. Its that special stare that as if you take your eyes off them they’ll disappear. Its that special look that screams ‘if you leave me, I’ll die.’ Its that longing for them that no word or language can comprehend, yet each have tried, labelling it with for insignificant letters. Now, I’m asking you one last time. Do you love my son?’ Y/n sucked in a breath, tears prickling her eyes. ‘I-’ ‘Y/n!’ She turned to her parents, a smile wavering. ‘Mum! Dad!’ They enveloped her in a hug, which she desperately tried to break from. She swerved back around to find Narcissa gone. ‘Mum, I’ve missed you two so much, but I have something I need to do! Please, just, wait for me!’ She wasn’t necessarily talking to her parents.
She sprinted out of the grande hall, searching for him with urgency. Her dark ebony robes flew around her as she ran through the grounds, her heart racing to keep up. ‘Y/n?’ She spun on her heels, face to face with her closest friend. She buried herself into his chest, swallowing. ‘I thought I lost you.’ He chuckled, confused, petting her head. ‘You think I’d leave without saying goodbye? Damn, I didn’t think I was that much of a git.’ He chuckled, but became weary when he didn’t hear that melodic laugh. ‘You alright?’ ‘I love you.’ He pulled back, looking into her eyes. ‘You… you what?’ ‘I love you, okay? I love you, and your stupid smirk, and your stupid comments, and your stupid-’ ‘Did my mother put you up to this?’ ‘What?’ ‘Don’t mess with me, Y/n. If she told you to do this… just tell me. I can’t take this being a lie-’ ‘No, I’m serious! I love you!’ ‘I have spent eight years of my life- no, no, I’ve spent more! I’ve spent twelve years of my life fawning over you, and if you’re just messing me, I can’t-’ ‘He was cut short when she pulled his face to her’s in a kiss. His eyebrows raised in bliss as her’s furrowed in focus. He wrapped his arms around her torso, cuddling her close to his, her arms, as if second nature, twisting around his neck. Their lips caressed each other perfectly, as if hand crafted for the other specifically. The shouts of parents and graduated adults filled the air, but Guildernock’s cries could not be heard as the two souls morphed into one.

Our Not in Harry’s Name campaign first officially began in 2010, seeking to stop the unethical sourcing of Harry Potter chocolate. We wanted to make sure that child slavery would no longer be carried out in Harry’s name. You joined us by signing petitions, spreading the word, and demanding Fair Trade products. Now, after years of collaboration with J.K. Rowling, Walk Free, and Warner Bros., we are thrilled to announce that we have won.

Okay, so, I have this headcanon that James had been collecting chocolate frog cards his entire life, using them to pretend to trade cards with an imaginary friend or something, as an only child this is likely to have happened. All of his duplicate cards would be in a different set (Which he once tried to give to Sirius who was never allowed to collect something that trivial but Sirius wanted to ou-collect James on his own) and then one day Harry finds them when he’s going through his dads old stuff, and takes glee  in the fact that he owned more cards than Ron, it was like his dad was helping him beat Ron in one of those friendly little competition things (Like when you just have to have the best halloween costume), like Harry would later do with his own children.

So on the chocolate frog boxes it says that it’s made out of “Milk Chocolate Shaped Frog”, not “Frog-Shaped Milk Chocolate”. This means in the Harry Potter universe, when they eat a chocolate frog, they’re eating a real frog that just looks and tastes like chocolate. The “charm” Ron tells Harry about isn’t bringing the chocolate to life. It’s making normal frogs into chocolate. They’re all eating real frogs.

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