Decided to finally try the mug cake by aubernutter and WOW. BLESS. I was honestly a little skeptical but they so gewwd. Topped with some pb and honey, with a couple chocolate and pb chips inside.

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Dear person I hate 👅💞😏😎

Dear person I hate,

You look like someone stuck chocolate chips inside a tomato and for some reason you smell like a fucking onion and you don’t understand that you have to brush your tongue so it doesn’t look like you ate out a chunky mayonnaise jar. You look like someone tried to spread jelly on a crunchy toe.

Obama Chocolate & Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream Cones - HKD $7 (Each)

Cheap? Definitely! Refreshing on a hot summer’s day, who can say no to ice cream?! With many flavours to choose from, I’m sure you can find one that suits your tastebuds. :) I personally recommend the Obama chocolate, it has chocolate chips inside! 


Shop P20,

Nan Shan Village Mall,

111 Tai Hang Tung Road,

Shek Kip Mei


Happy Wednesday. We had a very exciting day. As our special field trip Chef Deb came to help us cook on Bettie Port Hall. We made chocolate chip banana breakfast bars. Inside the bars were, eggs, yogurt, chocolate chips, bananas, whole wheat flour, flax seed, brown sugar, white sugar, butter, oats and vanilla. While they were baking we made yogurt parfaits. We were able to choose what fruit to put on the top as well! We were even able to choose to put honey on top. We finished our day in the playground. We look forward to seeing our friends tomorrow.