monsta x as best friends


  • the kind of best friend who would let you copy his notes, no questions asked
  • probably a childhood best friend
  • will always answer your call/text, if you’re upset or stressed will suggest meeting up for a warm drink and will literally listen to all your problems
  • the best person to watch scary films with (will let you grab onto his arm and hide)
  • your mum loves him will probably suggest you marry him and if you’re like nah mum he’s just a friend she’ll consider marrying him
  • subtle protective
  • knows how to make you laugh without trying
  • also knows your fav take away
  • doesn’t mind going shopping with you and will carry all your bags/open all doors like a gentleman
  • perfect body for falling asleep on
  • just a perfect bff tbh

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Dating Sehun Would Include...

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  • Never knowing what he’s thinking because of his constant lack of facial expressions. 
  • You getting frustrated because it’s hard to get his attention.
  • Sass offs.
  • Him pretending to be tough even though you know he’s a softie.
  • Always cheering each other on.
  • Him being a mountain compared to you and always making fun of you for it, especially in backhanded ways.
  • “I really want to make a joke about how short you are but I don’t want to stoop to your level.”
  • Bubble Tea.
  • Lots of it.
  • “Sehun, what do you want for Christmas?”
  • “Bubble Tea,”
  • “Birthday?”
  • “Bubble Tea.”
  • “Valentines Day?”
  • “Chocolate.”
  • “Okay, co -”
  • “Flavored bubble tea.”
  • Him randomly sending you selcas with no message or reason.
  • He wouldn’t say the words ‘I love you’ that much, but he would always make sure you knew it through the small things.
  • PDA is a no no.
  • But being in the privacy of your own home is a completely different story.
  • Him lightly pushing you against things whenever you would kiss.
  • “’Yehet.”
  • Him always coming to you for advice whenever he’s having issues with another member.
  • You wouldn’t visit the dorms. The dorms would visit you.
  • Really dumb fights over really dumb things.
  • “Don’t you have to go be stupid somewhere else?”
  • “Not until 4.”
  • Playing with each others hair.
  • Bone crushing hugs.
  • Him getting jealous of how close you are with the other members.
  • Purposely whispering when talking to other members just to get him worked up.
  • Him always bringing random animals he found on the street to your apartment.
  • “Please tell me that’s not a dog behind your back.”
  • “It’s not a dog.”
  • “Then what is it?”
  • “An alien.”
  • “You think you’re funny, don’t you?”
  • “And adorable.”

For the anon who asked for Nicole trying to give Waverly space. I hope you like it!

Her phone rang once, then twice, than three times. She stared it it. She let it ring, until the name on the phone disappeared.

Moments later a noise indicated that she had a voicemail…from Waverly.

She sighed as she picked it up and her heart broke the moment she pressed play. “Hey baby it’s me! Um…so Wynonna and Dolls are taking a little road trip tonight, something about investigating some BBD stuff…but I think they just want to be alone.” She giggled. “Sooooo it looks like I have the place to myself tonight. And you and I both know how rare that is.” She laughed again. She sounded so happy, so bubbly, so Waverly. “I was thinking maybe you could come over, after work. We could order dinner…cuddle by the fire…naked.” Waverly’s voice had changed in an instant from bubbly to a soft sultry tone. “Call me when you get this. Bye!”

Nicole set her phone back down. She didn’t call. She wanted to, God, how she wanted to, but she didn’t. Instead she put her head down and went back to work.

It was nearly 3 hours later when her phone rang again. WAVES. She sighed. Her heart wanted to answer it, her head was telling her not to. In most scenarios Nicole would listen to her heart, but in this particular moment she chose to listen to her head. Specifically ONE voice in her head. The demon telling her that Waverly needed space, that Waverly felt confined to nicole’s “expectations”, that Waverly didn’t want her.

The phone stopped ringing again and this time no voicemail followed. If space was what Waverly needed, that’s what Nicole was going to give her, no matter how badly it hurt. She tucked her phone away into her desk, the tears pricking her eyes as she did.

It didn’t help that work was abnormally dead. No matter how hard she wished, the police phone didn’t ring, it hadn’t all day.

“Knock knock.” She heard a voice say from a distance. She knew it was Waverly the moment the first sound left her lips.

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Stay With Me (Fluff)

DESCRIPTION: Jungkook wanted you to stay with him until you felt better.

WARNINGS: Mentions of homosexuality and menstruation

WORD COUNT: 1.3k+ ( a little baby fic aww )

REQUEST: HELLLOOOOOOOO can I request for a cute jungkook fluff ? And maybe something chocolate cos I’m on my period :-’)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I thought I’d look into a little bit of how I think he would handle you being on your period, while making a little fluff fic… -Admin tal

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*Pete and Patrick having a rap battle*

Patrick: You’re from Jamaica, trying to be popular…quit trying to be 8 Mile, just stick with kilometers.

Pete: My name is Patrick, it’s not a rumor…I leave girls as dry as my sense of humor.

Patrick: You’re a rapper, but you don’t have a hit…quit trying to be Eminem, you’re Reese’s pieces of shit.

Pete: It’s funny you call me Reese’s, cos you know that I’m the meanest…he only brought up chocolate cos women Snicker at his penis.

*mic drop…crowd roars*

Neapolitan Dynamite (Stone / Abnormal Beer Co. / Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez)

Brewery : Stone / Abnormal Beer Co. / Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez
Beer : Neapolitan Dynamite
Style : Imperial Stout / Stout
Variance : Brewed with Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries, and Coffee

9.5 / 10

Heck yes! Gosh! What a fucking awesome beer. Seriously, the craziest thing is that we’ve been eating neapolitan ice cream without the coffee addition all this time and never knew what we were missing. It would be like if we only enjoyed Keenan Ivory, Damon, and Shawn Wayans for most of our lives only to have the most important Wayans, Marlon, show up 30 years later. Imagine that shit, no Scary Movie, no White Chicks, no Little Man, and no Fifty Shades Of Black. Ok, so most of those we probably could have done without but I promise that the combination of flavors in this beer are not to be looked over. A sweet strawberries and cream flavor starts things off with the perfect delicious balance of fruity and creamy before some incredible roasted coffee flavor mixes in with a flavor so authentic and smooth that it makes your mouth water all while leading up to a dark chocolate ice cream flavor with more coffee mixed in with some creamer to close. Seriously, I wanted to load this review up with Napoleon Dynamite quotes and references but this beer blows that movie out of the water and if I could somehow churn it into actual ice cream I’d yell at the top of my lungs, “Tina, you fat lard, eat your dinner!”. Ahhh see, I still had to throw SOME quotes in there to show off my movie skills along with my nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills because girls only like guys who have great skills. Ok, that’s my last one I promise. I would honestly give up my favorite frozen treat forever if it meant I could have an endless supply of this beer in my fridge because it is that damn good and now I’m going to have to search out way more of Abnormal’s lineup if it’s even remotely close to this. I’d love to shake the hands of the home brewers who inspired this beer because this beer is the shit and Stone as always killed it by bringing this recipe to life. As long as you love coffee and amazing beer, this is 100% for you and is not to be missed because it is one of the best in the game. Idiots.

Written by: Steve B.

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Girrrl!! I just wanted to say I really love ur blog and I think your super cool and I wanna be ur friend😂😂 but thanks so much for spilling tea everyday and giving me life with ur videos❤️❤️! I really appreciate what you do, you really give me hope. Ever since I started liking Kpop people have told me that idols dont like black girls..But you've shown me differently. I always look forward to your videos, and I'm always a supporter❤️p.s. Do you think jimin likes chocolate Ladies, cos he's bae!

Thank youuuu 💓there’s a lot here on Jimin where you been girl?!

From Westword:
Hershey Company is filing lawsuits against two medical pot edibles manufacturers, TinctureBelle (Colorado) and Seattle Conscious Care Cooperative (Washington), for copyright infringement, claiming that their marijuana products are packaged in a way that will confuse consumers, including children. Apparently, promoting childhood obesity and diabetes is not a problem for Hershey.