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If Will looked like that when he was 25 then Hannibal would have died and probably eat Will in the sexual way

If Hannibal met Will when Will was 25 years old:

  • Hannibal would somehow, against all odds, have even less chill when it comes to Will
  • Will would have known Hannibal had a thing for him, like, one minute into meeting this heart-eyed cannihunk
  • Hannibal would probably become too distracted by Will’s luscious curls and his big blue-green eyes to get any murdering done
  • literally all the sonnets and poetry about Will’s everything
  • Will would be so used to being hit on that it would take him a bit to see that Hannibal is not just the usual dude who won’t stop looking at his ass
  • Will is very aware of how he looks and he recognizes that particular familiar zeal to Hannibal’s gaze (he tries to make himself more off putting, not realizing that Hannibal’s kink is all things Will Graham related–in the future the waders Will fishes in are a surprise to both of them)
  • Hannibal would be tormented in his dreams by said ass (he would then record those dreams in vivid detail, filling up dozens and dozens of journals dedicated to the booty)
  • Hannibal would at some point ask Will out, possibly mid-way through their fourth ‘conversation’ because the soft lighting of his office is hitting Will in such a way that Hannibal can’t breathe from how beautiful he is
  • Will would be caught off guard, flattered, and terrified and say ‘yes’ before cutting their session short and leaving Hannibal’s office to go sit in his parked car for twenty minutes in shock, while his heart does that funny, painful clenching thing
  • Their first date involves dinner at Hannibal’s house and driving to a crime scene together when Jack calls (Jack doesn’t ask why Hannibal is with his favorite student outside of their usual appointment time–’don’t ask, don’t tell’ as far as Jack’s concerned)
  • Will ends up getting some of the victim’s blood on his clothing and hair and Hannibal bites the inside of his cheek so hard he’s bleeding
  • Their second date is at Will’s apartment where Hannibal spends the majority of the evening quizzing Will for his exams and having Will’s lone dog licking his face (Hannibal doesn’t try so hard to stop the small mutt because Will is smiling and laughing and Hannibal is too taken with the sweet aesthetic of a happy Will Graham)
  • Well into their many dates, they have sex for the first time in the back of Will’s car in the Quantico parking garage, Hannibal is wearing a particularly nice suit that day, his hair is just a bit loose and hanging in his face, and he brought Will a three-course lunch–Will could not have been on him faster

Even when he’s not wearing it anymore, the color still belongs to him :D 

A quick & messy doodle of Lance picking Keith up for his birthday~!


I’m not over and will never be over dennis reaching out for mac as he wakes up in the road trip episode like ????? I’m 100% serious when I say they were banging in season 5 because dennis just… wouldn’t do that randomly, his instinct wouldn’t be to reach across the bed and feel for someone there unless he was regularly sleeping with the same person and spending the entire night and not being cold in the morning. that absolutely does not sound like something dennis would do with women but with mac? who he’s constantly touching and has been in a codependent relationship for over a decade that is pointed out only a few episodes later? they were banging and dennis was reaching out for him out of habit thanks for coming to my ted talk