Tbh I’m kind of in a state of shock and awe at my amazing baking skills rn 🙈 say hello to my latest recipe - double chocolate chunk vegan cookies! they’re also GF, refined sugar free and oil free for you picky peeps hehe (instagram: fithealthyproject)


Lunch today with thatsminethankyou. Look at that gorgeous lady. I mean, really.

I made us filthy burgers (beef, barbecue pulled pork, bacon patty), bagged sweet potato fries, and homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream. She baked chewy chocolate chunk cookies (oof). Never a dull meal with us. 

I swear, you guys, just when I think I can’t adore this human being more than I already do, we have an afternoon like this one: the first half spent in wonderful conversation with Steve, the second half spent in deep contemplation and emotional revelation with one another. I recognize myself more in her than I ever realized, and vice versa. 

This is the best kind of friendship - one that keeps getting stronger, deeper, more open, more connected, more affectionate over time. I love her. And I am lucky.